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100 Balls

100 Balls

'100 Balls' è un'app semplice ma entusiasmante. Metti alla prova i tuoi riflessi in un gioco a tocco singolo con un motore fisico realistico.

Tocca lo schermo per aprire il contenitore. L'obiettivo è riempire i bicchieri in movimento con le palline che cadono. I bicchieri riempiti riporteranno le palline nel contenitore. I bicchieri vuoti verranno sganciati dalla catena di movimento. Il gioco termina quando si perdono tutte le palline o i bicchieri. A ogni livello aumenta la velocità dei bicchieri. Ai livelli più alti i bicchieri cambieranno colore e produrranno palline colorare di maggior valore. Più rimani in gioco, più punti ottieni.

Ora con la nuova funzionalità multigiocatore puoi creare la tua partita e sfidare altri giocatori a battere il tuo punteggio.

• Motore fisico;
• Controllo a tocco singolo;
• Partite veloci (5 min. ca.);
• Modalità Sfida con 30 mappe di gioco;
• Multigiocatore;
• Classifiche;
• Obiettivi;
• Suoni e musica.



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  • Good!!! But...
    by USMC4/20 on 2020-06-19 at 12:36 AM

    EXTREMELY repetitive....

  • Cool
    by 647382683)37)37 on 2020-05-05 at 2:18 AM

    I had this game when I was a little kid and now I just noticed this game and now even though it has lots of adds it brings back childhood memories

  • It’s ok 👌
    by 3334444224444 on 2019-12-03 at 11:36 PM

    I like this game 💯 balls because you don’t have to use your brain so if I have a headache I play this the only problem is I don’t really get the levels what happens if you pass nothing

  • This apps grade is.....
    by Sharris21 on 2019-11-19 at 7:24 PM


    by Uses vhfskusrufcisjsjsh on 2019-10-25 at 9:18 PM

    This game is so fun and I have had it for a couple months and I just love it love it LOVE IT!!!!!! Thank you for this app!

  • Cool but...
    by wdldfeukftd,elegdulcgd, on 2019-10-20 at 12:33 AM

    This game is good but when you pause and resume it restarts all over again so do something about please and try to make it better! I am counting on you! 🙂

  • ADDS
    by tim seth1 on 2019-07-20 at 7:01 PM

    They just need to stop thinking about the money and think about the games community

  • Awesome
    by Runmom55 on 2019-06-19 at 10:51 PM

    I just got it but I play it on my friend’s phone and I love it it’s so fun and just a good game for when your bored and have no internet like in the car or in line somewhere it is challenging but I think that’s what makes it such a good game and you do get better with practice like other games

  • PLEASE READ!!!!!!
    by ApexJ on 2019-06-03 at 12:01 PM

    I know a lot of the other reviews said their were too many adds, but for me their are none! The game is absolutely perfect! Except for one thing. Why have levels? You already have points.

  • Great
    by JjjjjjjjNnnnnnGgggggv on 2019-03-18 at 1:31 PM

    People say there are a lot of adds but there aren’t that many. Just as many as normal games. I love this app and it is fun and addicting.

  • It’s ok
    by Jdjdjdjdjdjmxmc on 2019-03-13 at 1:37 AM

    It’s a good game and it’s fun. It feels really good to play on my iPhone X with the vibrations n stuff. It’s only getting two stars tho because the music is a blatant rip off of Starlight by Muse and it makes me mad lol

  • My Review:
    by no im not doing a nickname on 2019-01-27 at 8:35 PM

    Reason for review: I saw a bad review and still decided to try it out, but once i did i sadly found out that the bad review was correct. I’m not trying to be mean at all i know how hard it must be to make a game and that’s why i gave it a not so bad review. My problem with the game: it had to many ads and i could not really relax like the app profile said it would. My star review: i give this game a 2 out of 5 again i’m sorry it must be so hard to make a game

  • To many ads
    by Charchar128 on 2019-01-14 at 11:28 PM

    More ads than game, it’s ridiculous.

