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What is UpToGoal?

UpToGoal is a platform for self-development. Our main goal is to help people with their productivity and achieving of new goals.

The main problems that hinder quality and systematic self-development:

No periodicity;
Inability to see your progress;
Spending time on a lot of small things;
Inability to simultaneously improve various indicators, some go ahead, the rest are lagging behind;
Inability to always remember your best ideas.
UpToGoal is focused on solving these problems.

What is the secret of success?

The key to any progress and achievement of goals is the implementation of various actions to achieve the goal. If your goal is to become strong, then these actions are training at the gym. If you want to learn how to play the guitar, then these are the lessons of playing this musical instrument. The key to success is time spent profitably, and productive use of your time. Scientists have discovered that 20 hours is enough to improve your level in something. This doesn’t mean that you will become a master in something for this time, but 20 hours is the needed measure to see the progress in something in order to raise your level.

Goals and actions

Achieving goals in our system is the base idea. You create a goal for yourself and each time you perform actions for it, you record your activity. A one-time activity record can be from 15 minutes to 6 hours. After reaching 20 hours – you will get the level up. You will be allowed not only to keep records of actions taken, but also to see the progress in a particular case.


What if your goal is to develop a habit? How to be then? That is why 2 types of goals were designed for you. The first one is called "Actions". They are the same goals from the previous paragraph. The second one is called "Habits". It’s a specific type of goals, in which you are not recording the time, but the number of repetitions. One repetition is estimated in a quarter of an hour. And that means that in order to get the level up and make the habit you need 80 accomplishments.


Do you have some short-term plans? Just describe them and link them to your goals.


It is one more key point of the system. How often everyone has a situation where you have some ideas for the future. For example, "In September, I want to learn Photoshop" or "In March, I want to get a driver's license." But after some time this idea is forgotten. I believe it is familiar to everybody. Enough! Now you have got a handy tool to sort out the mess in your head. For convenience, ideas are divided into several categories.

New. The ideas that only came to your mind and you have not yet strongly decided what to do and when;
Searching. To solve this idea you have to google how to deal with a problem;
Thinking. If you are not ready you will have to think about this idea carefully;
Planning. If you thought it over well, but now you need to plan some time, place and other details;
Working. Ready to start? Then work on it!
You can easily transform any idea into a goal by choosing “Make a Goal” in the menu. You will only need to choose – whether this is “Action” or “Habit”.

But that is not all. You have the opportunity to make a plan of ideas, choose a date when you want to start it. After that, it will appear in the “Ideas Scheduler”. And all your ideas and dates will be displayed in your scheduler.



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UpToGoal|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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