Diamond Digger Saga


Diamond Digger Saga

Diamond Digger Saga

Diamond Digger Saga, dai creatori di Candy Crush Saga e Farm Heroes Saga!


Aiuta Diggy a scavare fra i diamanti e a dissotterrare tesori speciali. Avventure epiche ti aspettano nelle lande di Diamond Dale, Turquoise Meringue e oltre!

Diggy trova una mappa del tesoro, e parte alla ricerca di gemme nel sottosuolo! Guida Diggy in un mondo pieno di diamanti in questa scintillante avventura!

Scava un tunnel eliminando gruppi di 3 o più diamanti per centrare l'obiettivo. Usa l'acqua per farti strada nelle stanze e scoprire i tesori.

Dissotterra le gemme e salva le lucciole in questo gioco stupendo ricco di meraviglie e delizie.

Tuffati in questa deliziosa saga in solitario o invita gli amici e sfidali a fare più punti di te! 

Diamond Digger Saga è completamente gratuito, tuttavia, alcuni oggetti di gioco come mosse o vite extra richiedono un pagamento.

Puoi disabilitare la funzione di pagamento disattivando gli acquisti in-app dalle impostazioni del tuo dispositivo.

Caratteristiche di Diamond Digger Saga:

● Grafica accattivante e ricca di colori
● Personaggi simpatici e affascinanti che vivono in un mondo fantasioso
● Esplosioni colorate, esplosioni di linea e dinamite per dare una mano
● Sblocca i booster e i tesori speciali nascosti sotto le caselle per terra!
● Semplice, divertente e altrettanto impegnativo 
● Oltre 55 livelli da completare ricchi di delizie magnifiche!
● Classifiche per tenere d'occhio amici e avversari
● Sincronizzazione semplice tra i dispositivi e sblocco completo delle funzioni del gioco se connessi a Internet

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Valutazione di iPhone App [Diamond Digger Saga] all’archivio iTunes

  • versione più recente:3.5 out of 5 stars (3,5 / 5)
  • Tutte le versioni:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Numero di persone valutate:3637



Immagini di iPhone Apps [Diamond Digger Saga]

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Recensioni della gente

Impressione e revisione delle persone in iPhone App [Diamond Digger Saga]!

  • Update
    by amyJ75 on 2019-03-23 at 8:00 PM

    Need an update with new levels please!!! […]

  • Update
    by KENYATTA1029061 on 2019-03-23 at 1:03 AM

    Where’s the updat […]

  • Good game
    by Shelschneider on 2019-02-21 at 10:42 PM

    The daily bonus is working again. I just wish you didn't lose if you miss a day. […]

  • Diamond Digger
    by ⚡️🔥🌸 on 2019-02-20 at 11:55 PM

    I’m having problems with this game. It keeps saying I don’t have a internet connection and might not get my rewards. Pretty aggravated right now. […]

  • =)
    by BFomo on 2019-01-29 at 6:16 PM

    So much fun, I first actually downloaded it because I get bored where I am at and this game has my total interest =) […]

  • Fun game!
    by JadaJaden1517 on 2019-01-28 at 7:09 AM

    I love to play this games but I think there should be a Daily bonus games or something to win better boosts cause the daily thing on there doesn’t give much and it takes awhile to get them... like maybe a bonus game that expires after so many hours... […]

  • Nope
    by Zz top234 on 2019-01-22 at 8:12 PM

    On some levels there is no way to win without buying boosters. So the only way to progress to the next level is to “cheat”. Difficult to enjoy a game that you can not win without cheating. […]

  • Diamond digger
    by Cher dawn on 2019-01-18 at 11:35 PM

    I really like playing this game but I agree with the person before me that said when you played 10 or 15 times and you can’t win it gets to be a little bit boring and you get to where you don’t want to play the game anymor […]

  • I love this game
    by khalllloody on 2019-01-18 at 7:40 PM

    Very good gam […]

  • New levels
    by charmz33 on 2019-01-17 at 12:16 AM

    I’m at 1595 need new levels I’ve been waiting a long time! […]

  • Ok game
    by Punkinbaby76 on 2019-01-14 at 2:29 AM

    The game is fun. Love the levels. But the updates are too far and few between. I’ve been waiting on one for a month maybe two at this point. […]

  • Today’s problem 1/9/19
    by Nansdogo on 2019-01-09 at 6:00 PM

    Today this app keeps telling me it can’t connect to the internet. I have internet connection and other apps connect just fine. Is your server down? Why is there no way to contact you except by giving you poor reviews? Your customer care site can’t answer or fix this problem. […]

  • Woot
    by Kjs1139 on 2019-01-04 at 6:42 PM

    Woot […]

  • Treasure chests?
    by Cindybingo on 2018-12-29 at 10:47 PM

    What happened to the treasure chest at the end of the rounds! I loved that! Please bring it back and I will change my rating to 5 stars!!!! […]

  • Just me
    by McGrams on 2018-12-17 at 10:01 PM

    Fun gam […]

