Rapunzel – Narrated Story

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Rapunzel – Narrated Story

Rapunzel - Narrated Story

Rapunzel is professionally narrated fairy tale that gives you 100% as-in-book experience, specially designed to challenge children to think creatively, use their imagination and motivate them to find and appreciate the moral of the story.

Little girls love Rapunzel not only for her long and shiny hair, but because she is brave, too! She lives in a high tower all alone, but she doesn’t fear the world outside the tower. Listen to the story and find out what happens one day when a prince hears Rapunzel singing from the top of the tower.


– Over 200 000 downloads worldwide
– Includes Rapunzel and over 30 tales to choose from, and many more to come
– 100% “as-in-book” experience, giving children the opportunity to think and use their imagination
– Professional voice over narration, helping and improving kid’s diction and vocabulary
– Including the Classics – the original Grimm's fairy tales, the classic Aesop’s fables and many other popular stories
– Made for children – easy to use interface and no inappropriate content or ads
– Edutainment at its finest – specially designed to challenge kids to think and improve their reading skills and have fun in the meantime.

Parent testimonials:

“Awesome experience not only for the kids, but for me too. Listening to the stories brings me back my childhood memories every time.” – Jessica, 33

“Although my baby boy is only 13 months old, he loves listening and watching the stories. The voices are really calming and soothe him.” – Daniela, 23

We wish you a pleasant time reading and bonding with Tales with GiGi!

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Compatible with:
– iPhone 4 and later
– iPad 3rd Gen and later
– iPod 5th Gen and later



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