Duolingo è l'app dell'anno 2013 secondo Apple!

"È di gran lunga la migliore app per imparare le lingue straniere gratis." —The Wall Street Journal

"Duolingo potrebbe avere il segreto per il futuro dell'educazione."—TIME Magazine

Scelta del redattore di PC Magazine: "Duolingo è senza dubbio uno dei migliori strumenti per imparare o fare pratica di una nuova lingua."

Duolingo sta cambiando il modo in cui le persone imparano altre lingue.

Con Duolingo, impari una lingua completamente gratis, senza pubblicità o parcelle nascoste. Ti diverti mentre impari e superi dei livelli.


Se scegli di acquistare Duolingo Plus, il pagamento verrà addebitato sul tuo account iTunes e sul tuo account verrà addebitato il rinnovo entro le 24 ore precedenti la scadenza del periodo corrente. È possibile disattivare il rinnovo automatico in qualsiasi momento accedendo alle impostazioni personali su iTunes Store dopo l'acquisto. Il prezzo minimo corrente di sottoscrizione a Duolingo Plus è di 9,99 $ al mese. I prezzi sono espressi in dollari statunitensi, possono variare nei paesi diversi dagli Stati Uniti e sono soggetti a modifiche senza preavviso. Se scegli di non acquistare Duolingo Plus, puoi semplicemente continuare a utilizzare Duolingo gratis.

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Recensioni della gente

Impressione e revisione delle persone in iPhone App [Duolingo]!

  • Good app!
    by Thattoprongfork on 2019-05-25 at 3:21 AM

    Help it’s got my family […]

  • Buggy
    by BoyReed on 2019-05-25 at 3:07 AM

    The latest update won’t allow you to watch an ad for extra health, OR earn extra gems. The only button you can click on is “No Thanks”. […]

  • Bring Back Friend Clubs!
    by KristiBug on 2019-05-25 at 2:50 AM

    They deleted the competition with your friends. That’s the only reason that keeps me going! Bring it back please!!! I don’t want to compete with people I don’t know! […]

  • Well structured.
    by babdhzuz on 2019-05-25 at 2:45 AM

    So far seems very effective. Really laid out well I’m surprised at how well I’m retaining what I’m learning. I dunno if it’s the most effective but I can’t imagine it getting better and I’m using the free version. […]

    by acmonkey329 on 2019-05-25 at 2:36 AM

    What people want to learn languages not buy gems for real money to learn let people learn not lose lives they might be the biggest beggener like me STOP THAT NOW […]

  • Yay
    by Cotton_Cat 23 on 2019-05-25 at 2:32 AM

    I downloaded duolingo so then he could knoife meh. He didn’t. And my family is saf […]

  • Best app to learn a foreign language!
    by The Rhythms Review on 2019-05-25 at 1:49 AM

    I can’t say in words how good Duolingo is! […]

  • new subscription
    by ????3000 on 2019-05-25 at 1:41 AM

    duolingo was incredible, and i wouldn’t even mind the ads when learning. i get that the developers have to make money. but a huge part of learning a language is making mistakes and the fact that we now have hearts makes trying to use the free version of the app is horrible and not truly helpful. the other fact that they made lingots into more then just a simple rewards system just shows me how the creators are only looking to capitalize off the fact that there aren’t any good language learning apps. disappointed and ready for something new. […]

  • R.I.P.
    by Jdjdjevdiebdidbsjcj on 2019-05-25 at 1:15 AM

    App’s bruta […]

  • What a app
    by tmart817 on 2019-05-25 at 12:59 AM

    I’m not going to write a novel, let’s keep it short and simple. While using this app I feel like I’m back in high school learning. It’s a amazing app for me, I forgot a lot of thing and now I can casually talk in Spanish with my friends. Thank you for this app seriously!! […]

  • Kinda creepy
    by game reviewer 200000 on 2019-05-25 at 12:47 AM

    Anyone else ever gotten passive aggressive notifications like it is freaking me out like mad, and I swear to god I’m not lying it’s creepy it makes me cry myself to sleep at night as I hear my ringer go off please help ;( […]

