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This is an official mobile ordering app of SKY ROOFTOP. Now get your meals with incredible deals, only in 45 minutes!

Looking to order food online? Well, it better be SKY ROOFTOP!

* Order your favorite SKY ROOFTOP Products with Home Delivery in Surendranagar

* Easily add and remove items from your cart in a single tap

* Hassle-free payments- With multiple payment options on your fingertips, it’s easier to pay for your order.

How to Order?

1. Download the SKY ROOFTOP app

2. Log into your account

3. Set your address for the Online Order

4. Explore menu with that gives you best offers for the price you pay.

5. Checkout and fill your address

6. Select the payment options

7. Now sit back and relax! Your order will arrive in max 45 minutes!



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SKY ROOFTOP|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Download the[SKY ROOFTOP]@iPhone App

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SKY ROOFTOP|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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