Sukima Restaurant

Sukima Restaurant eating and drinking store application

Sukima Restaurant

Sukima Restaurant
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Just monitor the diner for 3 min!
Do the restaurant management during your spare time!
No operation required!

Purchase the furnitures or recuit staffs.
You can get the BGM.
Let's run your own diner!


Simple restaurant management app


”Store Opening”
Monitor the diner for 3 min.
Stage the diner with the furnitures you got while it's open.

Choose to save the revenue or get the bonuses.

”Opening Prep”
Refill the inventory or update the menu.

Character's hair style, clothes and accessories.
Change the layout or select the wall papers, pillars and even the windows.

[Other Genres]

No operation required
Polka dot
Cute characters
Create your own



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Sukima Restaurant|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Sukima Restaurant|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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