  • Mad
    by terri107 on 2019-05-25 at 12:40 AM

    I’m so mad...I went in to my app and they wiped all my work out and wants me to start all over […]

  • Love it!
    by jayjwc on 2019-05-25 at 12:29 AM

    It’s amazing! I’ve learned more that I thought I was going to in such a short amount of time! Highly recommend! […]

  • I like it but...
    by Julzcou on 2019-05-25 at 12:28 AM

    I really am not feeling the new color in the progress bar. I get the color scheme with the Duolingo theme but the orange makes me feel angry 😣 and less motivated. I also wish there were dictionaries but not sure how that could work. It is a great app either way! […]

  • Buena aplicación
    by Janetlezama on 2019-05-25 at 12:10 AM

    Me ha resultado muy útil y entretenida y funciona muy bien la aplicación […]

  • Good but…
    by JkatieGraham on 2019-05-25 at 12:08 AM

    This game is nice and all but I have some concerns. First of all I wish you had more than 5 lives. That leads into my second concern, I wish that your lives would refill faster, I remember waiting like 6 hours for it to refill. Finally I wish that the cost for refilling yours lives was cheaper for those poorer peeps. But overall it is a great game, just fix those things and it might get 5 stars from me! And don’t forget to love learning all those languages! […]

  • Duolingo
    by SlasherKid7 on 2019-05-24 at 11:58 PM

    Duolingo is amazing. It is a perfect way to learn a language that you don’t know. You can learn a lot of languages. The thing that I do not like about Duolingo is that it takes 5 HOURS to regain a heart that you use. There is 6 hearts. So that means that it will take 30 HOURS to regain all your hearts and that is over a day. […]

  • Great App, but I miss my family.
    by patpenguins on 2019-05-24 at 11:11 PM

    (Joke)👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎👌︎ […]

  • Pretty good app, missing a few key languages
    by DinosaurPancakes on 2019-05-24 at 10:53 PM

    I've enjoyed using this app a while and I feel like I've actually learned and retained new languages with it. I miss when some of the features weren't behind their premium pay wall but I get it. However what I'm really disappointed by is that my parent's native language still hasn't been made an option. How are Klingon and High Valerian here before Tagalog/Filipino? It's pretty disheartening. […]

  • I love learning languages!
    by heywarrior34 on 2019-05-24 at 10:40 PM

    God bless the people of the app . They used their vocation well. […]

  • U do not have all the languages to choose from!
    by cactilover104 on 2019-05-24 at 9:50 PM

    I love this app for learning! It is great, but I on,y gave it five stars because you can’t learn this one language! The language I want to learn is Tagalog also known as Filipino! The Philippines language. I wish u can take this into consideration that u did not add all of the languages! […]

  • AmAzInG ApP!!!!👍😎😊
    by Peter Lasouski on 2019-05-24 at 9:49 PM

    This app is so handy and worth it!I love it!!!! […]

  • .
    by maria09_ on 2019-05-24 at 9:44 PM

    I don’t like that I can’t continue lessons after 5 mistakes, it was way much better before I updated the app 🙄 […]

  • ???
    by that man you see everyday on 2019-05-24 at 9:16 PM

    Hey, I was learning German and I was pretty far! It was working all out and it was pretty good, and worked just fine. But one day it told me my time expired and I knew I already had an account! I had to restart sadly […]

  • Good app 👍🏻
    by Austin Kately21 on 2019-05-24 at 9:15 PM

    I have a small complaint. I’m doing the Spanish course, and I’m getting tired of being “dinged” because I cannot understand the woman on there. Eg., what sounded like “el es americano” turned out to be “eres americano?” Likewise, “el es de estados unidos” sounded exactly like “el es estados unidos,” which I knew wasn’t right, but I couldn’t hear the “de” until I ran it slowed down. I can understand the guy much more easily. Also it seems to be difficult if not impossible to reach them. Hence I’m complaining in a review. On balance though, it’s a fun app, and I feel I’m improving. Hope to have the confidence to join a chat or something soon and actually speak to a human. LOL […]

