A simple stock market simulation game. Beat your own high score!

This will introduce you to the stock market in such a way that's not overwhelming or intimidating. You can play the game in under 15 minutes. Find out if you have what it takes to master the financial markets!

This is a simplified version of the stock market. You start off with $5,000 in Quarter 1. You can invest in 8 different securities, (a fancy name for stocks). Each turn represents one Quarter, or 3 months, in the stock market. Manage your investments correctly and it'll lead to economic success!

Good luck!



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  • newest version:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)3.9
  • All versions:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)3.9

Number of people evaluated:10



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People reviews

Impression and review of people to iPhone App [Stock-Market-101]!

  • Boring
    by VentureForth on 2017-04-06 at 11:11 PM

    Waste of time!

  • Nice idea but no rhyme or reason
    by Popability on 2016-02-16 at 7:44 PM

    I was looking for a single player stock simulation game that was not attached to the real market, so I could play any time. This is one, but all it is is a small collection of made-up companies that have absolutely no characteristics except their risk rate. Nothing to analyze or predict their behavior. You buy shares and their behavior is totally random. They act differently every time with no rhyme or reason. No fun at all. Might as well sit by yourself and roll a pair of dice. The dullest looking graphics I've ever seen in a game complete this package as a total loser. Deleted.

  • Good practice
    by Lupison on 2015-05-23 at 2:00 AM

    This is a pretty decent simulator for stock market beginners. Using fake data instead of waiting on real world stocks make it a fast game to play.

  • Great app!
    by Whatnow817 on 2015-05-11 at 3:44 PM

    Nice app for those who don't know the market and want to practice first before investing real money. I really like how you start off with a realistic $5000.

  • Great game!
    by Dino713 on 2015-01-15 at 4:40 AM

    I am an experienced trader and I came across this game while looking for something to help my friends get familiar with stock investing and trading... I like the fact that it starts you off with a $5,000 balance. This is a more realistic start balance unlike other games I've seen that start users with $100k etc... The tutorial is very easy to understand and great for beginners...

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* Bug fixes
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    Organized Designs Wulveagfin, LLC
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  • Version:3.01
  • Price:Free


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