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"Today academy" is a hypermedia reading product of cloud media technology. We are committed to creating a best mobile new media enterprise reading platform that meets the needs of enterprise culture communication, enterprise brand building and employee ability improvement.
[application scenario]
Help spread corporate culture:
Restore the work flow, work guide and relevant management system through audio and video, graphic and three-dimensional rendering effects, so as to realize one book in hand, and there is no problem.
Strengthen enterprise brand building:
Break the traditional paper brochures, product brochures, enterprise internal journals and other graphic expression forms, and add hypermedia high interactive presentation forms, so that the paper publicity materials can be truly vivid and colorful, and the enterprise brand promotion can keep up with the pace of mobile Internet.
Improve the ability of employees:
In the era of knowledge economy, human resources have become one of the most valuable assets of enterprises. Enterprise investment in employees is a strategic investment with the least risk and the greatest return.
Boost publishing Transformation:
Help traditional publishers, media groups and picture operators to introduce richer experience into the publishing process, and realize cross media publishing, independent content creation and independent operation.
[introduction to cloud media]
Jiangsu cloud media digital technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ruitai group, is positioned as a "digital publishing solution provider". It is the largest and most influential high-end content digital publishing enterprise in China. Integrating the hypermedia technology of Korean net & TV company and relying on the research and development of professional technical team, it pioneered the visual hypermedia publishing suite Dreambook, and developed government and enterprise digital enterprise publicity solutions and hypermedia publishing solutions for government agencies, enterprises and institutions and publishing media groups. At the same time, it is committed to the operation of time reading network, an open digital media reading platform for individual Internet users.



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