Blitz Brigade


Blitz Brigade

Blitz Brigade

Sei pronto per un'azione spettacolare? Tutto verrà deciso nello sparatutto in prima persona MMO definitivo: Blitz Brigade!
Scegli una delle sette classi altamente qualificate e tostissime, e alleati con altri giocatori per polverizzare e sbeffeggiare i nemici!

***** Preparati per un gioco FPS a squadre distruttivo! *****

√ Fino a 12 giocatori possono combattere simultaneamente
√ 7 classi: soldato, mitragliere, medico, cecchino, guerrigliero, demolitore e ingegnere
√ Padroneggia le abilità specifiche di ogni classe
√ Unisciti a un gruppo o creane uno per devastare nemici globali
√ Partecipa agli eventi a tempo per nuove sfide, concorsi stagionali e divertimento illimitato!
√ Prendi il controllo del campo di battaglia in modalità Dominio
√ Elimina tutto ciò che si muove in modalità Tutti contro tutti
√ Elimina i nemici velocemente in modalità Deathmatch
√ Infiltrati e domina in modalità Prendi la bandiera
√ Usa tanti veicoli diversi a terra e in cielo
√ Più di 100 armi per personalizzare il tuo caos
√ Completa il tuo look con un'ampia scelta di copricapi
√ Provocazioni e firme uccisioni uniche per caratterizzare la tua squadra
√ Chat vocale per pianificare la strategia con gli alleati
√ Allenati nella punizione
√ Affina le tue abilità e preparati alla battaglia in avvincenti missioni per giocatore singolo
√ ReplayKit supportato: registra o trasmetti in tempo reale le tue migliori battaglie

***** La guerra è diventata ancora più folle! *****


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Recensioni della gente

Impressione e revisione delle persone in iPhone App [Blitz Brigade]!

  • WHAT?!
    by RACOON_JEROME on 2019-02-12 at 11:49 PM

    I literally just got the game back after a few months of not playing it and the next day my account gets banned! […]

  • About the Game
    by Fellow BB Player on 2019-02-12 at 7:40 PM

    Hello, this game where it is is good for the casual players. Even though this may be a pay to win game it can be avoided by just not playing with the “tryhards” I think a good update of better weapons and maps would made this game alive again. Also with the coin boxes, remove them and make item prices again but make them more so people with a lot of coins spend more. Thanks and in the end it is a very good game and played for 2-3 years now and have now made a really good/op account. […]

  • Banned
    by NWC2 on 2019-02-11 at 8:18 PM

    I logged on one day after school and it said I was banned for suspicious activity and I don’t use my mic or chat to people what could I be doing to get banned. […]

  • Pls!!!
    by htoomoo on 2019-01-29 at 3:15 AM

    Give me an free gun […]

  • Liooer_USA
    by liooer on 2019-01-27 at 6:40 PM

    This is best game shooter I played in my life That’s tip from me to everyone you must that’s gam […]

  • Too much fiction should’ve kept it real guns only
    by DreamedAxis on 2019-01-24 at 3:21 AM

    Too many fake guns […]

  • Best game ever
    by #BIEBERTIME on 2019-01-23 at 9:15 PM

    This is the best game ever it’s so good I don’t have the time to write a long review. Jus remember upgrade ur weapons […]

  • Rlly good game
    by lrknten on 2019-01-18 at 8:07 PM

    It’s like fortnite but better […]

  • Great
    by temprestey on 2019-01-14 at 2:27 PM

    Love it so many tanks! […]

  • Best game ever
    by i farted 101 on 2019-01-13 at 2:31 AM

    I love it that’s literally all I have to say […]

  • Change back the vehicles back
    by the best SWAGAGE on 2019-01-11 at 4:01 AM

    Change back the vehicles back to them laying around […]

  • Banned
    by Papi Freezy on 2019-01-09 at 11:39 AM

    I grinned all day then they banned me honestly they are always doing this they ban whoever they want now […]

  • Not fair
    by KlessumYT on 2019-01-08 at 3:33 AM

    The guns are unbalanced and that means it’s harder for beginners to rank up and get better guns because they are being destroyed by overpowered guns. Please balance them in a fair way […]

  • AWESOME Game
    by Chad M. McDougall on 2019-01-06 at 2:11 AM

    This game is awesome, it’s very fun! For those Team Fortress 2 fans looking for something similar, look no further, this is the closest thing you’re gonna get to an iOS version of Team Fortress 2. The graphics are great for an iOS game and it plays really well, very strongly recommended! *UPDATE: Just loaded this game on my new iPhone XR and it runs even better on that device compared to my old iPod Touch 6th Gen! […]

  • I had rated this two stars: BRING BACK THE OLD BLITZ BRIGADE!!!!!🙄
    by Mindless_tomboy on 2018-12-30 at 7:13 AM

