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Verizon Field Force Manager

Get a better picture of where your business is going with Verizon Field Force Manager (FFM).

With this app*, FFM captures location, time and job information and transmits it back to the secure, cloud-hosted FFM Management Console, which is purchased separately.

FFM can be used on iPhone or iPad to access electronic timecards that record the start and end of shifts, breaks and jobs with a simple touch of the screen. FFM also helps reduce or eliminate manual paperwork by allowing mobile workers to use their device to not only fill out custom forms and invoices but also capture photos, electronic signatures and barcode scans. These are then transmitted back to the office in real time.

The FFM Management Console turns this data from the field into actionable information that can be used by operations managers to help mobile employees meet productivity and service goals. Managers can use the Management Console in most web browsers to view locations of mobile employees on a map, assign jobs, set up alerts and create reports. Data collected by the mobile app can be easily integrated into applications commonly used for payroll, accounting and other back office systems for even greater efficiency.

FFM is an employee efficiency tool, a management decision tool, a back office automation tool, and a customer satisfaction tool, all rolled into one.

– FFM is available for customers of Verizon Wireless Business and Government only.
– Data charges apply when downloading and using Field Force Manager.
– This app uses GPS on your device and accesses, collects and stores your location information. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
– Not available via Wi-Fi.

Key Capabilities
For mobile employees:
– Record shift and break start/stop times from your iPhone or iPad
– Communicate job receipt, start and completion status
– Use easy forms to capture job details, inventory, invoices or any other type of information
– Capture photos, barcodes, and signatures
– View and navigate to customer locations with Apple Maps

For operations/managers:
– Access the management application with a browser
– Assign jobs to employees in the field
– View employees, jobs, and locations on a live map
– Customize job templates for your industry
– Send messages to mobile employees
– Create and receive instant alerts on any criteria
– Configure and run reports to assess operational performance
– Schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reports for delivery to your email
– Automate timecard data and send to your payroll system
– Integrate with other back office applications using simple connectors or web services



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1. Automatic Driving Detection- for increased accuracy of Trip records
2. Outside Hours of Operation Notification- improved compliance with workforce regulations
3. Job Map & List on Mobile Device- gives mobile workers additional insight into their schedule
4. Bug fixes
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