Birdie é una applicazione per registrare il punteggio di una partita di golf, é stata sviluppata tenendo in mente le necessità dei golfisti. A parte la facilità d'uso ed una migliore velocità (comparata con la tradizionale scorecard cartacea), Birdie contempla molte superiori caratteristiche, quale il calcolo automatico del risultato della scorecard.
In aggiunta al conteggio dei colpi, di ogni singolo giocatore durante la partita, Birdie, inoltre, calcola automaticamente il risultato della partita secondo differenti regole, quale Gioco a colpi e Stableford.

* Nessun costo nascosto o sottoscrizione annuale per i dati dei percorsi! *
Non ci sono costi annuali per accedere al nostro archivio dei campi da golf.
Il nostro database contiene i dati di decine di migliaia di campi da golf in tutto il mondo e Birdie garantisce a tutti l' accesso a questi dati senza costi addizionali.
Birdie, inoltre, non contiene avvisi pubblicitari o altre fastidiose intromissioni.

Le caratteristiche comprendono:

– Conteggio sino a quattro giocatori per colpo.
– Prendi nota dei tuoi colpi, putts, fairway centrati, lunghezza dei drives ed altro.
– Calcolo automatico dell' handicap del percorso per ogni giocatore.
– Statistiche giocatore automatiche.
– Accesso ai dati di oltre 35.000 campi nel mondo
– Localizzatore GPS *)
– Un database, in continua crescita, con migliaia di campi da golf in tutto il mondo (tu puoi aggiungere il tuo percorso preferito nell'elenco).
– Invia i risultati delle partite via e-mail come HTML o come CSV file.

*) quando il GPS è attivo (usa il nostro editore dei percorsi online per aggiungere facilmente dati mancanti)


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Impressione e revisione delle persone in iPhone App [Birdie]!

  • Great Interface
    by smoked_2na on 2011-08-29 at 11:05 PM

    Bought a few scoring apps and ended up using Birdie the most. An update that started at par instead of zero on each hole was welcome. For all you lazy whiners that your course is not listed, like me, just add it so everyone will benefit. This works better fir foursomes, unlike other apps that are geared for single player scoring. Love emailing everyone's score after the round. Yes the online course tool to enter unknown courses takes some time and could be better, but it's not riddled with flash and just works. […]

  • Great App
    by CLS1985 on 2010-09-21 at 6:08 PM

    App is a bit pricey but works very well. Integrates with an official USGA handicap index service which I need to play in tournments. […]

  • A bit pricey, but works as expected
    by Tony Bierman on 2009-06-07 at 4:27 AM

    This is a nice app. The course database didn't contain my course, but it was easy to add players and keep score for the round anyway. It is a bit pricey I suppose, but works as expected. […]

  • gan i get an update?
    by Mike, s. on 2008-10-23 at 11:04 PM

    needs a rangefinder like the caddieme lite using google maps right now i bought this app and hardly ever use it, i can keep my own scorecard but some statistics green in reg., fairway accuracy, ... would be a nice addition for 19$ spent. Otherwise like the software and works nicly and is set up reasonably. UPDATE PLEASE […]

  • Best Golf Scoring App 4 Me (I tried them all)
    by oddsnow on 2008-08-22 at 6:49 AM

    Because none of the reviews made sense and listed the pros & cons of the different app's, I bought them all. This one is perfect for my need as I am not that interested in detailed statistics, but want to keep track of the stableford points and/or the skins and I usually keep scores for the whole flight . My brother, is more interested in detailed personal statistics so he bought TeeShot (based on my recommendation and) and is happy with it. Adding new courses in Birdie is easy enough through their on-lie course editor (this feature is better in TeeShot, but TeeShot does not support the metric system). Sending the scorecard via email works brilliantly and is appreciated by your fellow golfers (provided their round went well). In summary, Birdie is well worth its price, its is quick and easy to use and frees up more time to concentrate on the game. TeeShot is good if you want personal data, but easily makes you a very boring companion on the course. All the other apps are well behind these two. […]

  • Good software for tracking score on the go.
    by johndutton08 on 2008-08-19 at 3:48 AM

    I have used this software several times during rounds of golf and have found it easy and enjoyable to use. I have also entered course data by computer for my home course and have been pleased that the course information was added quickly. One thing missing that needs to be added is the accommulative total compared to par as you play a round of golf. That is for instance, after three holes I am two over par or after eight holes Jim is one under par. This is a number that is widely reported as you watch golf tournaments on TV and is of interest to many golfers. It is surprising that this is missing with all the other calculated statistics reported in this software. In any case, overall I enjoy tracking my score with this software and I recommend it. […]

  • Rip-Off Artists!!!!
    by jnevergel on 2008-07-31 at 4:18 AM

    Don't let interface and graphics fool you--- these guys are ripoff artists! I should know better next time to read ALL the reviews first (duhh...) before getting hoodwinked by nice graphics. Its an expensive lesson. Hey--- the App store was brand new then and I was just clicking away like crazy... my bad. […]

