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Qardio heart health

Qardio heart health
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Qardio makes it easy to manage your heart health. Record and store your vitals, and have the power to make more informed health choices. Track blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, body composition (body fat %, muscle %, bone %, water %), BMI, weight and heart rate.

The Qardio app works exclusively with our award-winning devices: The QardioArm smart blood pressure monitor and the QardioBase 2 smart body composition scale. Get your Qardio device at or Amazon.

The Qardio App is full of features that make health monitoring easy and effective.

Qardio devices are clinically validated, generating accurate blood pressure, weight management and heart health data with medical precision.

Easy to set up and pair with any Qardio device. Take a measurement with the touch of a button.
There is no need for pen and paper, as all your measurements are conveniently stored on your phone or smart device and accessible whenever you need it.

You can track your progress with smart charts, stats and trends, set up goals and reminders and find out how your lifestyle impacts your health.

Share your numbers with your doctor between visits so they can give you more personalized care and identify changes earlier. Give peace of mind to family and friends by sharing data, and notifying them when a measurement has been taken.

Qardio and Apple Health work seamlessly together, enabling easier health tracking with all your health and wellness information in one place.

**Featured in Forbes, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, GQ, Vogue, NBC, The Financial Times, WIRED, Wall Street Journal, BBC, PC Magazine, Vanity Fair and many more.**

Qardio is for anyone who wants to take control of their heart health, improve fitness and achieve their health goals. It is also for people with a heart condition or chronic condition, which needs to be monitored or improved, and for those recommended by their doctor to track their blood pressure and manage their heart health.

Compatible with iOS version 10 and higher, Apple Watch and Siri.

Privacy is at the core of our business. Data is stored and protected with the most advanced systems and technologies. Qardio App has voice-over functionality for the visually impaired.

QardioArm has regulatory clearance in the United States, the European Economic Area, Australia and Canada.
QardioBase 2 has regulatory clearance in the United States, the European Economic Area and Canada.

Qardio’s products and application should be only used in conjunction with professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and not as a substitute, or a replacement for it.



Download the[Qardio heart health]@iPhone App

Qardio heart health|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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This version of the Qardio App includes general bug fixes and stability improvements.

The Qardio App works with QardioArm to track your blood pressure and QardioBase to track your weight and body composition data in a way that makes health monitoring effortless and actionable.

When used with the Apple Watch, the Qardio App provides a natural way to initiate a blood pressure reading with arms resting on a table, and without the potential distraction of a phone or tablet screen – the standard way to get a stress-free and accurate reading.

*** Qardio App used in combination with QardioArm and QardioBase tracks all your heart health in one place. Sync your data automatically with Apple Health.***

*** Qardio App works with Apple Health and Apple Watch. We hope you enjoy this update! If you do, please leave a review on the App Store. ***
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Download the[Qardio heart health]@iPhone App

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Qardio heart health|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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