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All businesses require effective inspection and record keeping to achieve a compliant and safe work environment.

TATworks, Task Access Technology for businesses, cuts out the paperwork out of everyday tasks. Access forms that are filed and stored securely in the cloud, anytime, anywhere on mobile devices or computer.

Storing and serving forms with TATworks makes it easy to keep up to date. Updates and changes are automatically made available to the the business keeping you up to date and compliant.

TATworks is perfect for use in building, infrastructure, roads, rail, electrical, water, plumbing, telecoms, forestry, heavy industrial, plant, or any business where safety or/maintenance require streamlined tasks. Tatworks assists in safety training, compliance forms, maintenance tasks for assets and liability cover for businesses.

Improving productivity and efficiency in Safety, Training and Maintenance in the workplace are core areas of focus for TATworks.



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TATworks Mobile|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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This version has an improved UI experience.
It also includes bug fixes and feature enhancements including Signature Time Stamps.
Time and date of signature now recorded for additional auditing capability.
Greater control of duplicate fields and sections.
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TATworks Mobile|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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