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Readiot is a simple reading tracker application.

・Track reading progress
It allows you to track all your current reading progress at a glance, and suggest the next page number you need to reach in order to return the book in time.
Changing the "current page number" to keep track of each reading task.
When you set "current page number" the same as "page number", the record will be moved to "done list", and you will see a new piece appear in the "Goal Overview" page.
When you meet your goal, you can see the whole picture in "Goal Overview" page. Yearly goal can be changed in the setting page, and the goal will be reset every new year automatically.

・Record quotes
Press the plus or minus button on the home page to record words that touch your heart. It will be randomly shown on the home page.

・Find a new book
You can get some hint from "Meet a book" page if you don't know what to read next. It randomly picks a book from all genres and supports English and Japanese right now.



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Readiot|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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・Support dark mode
・Enable changing photo for goal overview page
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