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Send fax with WiseFax

Send fax with WiseFax

Send fax online quickly and easily without subscription with WiseFax. Perfect efax solution!

Send fax with WiseFax quickly and easily! You only need internet connection on your iPhone or iPad and send fax in four simple steps. Just add WiseFax app on your iPhone or iPad which will allow you to easy select documents you want to send to fax. Pay as you go, with no monthly or yearly subscription and send fax anywhere in the world.

WiseFax supports numerous document and file formats such as Apple Pages, Apple Numbers and Apple Keynote documents and spreadsheets, PDF documents, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and LibreOffice documents and spreadsheets, Hancom Hangul documents, ScanWritr documents, and JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP images. You can also take a picture or scan a document and import it into WiseFax and send it to fax. When doing so WiseFax efficiently detects edges of your document using advanced edge detection algorithm and makes picture clearer with picture enhancement algorithm. This makes scanning easier and fax more readable. You can easily select which pages you want to fax. Displayed preview of the pages will look the same as they will come out on fax at recipient side. Type fax number and wait for response. Regardless if it was successful or no, you will get an email notification and in case send fax will be successful also full document copy.

Send fax with WiseFax as simple as that. Try it, you’ll like it.

Four easy steps of how to send fax with WiseFax are:
1. Upload your existing document from your mobile device.
2. Click and select pages that you want to fax.
3. Select among 240 countries where you want to send your fax to and type recipient's fax number.
4. Authenticate with your existing Google, Facebook, Windows Live account or create a new Vanaia account. Buy fax token, if you already didn’t do so, and send fax. Wait for fax status confirmation which you will receive to your e-mail.



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  • All versions:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)4.08772

Number of people evaluated:57



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People reviews

Impression and review of people to iPhone App [Send fax with WiseFax]!

  • Great for small business
    by lambert_dylan on 2020-10-05 at 7:53 AM

    WiseFax is just what I need for my small business. All team members can send and receive faxes from a single account. Very reliable and easy to use. Best online fax for my needs.

  • Great for international faxing
    by andreyevv794 on 2020-09-28 at 7:26 AM

    Easy to use app, and you can select and fax to any country

  • All you need for faxing
    by me353192 on 2020-08-24 at 8:33 AM

    Editing allowed, easy to use. I also subscribed to fax number, so I can also receive faxes, and have them at hand all the time. Recommend!

  • With this app you can edit fax before sending
    by ms0877450 on 2020-08-19 at 7:20 AM

    I love this app as you can easily edit documents before faxing them. So, you can easily sign docs, fill forms and even erase parts you don’t like to send. Recommend it.

  • Super easy
    by cmia55255 on 2020-08-19 at 6:26 AM

    Super easy to use. Highly recommended.

  • Back to Middle Ages
    by designstudent9 on 2020-07-31 at 12:25 PM

    What, some companies still use fax machines? Unbelievable! But as I have to send a project to fax, Wisefax did the job just great. But dear B*.Ltd, please, find some other methods of getting material. Pleeeease!

  • Number 1 in simplicity
    by mickcopernicus on 2020-07-27 at 9:31 AM

    The easiest fax app, and works great

  • Like it
    by stevenblack1980 on 2020-07-27 at 8:40 AM

    So useful! Recommend

  • Great editing
    by sunmindanao021 on 2020-06-24 at 7:06 AM

    What I like most is possibility of editing a document before faxing. Write any text, format it, mark it, make ticks, add signature. And of course, sending a fax is simpler than anywhere else.

  • False Advertisement
    by Alicia T 25 on 2020-06-23 at 3:03 PM

    They claim you can fax for free but that is a lie. You have to buy fax credits. Stop lying and false advertising claiming your service is free when it’s not.

  • Best fax app
    by katet0373 on 2020-06-17 at 7:12 AM

    Many document formats supported, editing, enhancement, worldwide faxing. And even possibility to get your own fax number for receiving faxes. Best fax app

  • Easy and reliable application
    by tim.zoro4444 on 2020-06-05 at 7:36 AM

    Fast and easy faxing. App force you to step through the entire process. Very intuitive and simple. Recommend it!

  • Excellent and easy
    by pol.kowalsky44 on 2020-05-25 at 7:18 AM

    Easy faxing with many features: signing, editing,.. etc. Recommend

  • Easy to use
    by BobnMshell on 2020-05-18 at 11:57 PM

    Fast and easy to use with no subscriptions pay as you go simple with ipay great app.

  • Reliable fax app
    by thomasford518215 on 2020-05-18 at 9:52 AM

    I have tried with other services but didn’t succeed. I found Wisefax very reliable as this service perform multiple retries. Very satisfied, thank you!

  • Very good
    by california.dream on 2020-05-14 at 10:07 AM

    Easy faxing from everywhere. Editing options, signing documents, etc... Recomend.

  • Excellent
    by maksim.ilic4444 on 2020-05-14 at 9:56 AM

    Good product with many useful features. Easy to use.

  • Easy way to send fax
    by Maya199123 on 2020-05-12 at 7:43 PM

    I had to urgently send fax. I installed the app, uploaded the document and signed it before sending. Fax went through without problems. Thanks guys for good work!

  • Great
    by minslerk on 2020-05-11 at 7:49 AM

    Easy to use, lots of editing options, perfect for my needs.

  • SCAM‼️ Worst app ever
    by ericandbrittany on 2020-05-08 at 10:47 PM

    It took my money and the app doesn’t work at all

  • Sending and Receiving
    by Jellison20 on 2020-05-08 at 6:19 PM

    Easy to use and very reliable. Setup was easy and also setup to have own fax number. Can cancel anytime.

