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YoYa: Busy Life World
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Welcome to YoYa: busy life world! Here you can explore fantastic real world locations, interact with massive items and build unique stories with your digital characters!

YoYa World is a super fun dollhouse app! Here you can dress up your characters, put them in cute costumes and accessories ~ you can also create your story! Doing styling, dressing, sleeping, eating, and playing is not a problem in YoYa's world!
YoYa encourages all besties to explore the world of YoYa in their own way. Tap or drag characters and props in different places, and you may be able to harvest different kinds of surprises! The unique aesthetic design can help you inspire inspiration and create your own story. Unlocking the world scene, you will have the opportunity to visit various locations in YoYa World~ In the city center, suburbs, ports and islands, you will have a variety of novel experiences!

My Home: Do you remember playing dollhouse game pretending as parents and taking care of toddlers? At my home, you can design your family members, arrange them with various daily activities: cook dinners, play with sisters, take showers for bedtime stories and so much more!

Shopping Mall: 3 Floors of shopping mall where you can do grocery shopping, visit pet store, play video arcade and go to movies! You can shop everything you need for daily uses or for travelling!

Hair Salon: Ready for a big make over? Go visit the hair shop to pick yourself up a colorful hair dye! Cut, curl, trim, and choose hair accessories you like!

Beauty Shop: How does a face transformation sound like? Here you can make up with your own style by using face transformation machines. Don’t forget to enjoy afternoon tea time with cupcakes and more!

Fashion Store: Style yourself boldly! Dress up, mix each separate clothing and accessories as you like! Fancy dresses and accessories for different occasions are awaits. A variety of new products added regularly!

Hospital: Experience the thrill of a busy medical center at YoYa Hospital! Welcome the newborn baby to this world, treat the patient, and perform an intense operation!

Central Park: Find more new friends in Central Park! At the character creation station, create your own character. You can choose from hundreds of styles of facial features, shapes and decorations!

-Lots of customization options! Change clothes, hair styles and expressions!
-Experience exciting puzzles or DIY your own adventures
-Explore the Downtown, the Country, the Port, the Islands and many more locations
-Enjoy free gifts EVERYDAY
-Fully responsive items
-Aesthetic real world locations & Unique characters
-Play offline, no WiFi or data required.

Miniatures, fidget toys, the latest fashion dress and festival gifts! Check back everyday and discover exclusive surprise gifts beyond your imagination!Download now for free!

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YoYa: Busy Life World|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Hello, dear friends! Central Park is now available! Come and enjoy!
– 3 locations: Casual Park, Hard Core Back Street, and Lawn Wedding.
– Take your pet to have a walk in the park.
– Amusement facilities loved by kids.
– Unique Hard Core Back Street.
– Beautiful and romantic Lawn Wedding.
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  • Version:1.6.3
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Download the[YoYa: Busy Life World]@iPhone App

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YoYa: Busy Life World|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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