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Vizmo – Smart VMS

Vizmo - Smart VMS
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Vizmo ensures that your Visitors encounter innovation the moment they step in to your office with a user-friendly and innovative sign-in system, instant notifications to the Host and cloud-based technology that will remember them forever. The era of the logbook is over, the era of Vizmo is here.

For Visitors:

• Sleek Touch-screen Sign-In
• Intuitive Design
• Instant Notifications to the Host
• Easy Repeat Check-In
• Automatic Badge Printing

For Administrators:

• Extra security
• Digital Visitor Log
• Cloud-based Technology
• Centralized Online Management
• Customizable For Your Every Need
• Stream-lined Across Office Locations

For Hosts:

• Instant Notifications of Visitor Arrival by SMS and E-mail
• Pre-register Visitors for Seamless Check-in
• Photo-verification of Visitors
• Reduce Waiting Times


• Self Check-in
• Instant Notifications
• Stylish Hardware
• Cloud Dashboard
• Branding
• Returning Visitors
• Visitor Photos
• Badge Printing

Why US:

At Vizmo, we’re firm believers in the idea that successful companies stand out for their uncompromising dedication to innovation in every aspect. Whether you’re a small, medium or large company – innovation is a one-size fits all passport to success and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t start from the moment your Visitors step into your office. When you sign up for Vizmo, not only are you signing up for a comprehensive tech-enabled solution for Visitor management which enhances your front-desk productivity and improves your security; you’re signing up for innovation and success.



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Vizmo - Smart VMS|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Vizmo - Smart VMS|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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