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The™ Connector is a standard app for Vidyo's ground breaking Communication Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS). is a CPaaS for developers to embed real-time group video communications into their own apps. The Connector app can be used as-is or the developer/subscriber can download the source code from Vidyo, customize it, and embed it into a separate iOS app.

• The service requires a subscription. It allows organizations to create videoconferences, video meetings, and video chat sessions.

• This app is available for free. It allows anyone to join the videoconferences, meetings, and chat sessions that were created by a subscriber who allows use of the Connector app. Information about joining a meeting would be provided by the creator of the meeting.

By installing this application, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this description. You acknowledge that this application may require access to your camera, microphone, and data network to function properly. You consent to receive communications, updates, and upgrades from Vidyo for this application or from the operator of any Vidyo system to which this application connects (an "Operator"). The Operator of each Vidyo system to which this application connects may collect meeting usage data and personal information, such as your screen name, email address, and IP address, from the application when it connects to such system, which will be subject to any terms of services, privacy policy, and/or similar provisions of such Operator. You can withdraw your consent for further collection at any time by uninstalling this application. If you need assistance with removing this application, please contact [email protected] or visit the support website link shown next to this description.



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