  • Hearts are kinda annoying
    by chuggington123 on 2019-05-24 at 9:07 PM

    I love the app and I think it is very helpful and a lot easier to learn the language you are learning, but I think the hearts get in the way of learning and mess you up. Also every time I check to see how many hours are left till it fills up, the time resets right away, i don’t know if it’s a glitch or the app screws up without WiFi l, great app tho, an d it is very helpfu […]

  • Duolingo
    by i hate duolingo so much on 2019-05-24 at 8:54 PM

    I hate this app so much!!!!!! When I came back to the app it stole all my progress and made me a new account. I cried 7 times in front of my mom 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢🐒🐒🐒😢😢🐒😢😢😢😢 […]

  • yeehaw
    by yeehawmcgee on 2019-05-24 at 8:45 PM

    does the opposite of teaching you a new languag […]

  • Opinion
    by de eguez on 2019-05-24 at 8:43 PM

    Excelente oportunidad burn diseñada para aprender idiomas. Muy didáctico […]

  • You get memes of Duolingo with gun.
    by Nicolas gascon on 2019-05-24 at 8:22 PM

    I hate you Duolingo bird you us a […]

  • Great app!
    by emmarainbowcat on 2019-05-24 at 8:10 PM

    I’ve learned to beg for my life in French! […]

  • Love it but still waiting
    by ibaker987 on 2019-05-24 at 8:07 PM

    Really love the app only problem is still waiting on Duolingo to have more languages such as Cantonese or other Chinese languages etc and hope they bring in certificates in the app as well soon […]

  • I love this app so much!!!
    by Princessofcats2010😘😘😘🐱🐱🐱 on 2019-05-24 at 7:52 PM

    Duolingo teaches you ANY languages you want to learn! The ONLY thing that I don’t like about it is that other people can talk to you. Otherwise, it’s an amazing app! […]

  • Wow
    by I Play Minecraft 13 on 2019-05-24 at 7:07 PM

    THIS APP IS AWSOME!!!! I can use it on a train I can use it on a plane I can use it in a coat I can use it with a goat I can use it riding on a bear Man I can use it everywhere ~I hope you liked my poem/review 😁 […]

  • Great app but hate upgrade
    by kitty0476 on 2019-05-24 at 7:02 PM

    This used to be a great app but then it was upgraded and I lost all my progress 😡😡😡 […]

  • Suggestion
    by pidgeseyeliner on 2019-05-24 at 5:20 PM

    This app is very well made and easy to use. But I would like to suggest the enochian be added to the languages with in the app. […]

  • More things for lingots
    by 💁🏼💅🏼 on 2019-05-24 at 4:22 PM

    Please add more things to do with lingots […]

  • Great app!
    by Jose Justicio on 2019-05-24 at 3:49 PM

    If you’re serious about learning a new language, or if you’re like me and are trying to relearn a language you knew as a child, spend the ten dollars a month and keep working on it. The free version is ok but paying for unlimited mistakes does make all the difference and keeps your frustration levels down. Also, it has kept my interest for over a month and I intend to completely learn Spanish as a natural second language. If learning a second language is a serious goal for you, keep working and you’ll eventually get there. […]

  • Awesome!
    by Savvy_Sage on 2019-05-24 at 3:41 PM

    This app works!No joke! I just can’t remember all of it hehe 😓 […]

  • Bring back the teams and get rid of the leagues
    by DublElf on 2019-05-24 at 3:39 PM

    I have to admit, I was slow to join a team. Eventually I joined one and I loved it. It was great to chat with other people learning the same language as me. We now have leagues and I seem to be grouped with people who are not studying the same language that I am. In my opinion, we have little in common and there does not seem to be any way to chat in your new language or any exercises for building language skills. I do not love the leagues at all! I have lowered my rating because of this. In addition, one seems to be penalized and prevented from further practice for making mistakes. This does not make sense as making mistakes is part of learning. […]

  • I love this app, but can you fix this glitch I found?
    by Kawaiigamer421 on 2019-05-24 at 3:23 PM