  • Eeeeasy
    by miami.autotrading on 2020-05-04 at 8:32 AM

    Cannot be easier to fax from anywhere

  • Faxed with no problems
    by mickeybrown93 on 2020-05-02 at 6:46 PM

    This was my first time using app for faxing. With WiseFax this was an easy job. I checked with receiver if he has received this fax. Confirmed, so WF is reliable. I’m gonna use it again when needed.

  • Best fax app
    by marthastein8 on 2020-05-01 at 3:43 PM

    So easy to use, just what I needed. Great!

  • Simple yet efficient fax solution
    by smarppeter on 2020-05-01 at 8:17 AM

    It is so simple to use it on iPhone, Mac and everywhere. Love at first sight 🙂

  • Absolutely the best fax service
    by bebovicr on 2020-04-30 at 7:57 PM

    I tried many fax services and WiseFax is the best. Simple and reliable. Very satisfied!

  • Super easy and convenient. I highly recommend it.
    by VascoFon56 on 2020-04-30 at 8:54 AM

    It was super easy to send a fax with WiseFax. I didn’t know sending a fax from a tablet can be so convenient. Thanks WiseFax!

  • Simple and affordable
    by TomSm9898 on 2020-04-29 at 9:07 AM

    It is really easy to send fax in just a few steps (for reasonable price). Very satisfied 🙂

  • Cool app
    by Gustl1970 on 2020-04-28 at 1:45 PM

    Great and easy to use. As fax number was busy, it kept trying until successful. The price is reasonable.

  • Love it
    by tinaschwartz9 on 2020-04-24 at 7:23 AM

    Easy to fax a doc.

  • Great
    by km0792538 on 2020-04-21 at 9:29 AM

    WiseFax is all I need for faxing. After uploading a document WiseFax automatically removes shades and improves quality of the document. I can also add signature, and fill in the document. Best pay as you go online fax!

  • Recommend it
    by alanmoore7122000 on 2020-04-20 at 7:32 AM

    This was so quick and easy. I had to send a fax unexpectedly, and WiseFax allowed me to do this without subscription. I just uploaded the document, inserted the fax number and payed for faxing. All done without problems, and really quickly. I will use this app again when there will be a need for faxing.

  • Fax office in your pocket
    by flemingtina66 on 2020-04-17 at 7:25 AM

    Wise fax allows you to take a picture of the document, fill it in, sign it, and send it worldwide for a very affordable price. Later you can preview all your sent faxes, and their statuses.

  • Great
    by colljenny67 on 2020-04-16 at 4:42 PM

    Quick and easy to add multiple documents and preview all pages. I also added a signature to each page, and sent fax in just a minutes.

  • Misleading
    by Unhappytrails on 2020-03-31 at 11:38 PM

    Makes you fill out several pages just to force you to buy token to use service. After spending the money it fails anyway. Waste of time and money.

  • Trash app
    by DominicClark on 2020-03-25 at 12:42 AM

    Spent 7.50 for me to have to resend the faxes. I took perfect pictures but they end up being sent 30 times darker than the original, thanks for your trash service.

  • Quick and easy
    by JackBones999 on 2020-01-20 at 7:27 AM

    The easiest way to send an online fax. And even no subscription needed.

  • All you need for online faxing
    by melb55141 on 2020-01-17 at 8:45 AM

    Easy to use, overview of your sent faxes. You can also get online fax number and receive faxes. Preparing document before faxing etc. Just great!

  • Best fax app
    by need4speed_ferrari on 2019-12-19 at 7:48 AM

    Send fax from anywhere. Quick and easy. You also have a great preview over all your faxing activities. Recommend!

  • Best fax app
    by kol_56pris on 2019-11-27 at 9:27 AM

    It is easy, quick, transparent. Recommend!

  • Great
    by lukadoncicfan on 2019-11-27 at 8:37 AM

    Like it, recommend

  • Easiest faxing from iPad
    by WinterAlex960 on 2019-11-19 at 11:52 AM

    Faxing can’t be easier. Great!!!

  • Didn’t work and won’t issue refund
    by ShaunCNY on 2019-10-25 at 12:19 PM

    I was sending a US fax in a hurry. Charged me $5 and simply didn’t work. They credited my fax credits to my account and sent me thru Apple to request a refund but apparently Apple doesn’t allow refunds for this program. Very annoying. DON’T USE THIS PROGRAM! CHOOSE A DIFFERENT ONE!

  • Not free as advertised!
    by H W 01 on 2019-10-10 at 12:30 AM

    Not free!

  • Misleading, Not free at all.
    by Storm9767 on 2019-10-03 at 1:34 PM

    They force you to step through the entire process, gather your login information and then want you to purchase tokens before sending a 1 page fax. Don’t be fooled by this. After you’ve gone through the entire process it’s easier for them to scam you. I’m reporting this app.

  • Most convenient online fax
    by theresa.whitespoon on 2018-10-12 at 8:22 AM

    Great for faxing from home or a hotel. I used WiseFax on my Mac and on my iPad, both working just perfect.

  • Perfect for faxing worldwide
    by sierraortiz958 on 2018-10-10 at 7:05 AM

    I needed to send fax from Europe to USA. I found WiseFax best solution. Very satisfied.

  • Great
    by dana1169817 on 2018-10-09 at 8:04 AM

    User interface is great, app so easy to use!

  • Very useful
    by mario398.Romano on 2018-10-09 at 7:35 AM

    Easy to Send Fax from Mac or iPad

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