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ZEUS® X mobile plus for time management on the go.

Compared to the "ZEUS X mobile" App, "ZEUS X mobile plus" offers an extended scope of functions which, however, require additional application authorisations. Therefore, if you do not need, for instance, the “Geofencing” functionality, please use the "ZEUS X mobile" App.

With ZEUS® X mobile plus all major features allowing for digital time recording and time management are easily accessible via your smartphone or tablet at any location.

ZEUS® X mobile plus allows you to record working, project and order times at any time and where ever you are. This mobile App stands for easy communication with co-workers and supervisors via embedded workflows. Furthermore, it assists you in keeping track of your time accounts, remaining holidays and much more at a glance. With predefined events you will be automatically informed via the integrated messenger either by e-mail or push notification.

No doubt, the digital Workforce Management generates perceptible added value and reduces the daily workload based on intelligent functions, notifications and web-based interactive communication:

– Presence Indicator Board
The mobile Presence Indicator Board informs about the current presence/absence status of co-workers belonging to predefined teams and organisation units.

– Paperless workflows
Requests for booking updates, absences, etc. as well as request approvals can be done digitally without any paper work thanks to integrated workflows. The actual scope of functions available to employees, group managers or department heads is defined by individual roles and rights.

– Evacuation report
In the event of an emergency (e. g. fire), the Evacuation report provides an overview of all employees informing on who is still inside the building and who is already safe.

– Barcode / QR code scanning
Instant data capture referring to projects, orders or activities by scanning barcodes or QR codes using your mobile phone’s camera.

– Team bookings
Group managers can make team bookings valid for several employees allowing for project, order or activity-based time recording. The benefits are clear: booking for all made by one, no more missed bookings and all team members automatically start at the same time.



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ZEUS X mobile plus|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Download the[ZEUS X mobile plus]@iPhone App

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ZEUS X mobile plus|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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