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Nel creare il suo primo cronografo connesso, Breitling ha applicato una nuova filosofia che pone lo smartphone al servizio dell’orologio per accrescere la sua funzionalità e convivialità.

Grazie alla comunicazione bidirezionale i due strumenti formano una coppia perfettamente complementare, in cui ogni strumento è chiamato a fare ciò che sa fare meglio.

L’applicazione EXOSPACE permette all’utente con una semplice occhiata di verificare e modificare le principali regolazioni del cronografo EXOSPACE B55, ma anche di accedere rapidamente alle sue varie funzioni. La memoria dello smartphone consente di immagazzinare le diverse misurazioni del cronografo EXOSPACE B55 per visualizzarle, confrontarle e perfino trasferirle verso ulteriori applicazioni. Lo schermo dello smartphone offre perciò una comodità di lettura senza uguali, e conferisce così una nuova dimensione ai dati immagazzinati.

• Verificate lo stato del vostro cronografo con una sola occhiata ed effettuate le vostre regolazioni (ora UTC, fusi orari, data, 7 allarmi, sincronizzazione delle lancette).
• Immagazzinate diverse serie di tempi (Lap Timer / Chrono Add) per confrontarle sul vostro smartphone. Visualizzate i vostri vari tempi ed esportateli semplicemente. Usate il tachimetro dell’orologio per misurare la vostra velocità media.
• Configurate le varie funzioni del cronografo: Timer, Countdown-countup, Chrono Add, Chrono Flight.
• Accedete ai tempi di volo (Chrono Flight), visualizzate le informazioni pertinenti con una semplice occhiata e mettetele salvatele per una consultazione successiva.
• Rilevate semplicemente gli aeroporti di decollo e d’atterraggio per i vostri tempi di volo.
• Esportate i vostri tempi di volo verso un’altra applicazione oppure verso il vostro computer personale.
• Configurate il vostro orologio in modo da ricevere le notifiche del vostro smartphone. L’orologio può vibrare e/o suonare quando riceve una chiamata, un messaggio, un’email o un avviso dell’agenda.
• Personalizzate l’indicazione sull’orologio e l’applicazione secondo il vostro profilo (Sport / Pilot).
• Aggiornate il software del vostro orologio direttamente dall’applicazione.

Contact : [email protected]



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Impressione e revisione delle persone in iPhone App [EXOSPACE B55]!

  • Very Bad
    by Yalsooj on 13 Luglio 2021 at 6:32

    If you are thinking about buying the watch, DON’T When I bought the watch the app worked perfectly, however, after 1 month, The app doesn't connect to the watch anymore. I tried everything even I tried to connect the watch to other devices, still no luck.

  • App Does Not Connect
    by J Rackley on 4 Aprile 2021 at 12:23

    The watch is beautiful but not ever functional. What’s the point of a “smart” watch if it isn’t smart enough to connect to the app?

  • Fail
    by eugenewilliams on 28 Febbraio 2021 at 18:23

    This is my second Breitling, the first I’ve had for over 10 years. I paid almost twice as much for this Exospace. The unreliability of the app is awful. On two occasions it stopped syncing with the watch. Not being able to keep the time consistent, or set at all, I returned it for repair. Having done this twice, now trying to set the time, the app won’t auto update with the phone correctly (1hr and 5 minutes off) and when I try setting the time on the watch, I’m only able to change in 15 minute increments. This is ridiculous! $8000 for a watch and the app and timepiece functions like this? Fail.

  • Worthless
    by J. Waugh on 10 Novembre 2020 at 4:50

    I rarely wear the watch with all of the electronic issues

  • Embarrassing
    by az3r on 8 Ottobre 2020 at 9:04

    Breitling should be ashamed of themselves, one would imagine they can afford to pay a decent app developer to build this app. It’s worthless and never gets updated. It is quite embarrassing for a luxury brand to have such low standards and poor budget to back up their flagship product.

  • Take it back!
    by Sirjames303 on 5 Agosto 2020 at 14:31

    If you are here to download the app for this watch, I hope you are reading this in time to return the watch to your place of purchase. The hardware does NOT work. This app does not work. There is NO support from Breitling. Save your money, buy another Rolex.

  • Bad experience
    by noga nasr on 1 Luglio 2020 at 22:49

    As a pilot the watch was over sold not much function we can use, right now my IPhone can not even see the watch to Conect with it, so now it is just a dead weight, with the name of the company and the cost of the watch you would imagine they would care and do something about it, NOT.

    by Flying4living on 17 Giugno 2020 at 22:52

    The watch worked just fine for a few months after I bought it. Now its Bluetooth can’t be discoverable by none of my smart devices!! What a shame BREITLING!! 6000€ to the garbage!

  • Watch won’t connect
    by JLpunk on 10 Marzo 2020 at 15:42

    The app says enter a code from the watch. The watch does not generate the code. I have confirmed Bluetooth is on on the watch. App is unusable.

