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From People To Data. And back

Yumi is the HrTech platform designed to increase people and companies performance.

Yumi provides a simple and spontaneous environment where you can improve yourself and your community, increasing engagement and harmony.

Yumi performs the function of a "digital coach", thanks to proprietary algorithms and the aggregation of data produced in an anonymous way by users: it supports each user in reviewing their working experience and considering suggestions for improving it.

How was your meeting? How was your day? What do colleagues observe when they work with me? What is important for the people I work with?

Data and suggestions offering everyone the opportunity to best express their potential in that given context. All in a GDPR-compliant framework.

Yumi encourages the adoption of new values and behaviors within the team, applying a new paradigm to business realities, through a peer-to-peer approach of digital nudging and through continuous motivations and data collected through the app under the full control of the user: individuals and teams receive from their professional ecosystem (colleagues, customers, suppliers, managers) the information they need to evaluate and understand their professional impact and the actions to be implemented to improve it.

Yumi put into place that "gentle push" that can make people and businesses growing together.



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