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Apps for design and validate unity check of Tubular’s section that have been strengthen with 2 nos of Tee section, unity check is the ratio between actual stress compare to allowable stress in accordance with Code and Standard.
API-RP2A-WSD 22nd edition 2014 is used for the design.
This program consider elastic and inelastic local bucking stress for D/t ratio larger than 60.
User could customise section’s size and design parameter, the program have function to compile the Calculation Report and send it through email. Format of the Report is suitable for standard miscellaneous structure design calculation.
Two available option of design unit : kN-m or kips-ft, geometry size use millimetre or inch.
This program could be used for section’s properties calculator that include calculation of torsion constant “J”, or weight calculator to estimate tube’s weight per length.

This program could be used for feasibility study of diagonal brace strengthening at offshore platform, which the brace could not be replaced but can be strengthened.



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Tubular2T|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Tubular2T|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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