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SiWriter's implementation of Microwriting comes to the new larger screen iPhones and all iOS12 and up iPads. Typing without looking is easier – with less space for the fingers to wander. The Speech system allows text to be spoken as they are typed or on completion of a sentence, handy when your can't use your own voice.

The full version includes a new way to edit the text which has been provided for the iPhone version. The SiWriter pads blink out showing you a standard iOS text edit screen. Restore to SiWriting with a tap on the named button.

Talk with your hand in twenty minutes. Forget thumb pain – cut and paste SiWriter text to any iOS app or email directly.

SiWriter is, a chording keyboard available since 2014 that now runs on the iPhone. The iPad lets you type notes with either hand – no need to watch your fingers !

Look where you are walking while typing or keep eye contact while making interview notes, at lectures, meetings, watching TV.

In the full version, email or cut and paste direct from the app. Note taking on the move – or tucked up in bed.

Type – to – Talk mode, type a word or a sentence and it will speak at the press of the space-bar or the sentence end. Can be used as a voice replacement.

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Siwriter Lite|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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