  • Fairly Decent
    by TrishaIVYB on 2018-12-16 at 11:20 PM

    Decent game to play not very exciting but cool. I use it as a fill in game to play while the games I play regenerate addition lives. […]

  • No landscape mode
    by PlayaPiano on 2018-12-15 at 7:40 PM

    Why did you remove ability to play in landscape mode? I have a 12" iPad with a cover that allows it to sit up in landscape mode. Give us back the option to play in both directions. 12/15/2018 **Amended Review** Yay!!! Landscape mode is back !!! Thank you!!! […]

  • Addictive Waste of Money
    by beziman on 2018-12-10 at 7:24 AM

    In short, the game itself is fun to play, but some levels are impossible without boosters. Worse yet, customer service does not reply to complaints about the numerous technical issues people experience with the daily prize calendar. So unless you are willing to spend a great deal of money in-game, get ready to spend several frustrating days at a time stuck on certain levels. While “difficult” levels typically live up to the label, there are some regular levels that I have tried to beat 75+ times without success. For these levels, a booster is absolutely necessary. The need for boosters to advance is the biggest problem with this game. The only “reward” system that provides free boosters is a faulty 23-day prize calendar that is supposed to provide you with one free booster each day you play. Most of these boosters are useless (+2 moves), and better boosters are only available a handful of times every 23 days. If you play every day, you get a “jackpot” containing 3 boosters. Don’t hold your breath, however. Without fail, the prize system freezes you out at least once every cycle, ensuring you won’t get the jackpot. Perhaps the most frustrating thing is that I am a paying customer. I have purchased “gold” in-game several times, and yet I am still ignored by customer service when I contact them about my calendar issues. […]

  • The dude who helped
    by Vmdavis on 2018-12-08 at 3:13 AM

    Can we bring back the little guy that would help you when you have been stuck on a level for weeks. I have played this game for a long time and got others to play. But I have been stuck on a level for almost two weeks. I am getting frustrated to the point of not wanting to play anymore. Need a really good update. […]

  • Screen Orientation
    by Iluvzombiecafe on 2018-11-28 at 7:27 PM

    Please change the screen orientation back to have the ability to view in landscape. Portrait direction is fine for a phone but on an iPad it’s very annoying. And if I want to plug in my iPad while I’m playing, the cord gets in the way since it doesn’t give me the option of turning it upside down. […]

  • Long wait for new levels
    by Krejco on 2018-11-22 at 4:40 PM

    Like the game, but last wait for new levels was over 3weeks. […]

  • Was ok for a while
    by Memnarc on 2018-11-19 at 11:27 PM

    This game has never been more than an ok time burner for me. Now that I’m a ways in, I find myself stuck on a level for weeks and running out of lives in less than 10 minutes of play. As far as King games go, this is the weakest and least amusing that I’ve played. […]

  • Am I missing something...?
    by 2923884 on 2018-11-19 at 4:30 AM

    I really like this game and it’s concept, but some of the levels are ridiculously hard. I’ve often spent days trying to pass a level, wasting lives and power ups. I’m only on level 112 and I don’t understand why I’m having such a hard time progressing in the game. I really don’t want to spend my money in order to move through the game, but I feel there should be an easier way to acquire power ups seeing as the levels are pretty difficult. I don’t want to delete the game because I enjoy it, but I wish it was more user friendly. […]

  • Frustrating
    by Aintscared on 2018-11-15 at 4:32 AM

    This game starts off explaining the obvious. Then as you progress you’re on to own to figure it out. New stuff pops up and it doesn’t even bother explaining what it does or how to play it. Save your time and pick a game other than this one. […]

  • Levels
    by Pyoyig on 2018-11-11 at 7:21 PM

    Need more levels […]

  • ¡ Es muy interesante !
    by Kathy Kathia on 2018-11-06 at 9:34 PM

    Y es uno de los juegos que más me gusta y es muchísimo más interesante que la mayoría de los otros juegos porque no nos hace trampa. […]

  • Lost my progress
    by CMQ2017 on 2018-11-04 at 2:14 PM

    Love the game, but when I updated my phone I lost all my progress. I’m a dummy and bought the extras and now every dime I’ve spent is lost. I’m now back to level 16 when I was at least in the 1300’s. You contacted King and nothing back yet. And I’m sure they have no idea to tell where I was despite me being logged in as a King player. […]

  • Level ends with moves still left to play
    by alexaa02 on 2018-10-23 at 10:39 PM

    On level 73, still had plenty of moves left, and it just ends telling me I failed the level??? It just keeps doing it, ending before I’m actually out of moves. […]

  • Fred Leon Montgomery
    by Fmnicole3 on 2018-10-14 at 8:46 PM

    Fred Montgomery […]

  • Great puzzle game
    by Beaudogdog12 on 2018-10-06 at 11:58 PM

    Love this game, very additive! […]

  • Please fix!
    by Kraatz04 on 2018-09-30 at 11:23 PM

    The game is great but....it crashes when I try to open my level even though the app supposedly updated September 17 […]

  • I love diamond digger!
    by karendawnn on 2018-09-29 at 3:08 AM

    Best gam […]