    I had rated this game two stars but I am now changing it to one! The reason for that not only is that for the way the game has changed since 2014 when I last played it and when it was better because the vehicles were not counted simply on the map. Add free vehicles on all maps!! And because of the lack of players on the servers every time I join a server it’s either waiting for players or has one or two in it. The game also does not allow you to join or play with friends once it is initially downloaded as a beginner which is disappointing because some players want to join friends who already have the game. The game still needs further improvement and I hope it does. Bring back the old version or improve this one. I do not wish to write this review and rate it one star but I hate what the game has become and wish for it to improve. […]

  • My name!
    by SOUND&:) on 2018-12-29 at 4:28 AM

    Literally won’t even let me choose a name.. fix this […]

  • log in problem
    by bellbm on 2018-12-28 at 6:48 AM

    This game has a very serious problem in logging in, I can’t log in the games! […]

  • Ehhh
    by Wiyote92 on 2018-12-24 at 9:14 AM

    I would have given it a quarter of a star but that wasn’t an option. Typical game loft to take a game that used to take skill and turn it into some garbage where any one with their daddy’s cc can instantly op every one else that had played this game sense the start with some splash damage guns. For the love of true gaming just stop. […]

  • 👌🏾👌🏾
    by HBA98 on 2018-12-19 at 8:39 PM

    Good game and i advice everyone to try this game . […]

  • Pay to win
    by Jxhslcjanck ijsndndnxjc on 2018-12-17 at 12:52 PM

    Tras […]

  • Rigged or glitched
    by Lucas_TheProGamer on 2018-12-15 at 8:49 PM

    Back then it was fun,but now the damage is broke,instead of doing normal damage,it’ll do like 50 most.I used Q27,Meltdown,holligan,The lovely lisa,etc,and i still did the same damage.But then with the special snowflake or the red glare,them would do 1 shot,and give the craziest health boost and speed boost. […]

  • You like overwatch and tf2 Don’t play
    by Cool kids Big Dude on 2018-12-15 at 6:20 PM

    Ok you want tf2 on your phone? Look no further it is the overwatch legend of titan for tf2. This is super bad not to many wepons no skins cheesy Blood so um this is trash! […]

  • Ok
    by realjameslopez on 2018-12-12 at 8:52 PM

    Nic […]

  • Good
    by 👍🤜👌👌👌😂😂 on 2018-12-11 at 3:13 PM

    I like turtles […]

  • Fun game🙂
    by canon cebac on 2018-12-08 at 1:34 AM

    The game could use some improvements but the shooting/Guns and the map are pretty good I like the game and I think eny one that likes call of duty or fortnite you will like this🤪 […]

  • Nasrin
    by nasrinashtari on 2018-12-06 at 3:26 PM

    Ashtar […]

  • Glitche Brigade
    by CROOKSGANG on 2018-12-04 at 6:26 PM

    Hi Glitch Brigade You Need To Stop Banning Players And This Game Is A Pay To Winn Tryhard Cash Cow😂 […]

  • BłitZK
    by karenni19 on 2018-12-02 at 2:33 PM

    I love this gam […]

  • Game
    by diegorico92 on 2018-12-01 at 8:43 PM

    Amazing game! […]

  • Fun...but
    by deskdoor on 2018-11-22 at 2:31 PM

    I started playing recently and the next day I got banned and I did none of those reasons. On the bright side the games fun and addictive the controls are really hard and complex. […]

  • Frustrating experience
    by powreviews on 2018-11-20 at 12:35 AM

    I started off having a lot of fun either them game even though the lobbies were often small. I decided to spend a few bucks on the game after realizing it was heavily pay to win. Unfortunately just a day after my purchase I was wrongfully banned for hacking. I sent a message to the devs or whoever is in charge of issues but a week later am still barred out of the game and with no response. […]

  • Tf2 in a shellnut
    by Hi this a good game on 2018-11-19 at 3:48 PM

    Lo […]

  • Blitz Brigade
    by Ragnatrex 52 on 2018-11-18 at 3:47 PM

    Antes lo jugaba hace como 2 años o más y se me había borrado el juego y lo busque y busque y apenas lo encontré y me encanta […]

  • ...........
    by Acc😂🔒💯🥴 on 2018-11-17 at 2:21 PM

    bcbfhdbd […]

  • Can’t log in
    by roblox comando on 2018-11-16 at 4:46 PM

    The game says I can’t log in due to suspicious activity and it had been like that for a long time and I was not doing anything and the customer care button will not do anything so I am upset because it has been a year since I played the game. […]

  • I used to play this Game When I Was young and I came back to Revisit it
    by KevinFlame96 on 2018-11-16 at 12:23 PM

