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Creating safer schools by enhancing communication among students, faculty, families, security and law enforcement personnel. Addressing issues before incidents happen and facilitating rapid response and command during those critical first few minutes of an incident.

Anonymous Safety Hotline – Safety Issue Reporting
Students can anonymously and securely alert administrators of safety concerns, allowing for possible intervention before issues get more serious.

Incident Alert Button – Rapid Response Optimization
When trouble hits, a pre-scripted text can be sent in seconds to a team of on-campus first responders automatically identifying the type and location of the incident and set in motion incident management protocols. The alert identifies the location and callback number of the sender.

Broadcast Safety Messaging
Providing clear, immediate direction is essential when incidents happen. Messages can be broadcast immediately to specific groups such as staff, students and families to manage the situation. In case of extended incident command, directions can be broadcast to these groups by law enforcement or campus security personnel.

Security Talk-Around
Security and Administrative staff utilize dedicated messaging channels for both routine and emergency multi-media communications.

Incident Reports
Teaching and Security Staff can easily complete and transmit (in less than 5 minutes) Incident Reports on anything from routine student disciplinary issues to major incidents.

Daily Security Reports
The SchoolVillage system automatically compiles a Daily Security Report for every day that school is in session, based on system communications throughout the day and transmits the report to designated recipients

Safety Plan – Quick & Easy Access
Your school's safety plans and procedures are at your fingertips via phone or tablet.

Data Analysis
Data collected by the system can be analyzed to predict and respond proactively to potential security risks and to identify safety trending patterns.



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SchoolVillage|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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SchoolVillage|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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