Altimetro da viaggio, altezza

Altimetro da viaggio, altezza iPhone Apps

Altimetro da viaggio, altezza

Altimetro da viaggio, altezza

Visualizza la tua altitudine o elevazione su straordinari paesaggi che si adattano all'ora del giorno.

Barometro. Il barometro ti permette di tenere traccia dei cambiamenti della tua altitudine in base al cambiamento della pressione atmosferica. Ti basterà impostare la tua pressione e l'altitudine di riferimento per poter usare l'Altimetro per rilevare la differenza tra l'elevazione di due punti. Ottimo per escursionismo ed altre attività all'aperto.

Bussola: Mostra la tua direzione in tempo reale.

***** – "Ottimo – Fa il suo lavoro in maniera egregia….Consigliato!!!"

***** – "Funziona bene – Applicazione simpatica e funzionale. In montagna e' divertente verificare gli spostamenti."

Un'interfaccia semplice e senza fronzoli per leggere:
• Altitudine o Elevazione
• Latitudine
• Longitudine

• Migliore precisione GPS per il tuo dispositivo
• elevazione da Terra dai valori topografici della mappa
• Visualizza in piedi o metri
• Torcia incorporata

• Condividi schermate con bellissimi sfondi
• Condividi su Twitter, Facebook, Email, o SMS

usa l'upgrade Sfondi Personalizzati per scattare una foto dalla vetta di una montagna e salvare una schermata con l'altitudine in sovra-impressione da mostrare a amici & famiglia.

Sfondi(Acquisti In-App):
• Campo Fiorito (Illustrato)
• Paesaggio Cittadino (Illustrato)
• Montagne(Illustrato)
• Astratto
• Crea il Tuo



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Recensioni della gente

Impressione e revisione delle persone in iPhone App [Altimetro da viaggio, altezza]!

  • Works no invasive ads
    by altitude joe on 24 Giugno 2022 at 18:23

    Tells altitude and direction faithfully. But MOST importantly, there are no invasive ads covering the screen. This one is a keeper.

  • Great tool
    by Brush 571 on 24 Giugno 2022 at 2:23

    Seems to be accurate as my GPS reading

  • Comment
    by EOH iphone on 11 Giugno 2022 at 22:55

    Rely on it because I fly with friends n ck altitude with your app

  • Unreliable
    by RJ809123678941 on 10 Giugno 2022 at 15:23

    Standing in one spot, altitude keeps changing as much as 50-60 feet continuously.

  • Great app
    by bornaslave on 5 Giugno 2022 at 22:34

    Easy to use, accurate, and FREE!

  • Love the app, but
    by Rainer01 on 27 Maggio 2022 at 13:23

    I would really love to see it compatible with CarPlay.

  • Good tool!
    by mbgfly on 22 Maggio 2022 at 14:06

    Instant,accurate feedback with no adds or frills. Just fine doing what it’s suppose to do.

  • Geek for Altitude
    by Brolee3 on 2 Maggio 2022 at 0:32

    Hey, I enjoy knowing the altitude where I am. I guess it’s a “wiring” thing. Appreciate the app and can’t beat the price!

  • Hekyea
    by 69FunkyG on 28 Aprile 2022 at 17:42


  • Why not show meters?
    by Xaynes on 16 Aprile 2022 at 6:07

    Why not show meters?

  • Thanks
    by Hctub on 7 Aprile 2022 at 23:34

    Nice to know for anyone that goes outback on any of continents

  • Accuracy
    by Bar is Loaded on 19 Marzo 2022 at 18:02

    Even though it’s free, I expect more accuracy. Maybe it’s the fault of my iPhone 7 not having a very accurate GPS chip.

  • Living high
    by phillis 22 on 5 Marzo 2022 at 16:13

    Our altitude fascinates me, coming from Michigan 785’ above sea level to living here at 5005’ above sea level. I love it thank you altimeter for helping me!

  • I like it
    by Ernie Hoffman on 27 Febbraio 2022 at 22:43

    Nice app You should try it

  • Ágil y Disponible sin señal
    by CANITA1958 on 22 Febbraio 2022 at 21:08

    Es una herramienta maravillosa te da la altura desde los aviones acercando el dispositivo a la ventana. La exactitud es de un par de metros.

  • NIce app
    by Platon6161 on 14 Febbraio 2022 at 22:37

    I'm using it every time I get mountain

  • WAS GREAT but now Altitude ⬆️ 5000 ft off
    by Make something up on 11 Febbraio 2022 at 17:32

    It was accurate and worked great for years. Now In Colorado at an altitude of 6200ft to now it only 700ft I tried to contact developer and it says unavailable unsafe sight.

  • things u can improve
    by Gxly405 on 6 Febbraio 2022 at 6:34

    you can add some text to describe how longitude/latittute and sea rise work in a info box。 you can add the address, can you?if google maps can, you can too。otherwise,after we save, how do we know where it is。 it is OK for the address to change fast,if we are riding the bus。

  • Elevation
    by wild enough on 29 Gennaio 2022 at 23:07

    Very accurate. I am really glad to have this app. It is nice to know the elevation that I am at. With copd elevation is very important to me.

  • Helpful and useful but not precise
    by Rev Jim D on 21 Gennaio 2022 at 15:49

    Overall, this app was simple to install and does track your altitude when standing still, walking or driving. If the old saying “Close us close enough” works for you you’ll be quite pleased with it. The only down side is that I can be standing still in a location and the app keeps changing the altitude. It might count up ten or fifteen feet, start counting down from whatever altitude it stops at, then reverse and count up again. Just to make sure that I wasn’t somehow causing the fluctuations I set the phone on a flat surface, but the “indecision” by the app continued. So bottom line, if you’re just curious to see approximately what altitude you’re at (e.g. about 1500 feet above sea level) it’s perfect! But if you need more precise information you’ll need to opt for a more precise meter. But hey! It’s a free app. So for the average person who’s just wanting to know approximate altitude or whether a slight grade is going up or down, I’d highly recommend this app.