    I used to play this fun game especially with the tanks and teamwork with the Gun-Mounted Jeeps, and now I Will revisit it and if I like it, am gonna Prestige literally everything By Grinding, Grinding is Literally way more Fun than buying With real money I would have given 5 Stars if The Non Realistic Weapons, I mean we are playing on a World War II Era, But It’s Still Fun to play To Be Honest […]

  • It’s Ok
    by dajvegyGsraha on 2018-11-10 at 11:48 PM

    It basically TF2 […]

  • Better than fort nite
    by 778873737372 on 2018-11-07 at 1:58 PM

    I love this game I have been playing since it came out. […]

  • Worthless Costumer Support
    by Hidthd on 2018-11-05 at 12:29 AM

    I am an honest player. However, two months ago I was randomly banned, and as of today, I still am. FOR NO REASON!! Anyway, I went through the appropriate steps to un-ban my account. No go. If you want to be randomly banned (probably reported by some spineless looser who you fairly whipped in a fight), then this game is recommended. While in-game it is OK, it is still IMMENSELY pay-to-win, and you constantly get wrecked by losers who spam invinsibity-tonics or people with maxed out shields, which costs money (and OP weapons which cost $50+). Summary: Trashy Costumer-Support; worthless, spineless failures of players, and pay-to-win looser (and the occasional honest, fair played like me 😉 ) […]

  • Great game
    by csgotrader326 on 2018-11-03 at 3:03 AM

    To those who think that the game is bad your wrong it’s a good copy of TF2 I like that they do a lot for the game don’t hate it try it […]

  • Down the drain
    by Trollsroll on 2018-10-30 at 11:22 PM

    There is no hope for this game, the game we once knew where pay to win doesn't exist, shields were not born, and WHEN PEOPLE DONT SPAM THE INVINCIBILITY TONIC!.......Erm anyways the game has been flushed so far down the toilet if you were to try to fish it out all you will find is feces. The harder we protest about Shields and Invincibility tonics being to OP the more deaf the developers aka game loft are going to be because they rlly don't give a squat about what the players think. All they ever think about is "if it gives us more money than we'll do it" I bet that is their company motto, so that's what I think of the game if another crappy update were to come out....well don't expect me to write another review. *Note I have recently looked over the game and edited my position mostly still stands, this game is way to poorly balanced and is designed to leech players out of their money. Though my criticism is not only directed to the game but to the company itself which is using this system game after game to forcibly cause you to go into poverty to enjoy a game. I will be avoiding any Game loft products from this point forwards. […]

  • Enserio
    by jorge2904 on 2018-10-27 at 11:26 PM

    Necesitas poner solo carcters latino cuando puse jorge que un nombre que viene del habla española latina aprendanse las letras […]

  • Muito bom
    by 1mi2gu3el on 2018-10-21 at 10:52 AM

    Ótimo jogo […]

  • Plz read this put it in
    by Ghostxljx on 2018-10-21 at 6:14 AM

    Make it a easy to earn gems and coins […]

  • P2W Nightmare
    by Rookiejam584 on 2018-10-16 at 8:27 PM

    Look, here’s a good tip, just go play TF2 This game just wants your money […]

  • Love voice chat
    by pixel royale create on 2018-10-16 at 2:58 PM

    If you got voice chat in your game I love it but only one thing I wish there could be a voice chat to speak to enemies […]

  • Pay to win
    by lil Rampage24 on 2018-10-16 at 2:40 AM

    Honestly it has potential but you literally have to pay to win if not your stuck in lobbies where there are ppl with literally the best guns in the gave witch cost like 20$ for a gun or 2 so if you don’t spend at least 20$ on it you will lose just about every gam […]

  • Data keeping policy should change from android device to iOS device or else !!!
    by sheikhmasum44 on 2018-10-12 at 4:08 PM

    I used to play everyday and I was a great fan by playing this game from 5 years ago.I completed 114 level and by this years.It was my best game in my whole life .But unfortunately I have changed my device from android to iOS !! But it is a great shocked for me that I lost all of my achieved data!!!! Mention that I played through Facebook account but when I logged in iOS device from same Facebook it didn’t support my achievements data !!! Really it was great shocked for me .please keep all data whatever used from any platform otherwise we don’t play comfortably and smoothly!!!!!!!!!!! […]

  • Banned???
    by ZavageNoob on 2018-10-12 at 3:20 PM

    First of all I love this game but banned for no scoping ppl I’ve played this game on and off since 2015 my gamer tag is mr.awsome2!! I’ll give game a 5 star if I didn’t get banned 4 sniping!! […]

  • Excellent f2p FPS
    by Slaggard on 2018-10-11 at 6:43 AM

    I was looking around for a multiplayer FPS. This game hits tha groove. Fun game. […]

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  • Data di rilascio:2013-05-09
  • Versione:3.4.1
  • Prezzo:Gratis


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