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RADRR Business:

The newest tool available to businesses that want to grow their consumer base, and bring greater awareness to their events, happy hours, and deals that they are having.

Event Creation:
Multiple Categories, and subcategories that will help businesses create more accurate filters for consumers.
Special filters designed to help showcase the ambiance of the businesses’ venue.
Add Pictures to give consumers a better idea of exactly what the venue will look like.
Easily set the occurrence schedule of your events so that every week you are not having to constantly update your information.
Events are easily created or deleted.
Preview all events before they are published to ensure no mistakes are made and you are happy with the presentation of your information.

Easily manage the analytics and event creation on your dashboard.
Upload and update different business locations and easily view the analytics and events for each of these locations.
Easy, and intuitive interface designed to allow your businesses to showcase their different events, specials, and happy hours.

Custom metrics shown to you on a customized dashboard.
Metrics that are designed to show you the most relevant information about your consumer base allowing you to adjust marketing strategies to bring more awareness to your business.
Show you how your different events are doing and which events are more popular, allowing you to make adjustments throughout the week to increase revenue.
See which of your events are trending and which are most popular that week.
View your analytics for the week, as well as over months and the year.

RADRR Business is the newest and most innovative platform to bring awareness to your business and the events that you are having. It is the best new platform to connect you to your consumer base and is designed to help you increase traction and revenue.



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RADRR for Business|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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RADRR for Business|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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