  • As promised
    by 29palmsfl on 9 Gennaio 2022 at 22:10

    Always launches immediately, always accurate.

  • No barometric pressure
    by GM 37303 on 1 Gennaio 2022 at 21:18

    The app said info included barometric pressure but couldn’t find it anywhere.

  • I wish it had
    by Hellas killa on 30 Dicembre 2021 at 19:07

    It would be nice to a start elevation and a maximum

  • So handy
    by Mrchickeneater on 23 Dicembre 2021 at 18:55

    A friend told me to get this app Otis very useful in any number of situations!

  • Love this app.
    by Dubsjr on 24 Novembre 2021 at 22:53

    I live half the year in Colorado and use the app as we travel to the mountains from the front range. Denver is the Mile Hi city as identified by this app. Also going to places such as Steamboat Springs or Pagosa Springs- we are crossing different passes and/ or the Continental Divide. Really fun to check the altitude along the way. We also spend time in FL and it’s neat to see the actual ‘altitude’ in spots away from the beach. Yes I recommend!

  • How. High
    by Longtommi on 4 Novembre 2021 at 21:28

    Been looking for an altimeter that seemed to work with a bit accuracy. This one seems to work the best that I have found so far. I think my up North property is one of the 10 highest points in lower Michigan. Maybe I can check it out a little bit closer now

  • Altimeter by Kenn
    by Kenn with 2 NN's on 3 Novembre 2021 at 15:07

    Phenomenal find for an app!

  • Excelente
    by Cachete😊 on 28 Ottobre 2021 at 0:22

    Funciona de maravilla! La recomiendo ampliamente

  • Outstanding
    by raustas on 17 Ottobre 2021 at 23:37

    Seems to be very accurate. I use it for travel, hunting and exploring the west.

  • App is Bothersome
    by JM44444 on 16 Ottobre 2021 at 22:17

    App is keeps asking for evaluations and cannot be used when needed

  • Altimiter
    by Cookie hi on 7 Ottobre 2021 at 21:30

    Great app….. travel & use it all the time…. Fun when flying!!

  • Easy and reliable
    by Sherretz Family China on 25 Settembre 2021 at 11:35

    I got this app to use with my ballistics app for shooting. It has great features and the combo of gps, altimeter, temperature and barometer is exactly what I was looking for.

  • Altimeter
    by Monrovian1 on 23 Settembre 2021 at 16:50

    App is easy to use & accurate.

  • Easy to use
    by PlinkoCraig on 21 Settembre 2021 at 20:35

    Thank you.

  • A Boone Anza
    by Fernloaf on 28 Agosto 2021 at 1:29

    Here in Boone, NC, everywhere is either up or down and using this app is a Godsend to help in so many ways. Best elevation app ever!

  • Good app
    by Nose Down on 27 Agosto 2021 at 0:56

    Accurate, reliable, handy.

  • Nice, but lacks a key feature
    by eganf on 23 Agosto 2021 at 4:34

    I like how this works with one glaring exception. I wish I could lock the app so it wouldn’t timeout when I’m driving. I connect to CarPlay and like to see my elevation as I drive. Unfortunately the app times out and the screen goes blank. It would be a five star app if that didn’t happen. It has a nice easy interface to work with, clear information. Easy to add features and you can remove ads for cheap. Good app, just want it to continually display while driving.

  • Capulin rim trail
    by mitsmada47 on 17 Agosto 2021 at 17:29

    Going higher and monitored elevation with App

  • Excellent app!
    by azure7sky on 28 Luglio 2021 at 8:48

    Ads are unobtrusive and the teal time altitude and coordinates are both wonderful. I like the background images too. I’m very happy to have this app and have used it for years.

  • Altimeter
    by Hammer501 on 13 Luglio 2021 at 12:28

    App works really good and very accurate

  • Jim Holbrook
    by hayseed #1 on 10 Luglio 2021 at 17:06


  • Altimeter but no compass
    by wka apple acct on 5 Luglio 2021 at 23:45

    Altimeter works, gives you latitude and longitude which is meaningless to me. I also wanted a compass - there’s one on the app that doesn’t work 🤣🤣! Ok then.

  • Seaside Companion
    by LDS2000 on 30 Giugno 2021 at 16:08

    If you live, hike, camp, or own property near the shore it’s often handy to be able to determine how far above any anticipated water incursions you might be. We live quite near the coast, in Maine’s Casco Bay and value the information we get from this app a great deal.

  • Elevation and location
    by CGlider on 29 Giugno 2021 at 12:34

    It’s quick and efficient to check my elevation. Thanks.

  • Doesn’t work
    by retinal tuft on 23 Giugno 2021 at 14:45

    Doesn’t work

  • 👍👍👍
    by Nowishow on 19 Giugno 2021 at 19:33

    Wow what a great app especially for people living in Mountain states lots of different altitudes

  • Great!!
    by DocSoup on 12 Giugno 2021 at 22:45

    I love this app… It appears to work flawlessly, repeatedly… I have checked it against many other indicators of the altitude and find it amazingly accurate!

  • The compass was wrong.
    by eranity on 5 Giugno 2021 at 15:29

    The compass is wrong

  • Calidad
    by Bernatdo on 29 Maggio 2021 at 19:15

    Muy acertado, siempre lo utilizo. Gracias

  • Amateur fun
    by rexnreggie on 22 Maggio 2021 at 16:31

    That’s what it is for me at 75 years old! We live in a hilly area.

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