  • This app is a joke.
    by Elkomander85 on 18 Novembre 2019 at 19:28

    If I would have know how horrible the connection was I wouldn’t have even spent my money on this watch. I really wish that breitling would fix this.

  • No updates for iOS 13
    by mercadof on 12 Novembre 2019 at 22:44

    Ever since iOS 13 came out my B55 will not connect to the iPhone App. For a connected watch worth $5K the support from Breitling is non existent. Rapidly becoming a paperweight. I expected more from Breitling.

  • App has serious problems
    by k9team3 on 26 Maggio 2019 at 20:45

    App will not communicate with watch, cannot update watch, and will not control watch in many cases. Breitling needs to completely revert back to the first version of this app it was the only one that worked with my watch.

  • Disappointed
    by 1968TR on 9 Maggio 2019 at 18:38

    I bought this watch 10 days ago. I have a Samsung S10. I was able to pair the watch with the app on my phone. But since then I have had trouble connecting my watch and my phone. I have uninstalled and re-installed the app at least a dozen times. My Samsung S10 pairs with my Breitling Exospace B55 about 5% of the time. I was able to install the B55 app on my iPad Pro and have had good success with the iPad, but not the Samsung. Not exactly the results you expect when you drop $8,000 on a watch that is supposed to be “Bluetooth.” In fact, until Breitling fixes this app issue, I would not recommend buying the Exospace B55 watch.

  • The new update does not connect to the phone re
    by Dupont tom on 5 Maggio 2019 at 22:59

    Rendering the app useless!

  • Not function
    by Danknerl on 24 Febbraio 2019 at 1:11

    Can’t pair the watch to the app

  • Please speed the connection
    by chuckypod on 5 Gennaio 2019 at 20:10

    The watch is connected to the phone already via Bluetooth but it still takes 30sec for the app to connect. That is WAY too long. Sometimes the app doesn’t connect event if watch is already connected on Bluetooth.

  • New update for iPhone
    by די בעסט on 4 Novembre 2018 at 6:29

    Since I updated my iphone the phone does not contact with my watch any idea and the solution how to fix it

  • A “sometimes” connected watch
    by GyroF-16 on 29 Agosto 2018 at 0:59

    I like the watch. The app is not even adequate for the promised functionality. 1. The “Notifications” feature works correctly about 40% of the time. With the watch within 2-3 feet of the iPhone, it MIGHT beep when messages come in, but probably not. The watch shows connected in the phones Settings>Bluetooth menu, but the watch often doesn’t respond. 2. Every time the app is opened, it has to connect with the watch, and then sync. This process can take 15-55 seconds. Anything beyond 20 sec is just too long. If I’m using the app to set an alarm, often it would just be faster to take the watch off and fiddle with the crown and buttons and skip the app. 3. I’m an airline pilot, and it takes ‘way to long, and too much work to set the watch to a new time zone after I land. Process- take phone out of airplane mode, open EXOSPACE app, and wait. And wait. About a minute later, it asks if I want to change to the local time. Click to approve. Watched hands then move. How about if the app (while in the background) notices the time change and (through Notifications) pops up a message asking if I want to apply the change? Bottom line- the app is WAY too SLOW to talk to the watch, and doesn’t seem to do so consistently. This level of (non)-functionality should never have been fielded.

  • Doesn’t work consistently; not all functions work
    by MasterDiver69 on 23 Agosto 2018 at 2:16

    For an $8,000 watch, this should work perfectly, but it is far from it. Oftentimes, I cannot get the watch to connect via Bluetooth. And, even when it connects, the functions do not all sync. For example, the time will sync when connected, but none of the alarms are there. So far, tech support has been non-existent. Sporadic connectivity and poor performance. Breitling, PLEASE fix.

  • App dysfunctional
    by Acrodisiac on 15 Aprile 2018 at 19:13

    Started out good. Now app appears not to work at all. Watch update freezes and sync no longer works. Does not befit the price of the watch!

  • Terrible
    by TedH111684 on 14 Marzo 2018 at 22:30

    What a terrible watch. Spent a frustrating hour and a half trying to figure this out. Returned the watch. Breitling has no business making a smart watch, if you can call it that. Stick with what you know.

  • Update now working
    by Every-name is taken on 11 Marzo 2018 at 15:47

    Update not working

  • Hand sync and update not working
    by A pilot guy on 27 Febbraio 2018 at 5:37

    This has been a good app for accessing and running the watch but the hand sync no longer works and I can’t update the watch anymore. May as well not have the app now as it provides little benefit for watch interface.

  • Update of 27 October
    by SpubCooper on 27 Ottobre 2017 at 20:56

    The app worked great for me until today. The app is 20 mins off from phone time.

  • Hand sync still crashing the app
    by MrHands1 on 23 Settembre 2017 at 12:59

    Hello. As of 23 September, even with the latest update, the app is still crashing when using the hand sync function. When the user clicks “contact app developer” it goes to the actual watch service Breitling website, not the app support website. Other than that. The app works well. Thank you

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