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Stock Levla™ (Pending)

A slick tool that streamlines restaurant stock taking in the bar/kitchen.

Execute full bar/kitchen inventory on any IOS phone/device.

Stock Levla™ (Pending), uses a Snapping Too Tot Level Technology ™ Pending , to enhance accuracy.

Bottles can be counted by units, tots, glasses and even when it’s in an optic.

High value products (Johnnie Walker Blue) will automatically force the stock taker to take a photo to verify his level.

Areas are split up by stock taker. Example Main Bar Fridge linked to stock taker 1

From the back office stock takes and re-ordering can be managed easily, with par levels.

Get total Cost of your inventory per area/location daily.

Get an Actual Vs Theoretical for accurate stock variances. (currently integrated with TabletPOS powered by iKentoo)

Import stock takes, into reputable POS applications. (currently integrated with TabletPOS powered by iKentoo)

The time saved in stock taking and variance control makes this app a must have in any hospitality environment.

By counting your stock and verifying it daily makes your stock holding accurate, any shrinkage is visible immediately, ordering is easier to control with an intuitive, cloud based, back office and front end app.

Shrinkage is inventory lost due to family/friend pouring, wastage, theft, etc…

If you can reduce your shrinkage by 2%-3% in a bar turning over R500 000, that could equate to a saving of R10 000 per month.

How does Stock Levla™ (Pending) work?

The back office gets uploaded and mapped exactly to how your stock is packed per specific area in your restaurant, then this stock is linked to your preferred suppliers and their respective cost prices.

The par levels is also inserted for ease of auto suggested orders per supplier.

Stock Takers are assigned to these areas to make simultaneous stock counting a breeze.

Once stock counting is finished, it is uploaded to the back office per area.

This stock count is checked the next day with different stock counters, this will give you a variable which can be easily checked because of exception rules.

Once the manager/owner is satisfied with the count, it is locked and cannot be amended anymore, this now updates the Stock listings for re-ordering and or reporting purposes.

Exception rules

The owner can set rules that allow acceptable variances between stock takes, for example a variance of 2 tots is acceptable and thus will highlight any line item that exceeds this variance between the two stock counts.

This makes it easier for the manager/owner to correct only the above accepted variances.

Stock Levla™ (Pending) Management:

The library is maintained by us, we only use the highest possible resolution images to help maintain the highest standards for accuracy.

Any new products not in the library, can be requested and we will endeavour to have it uploaded within 24 hours.

The same applies to barcodes.



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Stock Levla|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Stock Levla|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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