  • Dont buy, its not worth your time
    by Furmana on 2008-07-21 at 6:52 AM

    Doesn't even have one local course on its server. thats $18 bucks down the drain. DO NOT BUY! […]

  • best of the golf scoring apps
    by WhyDoINeedANickname on 2008-07-19 at 3:46 PM

    This isn't really a five-star app, but I'm trying to counteract the idiots that reviewed the app without using it. Some of them apparently didn't understand that this isn't a game. It's a solid little golf-scoring app. I've paid for and tried two others in the $20 price range, and one didn't keep score for everyone in my foursome, and the other crashed so frequently as to render it useless. I wish I could enter golf courses on the phone and not have them subject to review. I find the web site "course editor" a little cumbersome. I also wish that you weren't restricted to a half dozen tee colors. I also wish there was an alternative score card with less data displayed and oriented in the traditional horizontal manner. I don't understand the complaints about price. Yes, I'd be excited if there was a good free app, but It was worth $20 to me. I paid hundreds for the phone, a thousand a year in cell service, plus the cost of my golf clubs and greens fees. $20 for a convenience in keeping score is pretty negligible compared to all that. If you're looking for a decent golf scoring app, this seems to be the one. […]

  • Good start with room to grow
    by Lawaivs on 2008-07-19 at 5:55 AM

    I have had other golf-scoring apps for PDA's in the past, but none that are this simple to use.  Thinking I would want to track all statistics, I spent half my game playing a PDA instead of golf.  Birdie does do a good job of simplifying the interface, but has some minor bugs and missing features that may or may not be a problem for some people.   Starting with the positive points: The finger-slide interface works pretty well, and I found it didn't take me long to score for a foursome.  Since most time consuming entries are done before you start, you can basically keep pretty close to anyone hand writing a card.  And hand-written cards don't do the math for you!  The ability to switch back and forth from the hole review to the scoring stoke sliders is good.  It's also nice that they include a little review of each player's stats beneath his stroke slider on each hole.  I haven't tried doing a golf course "On The Go" yet, but a pre-entered course was nice.  If they don't have your course in their database, you can take about 30 minutes to enter it from your web browser.  They also let you e-mail your scorecard!  Pretty neat.  And support for this app is great!  You submit a question, and get a personalized response back very quickly even though I know they are busy trying to perfect this app after being given such a short time for initial development. The course I played did not have graphics loaded, so I couldn't rate the distance-finding feature. The negative points: Entering courses via their course editor is nice as well, although I wish they had made clear that both slope rating, and course rating were required for stableford.  I've only used stableford outside of the US, and suspect that Stableford, Netto, and Brutto are not American.  I'm guessing with a good explanation, Americans might find these useful too (but maybe I'm the only one who's not heard of them before).  So they could use a good FAQ, but they have already told me that this is in progress and will be released soon, and they e-mailed a specific description of each for me (there's the great support. . .oops, sorry, these are negative points!).  Next, is the scorecard.  You can flip over to the scorecard to see everyone's score, but it's too small to read.  So you enlarge it (also quite easy), but the card is then too big to see the scores and players' names together.  It's far too easy to get lost.  They could benefit GREATLY from a freeze-pane similar to the feature in MS Exel, that would freeze two rows of information at the top (let it slide side-to-side, but not vertically).  It would be nice too if they could allow the pairing of teams so that match play could be scored as a team on the quick reference beneath each individual stroke slider.  We kept having to refer to the guy keeping the paper card, which really defeated the purpose of my fancy app.   Finally, more of a wish-list item than a negative point--if they could use the GPS in the 3G iPhone with a system like SkyCaddy, I'd not only rush out and immediately buy a 3G iPhone, but I'd pay a LOT more for the Birdie app.  I have no doubt that it would become THE golf app.  Integration of phone, internet, PDA, iPod, golf scorecard AND yardage indicator?  There'd be a pile of cheap gadgets in my next yard sale! Overall, I'd say that the developers of this app have done a great job building a platform that is easy to use and can grow into an irreplaceable tool.  Get it early and submit your requests while they're still small enough to listen! […]

  • Works as Advertised. Fantastic App.
    by Steffde on 2008-07-18 at 1:21 PM

    Folks, stop writing bad reviews if you're not even getting what this Application does. This is NOT a game. This is a Golf Scorecard Application with some realy nifty features. I am tracking all my rounds with Birdie and it works like a charm. Especially nifty is the built in range finder which can show you the distance to the pin (with no use of GPS so it is allowed to use in tournaments too). I full heartedly recommend this. […]

  • Not quite worth the price...
    by jmf78 on 2008-07-13 at 10:07 PM

    Very easy to use after you go through the pain of setting it up. For $19 I would have liked to see some sort of stat tracking.... I can't seem to be able to get an account to submit my course. It's pretty harsh that I have to enter hole information for each round as well... […]

  • Don't count on the database
    by Boyuk on 2008-07-11 at 12:00 PM

    There's a very strong probability your favorite course won't be in the database. Decent software even without the courses. […]

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