  • Horrible
    by golden stick on 2018-12-13 at 4:03 PM

    This company either has WEAK software or is not aware of how horribly their advertising is interfering with playing the game. It freezes the game, it slows it, you basically lose control because of the STRONG AND CONSTANT INTERFERENCE. You end up getting so DISGUSTED AND FRUSTRATED THAT YOU GIVE UP AND STOP PLAYING. FIX IT!!!!!

  • Fabulous!
    by cupcake2090 on 2018-11-11 at 11:03 AM

    This game is so fun to play. It’s a little tricky at first, but with practice it is so fun! I don’t regret downloading this game.

  • Omg
    by omg😉 on 2018-09-23 at 7:40 PM

    This is the best game recommended for traveling

  • Best game!
    by Suekg on 2018-07-01 at 3:44 PM

    100 BALLS IS AMAZING! Fortunately, I can see the ad problem, but no problem! If you want such cutting edge 3D graphics, 100 BALLS 3D is the game for you! 💯 ⚽️ 🏀 🏈 😉

  • Nice game
    by Sergey Levchuk on 2018-06-21 at 8:08 AM

    Really fun and challenging game! Well done

    by ëfüñgïrł on 2018-05-05 at 2:17 PM

    Im liking the new additions of cups and its such an easy game! I just love the stocks of balls and when the balls fall its easy to get it the cups! 😀 its so addicting and I LOVE ITTTTT

  • Omllll
    by kionj on 2018-04-01 at 9:55 AM

    Ok so like I use to have this game and I remember it was pretty good but now THE EFFECTS ARE WAY COOLER like it’s so hard to explain and idk if it’s only for iPhones but like whenever the ball drops you can feel it on your phone it’s like the balls are bouncing around in your phone it’s hard t describe u just have to download it and like I never write reviews but I felt like this one needed a review omlll it’s just FREAKING GREAT!!!

  • 💯 balls
    by morelikeally_ on 2018-03-19 at 12:44 AM

    i love this game it’s amazing i’ve gotten up to level 16!!!!😍😍😍

  • Ads pop up during play
    by MorganV22 on 2018-02-13 at 12:58 AM

    I don’t have an issue with ads, but when they pop up during a game and the game keeps going behind them, causing you to lose, the game loses any semblance of fun.

  • Lag
    by Nazerrrrrrr on 2018-01-18 at 5:58 AM

    Amazing game but the lag on the balls has made me lose 100s if times it’s unfair

    by illumithoticonfirmed on 2018-01-03 at 10:22 AM

    As I was playing this game, an extremely sexual ad popped up! I cannot BELIEVE this!!

  • Arrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    by Awesomeness ariel on 2017-12-11 at 12:15 AM

    Can there be any more adds?????????????? Way too many adds. Also there should be some kind of fish that eats up the balls if there on the top not being used or something. Just something to make the game more interesting...

  • I hate it
    by [email protected] on 2017-11-30 at 12:20 PM

    It's the worst game ever I can't even get to level two and it's impossible there is also too many ads

  • Fun but hard
    by Newsy CA girl on 2017-11-11 at 5:07 AM

    This game is fun but it’s mostly hard because every time you lose there is always another ad. If the got rid of this then I would be happy. Minecraft is waaaayyyyy better

  • Crashes on startup
    by Dave51495 on 2017-10-29 at 3:50 PM

    Crashes on the splash screen

  • Game is trash!!!
    by SwimmingFly on 2017-10-19 at 5:31 AM

    I was doing really good, Over 3k balls. Then suddenly I phone gave me the “battery low” msg. So I hit close and return to the game. Now here is where this game is completely trash. The game paused itself when the msg popped up, so I hit the green play looking button button assuming I would resume the game. But no, it restarted the entire thing! Immodestly deleted phone my phone. Don’t waist your time.

  • Rip off
    by ashleyrenee590 on 2017-10-06 at 8:59 PM

    The game is fun and addicting however it is getting two stars because I paid for the add free version and I still get adds. This needs to be fixed or I want my money back.

  • Fix the LAG!!!!!!!
    by SethsBower1998 on 2017-09-19 at 2:54 AM

    I CANNOT stand LAG!! It drives me CRAZY!!! FIX IT!!!

  • No
    by kenkyd on 2017-09-12 at 5:04 PM

    Directly open App Store to Ashley Madison. Nope.