    Hello, this is kawaiigamer421!!! I love this app and I’d recommend this to others. Now, on to the glitch I found. I like to take notes (I use the Notes app) on what I’m learning (I’ve only gotten to do German on it), but when I get back on the Duolingo app, I see that the text appears to have gotten smaller. Can you fix this ASAP? I would also love it if I get a reply to know that I’m noticed by the maker and also have the maker fix this glitch (it gives me a weird feeling when I see the text smaller…and I haven’t been changing my iPad font, either). Update: Why is there a streak? I don’t find any use of it and I don’t like it AT ALL. I keep messing it up and it frustrates me and then I quit and get back on, only to MESS UP AGAIN!!! Please remove it! 🆘 […]

  • Snaw wee
    by Judabug323 on 2019-05-24 at 2:42 PM

    Lo […]

  • Amazing, fun and easy
    by PricklePickle on 2019-05-24 at 11:45 AM

    Duolingo is SUPER fun and very helpful. I wanted to learn Japanese, because my friends speaks it, and I couldn’t find any free apps or websites to learn it on. When I found Duolingo I was insanely happy, and now I am having fun learning Japanese, and I tried some other languages to (French, Spanish, Klingon, etc.). 10/10 would definitely recommend it. […]

  • Amazing!
    by Elijah Aaron on 2019-05-24 at 9:09 AM

    I legitimately learned Hebrew from this app. If you’re truly committed to learning and have 10 to 30 minutes a day. You WILL become a language rockstar. […]

  • Luv the app but I have something to say
    by DeLeeShus on 2019-05-24 at 5:58 AM

    Ok I love the app, I’m learning Spanish and Japanese, and too me I feel like I’m getting better! But I have something to say too the *ahem* other reviewers..If you are writing one star reviews saying “the Duolingo bird stole my family!”, and you don’t have an actual reason to write a bad review, don’t even bother, and if you are being serious,(Which I don’t even think that could happen, but what do I know?!) I hope everything gets better for you and you are safe and that your family is safe too, that is all I have to say, Thank you and have a nice day. […]

  • If it could fix one bug it would be 5 stars
    by diy hunter on 2019-05-24 at 5:49 AM

    It’s great but sometimes during the audio portions I don’t get any sounds and either haft to skip it and lose opportunity to learn or deliberately get it wrong to get to the next question. All and all this app is amazing for learning a new language. […]

  • Lời cảm ơn !
    by vân bb on 2019-05-24 at 5:31 AM

    Tôi rất thích chương trình dạy học này cảm ơn các bạn rất nhiều ! Tôi đã học đc rất nhiều điều thú vị cho bản thân , và nó cũng tạo cho tôi một niềm vui . […]

  • Horrible
    by Bad update absolutly horible on 2019-05-24 at 5:28 AM

    Get ride of the stupid Health pueces and just make me watch ads if your that desperate for $ instead of trying to get me to use gems to revive. Worst app out ther […]

  • Alright
    by randomlypsting on 2019-05-24 at 5:20 AM

    It’s alright and a creative way of learning a different language my only problem is they don’t have variations. I know that can be hard and to much time to add but I wanted to improve my Mexican Spanish but they only offer Spain Spanish and some of those words were confusing the hell outta me. Guess I’ll stick to just speaking to my mom in Spanish lo […]

  • So done with this stupidity
    by Nat The Potato on 2019-05-24 at 5:17 AM

    You developers are LUCKY to be getting TWO stars from me!! You only got them because your computer version is fantastic...or did you guys change that since the last time I’ve been on?? I thought the whole POINT of Duolingo was to learn a language, but you guys are so into making it different from all other language learning apps, that it’s becoming a stinking game!! 5 mistakes and Duolingo takes away your ability to practice for several HOURS!! What the heck??? Not only that, but there are some lessons that have SO few words to learn and are SO easy, but then others that have over 24 different words to learn in one lesson, and every single mini mistake gets nit picked!! Guess what happens then? I barely get to practice the language I’m trying to learn bcs I made five minimal mistakes and all of a sudden am kicked out for practically 5 hours! So yeah I totally wouldn’t recommend this app for y’alls’ phones because it’s rly bad. Computer is a different story though. Duolingo is awesome on a computer because it isn’t trying to be a 5 deaths game over type of app. So, YES Duolingo for computer; NO for phone. […]

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