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How high is your IQ?
How smart exactly are you?

Test your IQ level with the stupidness 2 game! Think and figure out your way quickly through the impossible stages!
Get your friends and family to try it out and have some laughs over it!

✚ ‶35 stimulating questions″
✚ ‶Hints provided (just in case)″
✚ ‶Fun for all ages″
✚ ‶Post your score on Facebook″
✚ ‶Simple yet addictive″
✚ ‶Get to know you IQ score based on how well you do″

❝Great game! Just quite impossible to pass! Bravo!❞

❝Stupidness Pro 2 would be a great game to pull out at your next party. No matter how old you are, you will find the questions silly, challenging, and somewhat mystifying. It is worth your money if you enjoy comedy and a little witty humor.❞ –

NOTE: If you can't pass the 3 candle stage, please turn off ZOOM setting under Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom


iTunes ranked Top 5 in over 30 countries!
World average rating of 4½✮

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Stupidness 2|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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  • newest version:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)4.20967
  • All versions:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)4.2

Number of people evaluated:115830



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Minor bug fix.

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  • Sales maker:
    Chien Ming Liang
  • Release date:
  • Version:1.1
  • OS:iOS,iPhone,iPad
  • Price:Free


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Stupidness 2|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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