  • Fun but ads
    by devmac711 on 2017-09-02 at 1:59 PM

    this game is fun and addictive in a way, but there are way too many ads. whenever you finish a game, no matter the length, you're greeted by an ad every single time. sometimes you're even interrupted by an ad in the middle of your game.

  • Broken Game
    by Derpy Sauce on 2017-09-02 at 6:55 AM

    Success in this game depends on finding a rhythm and maintaining that rhythm, which can actually be pretty fun, until the game freezes and completely throws you off balance. When that happens there's no hope in recovering your score. Also, and this is the best, an advertisement will pop up out of nowhere in the MIDDLE of a game and completely end it for you. This is the most frustrating thing I've ever encountered in a mobile game. I understand that the developers are trying to motivate you to spend money on the "ad free" version, but this just made me angry. I'm deleting it as soon as I finish posting this review.

  • Decent
    by Linslo on 2017-08-19 at 7:34 PM

    Kinda fun

  • Well
    by brookelaurr on 2017-07-30 at 3:10 AM

    This game was way better before the update. If I had never played the old version I would probably be content, but this one moves so slow and it makes me SAD

  • Great but had to delete
    by Heyyitsbriana on 2017-07-26 at 2:17 PM

    Deleted bc of adds. Would pop up in the middle of game and lose all progress.

  • WAY to many ads, don't waste your time.
    by Secretsneverleft on 2017-07-24 at 6:22 PM

    This game is fun. But I can hardly make it past the first 2 levels due to ads. After every turn there is a 15 second ad that pops up. How can you enjoy a game when over 75% of being on the app is looking at silly ads. I can't even figure out how to work the game right because I have to wait to resume playing. I'm deleting this game because it's quite ridiculous.

  • To many ADs
    by kCatMeow on 2017-07-23 at 5:53 PM

    I have been trying to play for over ten minutes. Every time I get to playing the darn thing an ad pops up and messes up my whole game. Good-Bye. #NotHappy

  • I love it
    by sicowhhcqich on 2017-07-20 at 3:30 PM

    It's da bomb

  • Woah
    by Duckinson on 2017-07-13 at 12:48 AM

    Woah that's a lot of balls just the way I like it amazing app (star star star star star)!!!

  • Fishing scam and ads
    by space unicorn🦄🌈 on 2017-07-04 at 8:47 PM

    If you have this game delete it and don't download it .it's a fishing scam .a fishing scam is when a game has ads that ask for your info and does bad things with it.

  • Virus Ads during the game
    by Alyssia... on 2017-06-25 at 5:42 PM

    This only happens when you doing good an ad pops up and says you've won $100 gift card and your only option is to select done that your excepting it so your forced to close out the app and Start all over 😡

  • WHAT
    by Lolmedrigtz7 on 2017-06-23 at 11:34 PM


  • Ads during games
    by Crazycarrot29 on 2017-06-23 at 6:28 PM

    Great game, but the pause button erases all progress, and sometimes ads will pop up mid game and take me back to the home screen.

  • Lithuanians Represent
    by Litvuke on 2017-06-22 at 5:40 PM


  • Neat concept, but ads make it unplayable
    by Lyndseymarieee on 2017-06-12 at 5:18 AM

    I have no problem with ads in my games, but this game is legitimately unplayable, with the timing of the ads. They pop up mid game. I went ahead and just deleted the game.

  • Good game but
    by Kttere on 2017-06-05 at 11:24 PM

    Really fun and easy to play. The only negative is they have a pause button but if you pause all your progress goes away, which doesn't make sense.

  • Too many ads
    by Piplupchu on 2017-06-01 at 6:40 PM

    It's a cool idea for a game, but there's too many ads, which causes lag. I'm spending more time playing ads than actually playing the game! In all honesty, a waste of storage.

  • Sometimes there's no balls to release from above!
    by Jeff8457905149743848 on 2017-05-28 at 7:20 PM

    How is it possible to NOT lose a moving cup when there's no balls at the top to release at the time that cup is positioned under the ball drop? Players shouldn't have to intentionally lose cups due to no balls being available to release from above. Please fix this bug to make the game fair and playable. This would be a five-star review if not for the major bug I mention above.

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