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Overtime the average Farmer and food producer has largely remained a substantial producers despite the huge economic potential inherent in food production. Several reasons are attributed to this state of affairs, the major and glaring being:
• High post harvest losses which eats deeply into the profit margins of the producer. Because of the perishability of these produce, the average plateau farmer/food producer is invariably at the mercy of the middle man or bulk buyer who cashes in on the vulnerability of the farmer and rakes huge profits from doing virtually nothing.
Simplicity Concept Nigeria through The FoodPlug Project is here basically to address there aberrations and give farmers/food producers real value for their while delivering the same produce to the door step of the consumer Globally.

In other words The FoodPlug is a deliberate infusion of Technology into the plateau state agricultural, commerce and trading system thereby boasting the economic value of a common Plateau State Food Producer.
SCN is bringing fresh ideas into the ecommerce industry with this multi Vendor platform with the following features:
1. Farmers Global Market: a platform where farmers can upload their farm produce even on pre-order and get buyers for it globally.
2. Food Wholesale Market: a platform where farmers, and food production whole sellers can upload their products and get buyers globally.
3. Food Retail Market: A platform where food retailing can be done with ease
4. E-Restaurant: A platform where users can order for cooked food at anytime of the day.
5. E-Medecine where users buy un controlled medicine and have it delivered to their door step 24/7 the app also have a chat Botton where users can upload medical prescription to the phamercy and have it delivered. we are currently in partnership with Delimi Central Phamarcy Jos Plateau State Nigeria.



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The FoodPlug 9Ja|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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The FoodPlug 9Ja|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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