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Nigeria’s #1 Mobile Money operator!
– Your Paga account makes it stress-free to access and use your money.
– Instantly link your bank account, cards or fund your wallet for easy payments, instant account updates, and top-notch customer experience.
– Transparent fees. No hidden charges. 100% secure.

Pay anywhere
– As long as a person can receive money, you can send it through your Paga account. More and more merchants are using Paga as their preferred payment method – pay for your DSTV, visa fees, airline ticket, airtime, groceries, or just about anything you need to pay for!

We’ve made it painless
– Send money to any E-mail address, phone number or bank account and the sender receives it instantly, not hours or days later.

Send and receive money for free
– Sending money to or requesting money from any email or phone number is free, instant, and works every single time!

No more awkward conversations
– We have made it easy to remind debtors that its time to pay up – simply send a payment request or your unique URL and they can pay with one click!

Control your experience
– Save your contacts and upload all their payment details for easy one-click payments, add shortcuts for your most frequent transactions to your dashboard, track transaction history, add another number to your account, add or delete cards or a bank account… you get the picture, you are the captain of this ship!

Sleep like a baby
– Rest assured that your money is safe with Paga. We are licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, and we are PCI DSS Level 1 certified – meeting world security standards, and we have put anti-fraud measures in place, so your mind can be completely at ease.

Get started now!

You can register an account and start transacting within minutes!

*Please note this app is not for Paga agent accounts.

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