  • I thought it would be easy...
    by The Grand Author on 2018-09-26 at 12:54 AM

    But boy was I wrong, I thought that it looked kinda like a cute kids game, but actually tests your puzzle skills and is somewhat challenging.. Me likey! […]

  • Diamond Digger Saga
    by Paola Pamela on 2018-09-25 at 11:40 PM

    Awesome! […]

  • Loved it from the start
    by JoderPoder on 2018-09-18 at 1:16 PM

    I started playing this game when it first came out. It’s challenging enough to keep me coming back. Getting stuck on a level makes me want to beat it even more. The only thing that completely bums me out is it takes so long for new levels! […]

  • Won’t open.
    by QuelleFl on 2018-09-18 at 4:00 AM

    I loved the game but since the recent update that I did today it will not open and closes on the “loading” screen. Please send out another update!!! […]

  • Need refund
    by cashmere885 on 2018-09-09 at 7:56 PM

    I made a purchase for block of gold and didn’t receive it […]

  • Good game but...
    by Spartacus268 on 2018-09-07 at 3:15 PM

    Love the game but if you have to close out in the middle of a board, it takes a life from you. This is very frustrating […]

  • Landscape mode still not working.
    by Bonniels on 2018-09-06 at 10:46 PM

    Please bring back landscape mode. Impossible to play on my iPad. […]

  • Number of days keeps resetting to 1
    by DavidiPadAir on 2018-09-05 at 4:07 AM

    I log on every day at different times and about 1/wk the consecutive days resets to 1. I always log on after midnight mountain to me and before midnight mountain time. It appeared that this app uses a strange clock to calculate if a logon was using n a complete consecutive day. I have written reviews about this before and no fix. The file nay support option is to provide my Facebook account, which given all the problems with Facebook privacy I am not going to do. Hopefully the developers will update the app to use LOCAL TIME and was the logon the same day based in n local time, not some GMT clock or clock in Silicon Valley or Bangkok or Germany or wherever the app is getting its time from, […]

  • Love the game
    by Slmj1126 on 2018-08-25 at 6:27 AM

    I’m waiting on level 1500. Can’t wait to get started. The only thing I dislike about the game is that on some levels it does take 10-15 tries to finish it or wait for super level (which I think is the best when you’re stuck). I just hate that you have to try the level 10-15 times before it shows up. Other than that, I love the game. Level 1500. […]

  • Love game
    by Thatonekelsey on 2018-08-17 at 7:17 PM

    But level 1027 won’t let me win. It needs fixed. There’s only 28 but says it needs 29. […]

  • Diamond Digger
    by Gracie88888888888 on 2018-08-11 at 1:50 PM

    Great game! So much fun! Seems easy at first but is really challenging!!! […]

  • I love Diggy!
    by annb1256 on 2018-08-07 at 11:18 AM

    Love this game! I check the App Store every day once I run out of levels anxiously awaiting the next update. […]

  • Awesome, fun, and addictive
    by turquoisePisces on 2018-07-28 at 8:48 PM

    This game is so addictive, and it's really fun, and always has something new so you never get bored! […]

  • Frustrated
    by Blaxten on 2018-07-27 at 8:15 PM

    Love the game. But all was have to have a but in there. You’ll get addicted to playing then you’ll get to high in level and get stuck on levels for weeks even months at a time. Hints your going to spend $$ so by that point your going to have to spend constantly to get passed each level. I’m to the point of removing the app and looking for new game. […]

  • Seriously addicting!
    by jaxsapo on 2018-07-27 at 6:21 PM

    Ive been playing this game very since it came out. I am now at level 1475 and there no new levels. At the top part of the screen on the iPad, it says COMING SOON with Diggy in the clouds. I need my new level fix! Well, need is a strong word. I would like to play new levels. 🙂 […]

  • Not enough moves
    by Ladychevy5 on 2018-07-26 at 10:46 PM

    Stuck on level 1448. There are not enough moves to beat that level. Please fix this. Love this game. […]

  • Change the Orientation!
    by Pokerbrat43554 on 2018-07-23 at 11:51 AM

    I’ve been playing Digger forever! After the last update, they change the way the game is orientated. Now I am unable to play it in landscape mode! I play on an iPad Pro so it’s a little hard to hold it to play in portrait mode. After talking to customer service and jumping through hoops described in 5 emails, they finally responded with the game can’t be played in landscape anymore! So now they’ve lost me...sorry Digger. […]

  • Stuck and ticked off about it.
    by wehvgirlpwr on 2018-07-23 at 2:28 AM

    Stuck at level 1040 and it appears that after playing that level for sometime that I will have to spend money to make it past. The little angry dudes that send out square blockers after a certain amount of turns are so prolific on this level and go off before you can even get any where on the level. There are not enough given turns to keep going on the level and drop the statues. I refuse to pay for more lives to get through this level and I think it’s dirty dealings to set up a level like this. Obviously if I’m up to level 1040 I have been a serious player. You have just lost me. […]

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  • Produttore di vendite:King.com Limited
  • Data di rilascio:2014-09-03
  • Versione:2.26.0
  • Prezzo:Gratis


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