Fashion Story™


Fashion Story™

Fashion Story™

Benvenuti in Fashion Story™, il nuovo fantastico gioco di ruolo della serie di successo “Story” del Team Lava! I clienti modaioli aspettano impazienti l’apertura del tuo nuovo negozio di tendenza. Scegli e classifica gli ultimissimi design e le nuove tendenze, poi arreda il negozio e i camerini prima di dar inizio allo shopping sfrenato.

●Personalizza il tuo personaggio, scegliendo da una gamma di trucchi, stili di capelli e abiti alla moda!
●Sblocca gli ultimissimi abiti alla moda e gli innovativi e fantastici accessori e mettili nel tuo negozio per attirare i clienti più modaioli da ogni dove.
●Mostra il tuo stile e la tua creatività nel progettare l’arredamento e le decorazioni di un fantastico negozio di moda.
●Visita i negozi dei tuoi amici e clicca “mi piace” sugli articoli dei loro negozi e per assegnare loro un regalo gratuito.
●Invita i tuoi amici di Facebook a diventare tuoi vicini.
●Aggiornamenti GRATUITI con nuovi abiti, accessori, trucchi per i personaggi e decorazioni per il negozio!

Attenzione: Fashion Story™ è giocabile gratuitamente, ma è possibile acquistare oggetti In-App con soldi veri. Per eliminare questa opzione dal tuo dispositivo, vai su Impostazioni -> Generali -> Restrizioni e disattiva gli acquisti In-App dal menu "Contenuto consentito". Inoltre, Fashion Story™ potrebbe collegarsi a servizi di social media come Facebook; Storm8 avrà quindi accesso alle tue informazioni attraverso detti servizi.

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  • versione più recente:3.5 out of 5 stars (3,5 / 5)
  • Tutte le versioni:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Numero di persone valutate:3237



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Recensioni della gente

Impressione e revisione delle persone in iPhone App [Fashion Story™]!

  • Fun !!
    by April McCain on 2019-07-15 at 9:04 AM

    Fun fun fun fun!!! Did I say fun?? Everyone is so helpful and nice ❤️ […]

  • Great Game!!!!!but....
    by lpssabella 123 on 2019-07-14 at 5:22 PM

    So I just want to start off by saying some things,fashion story has been my favorite game for almost 5 years now it's a great game for people who love gaming and fashion and for children too!I remember the first time I started playing I was obsessed with this game I would play it everyday!!Its a great game for anyone!!I hope this game stays here forever!!!! […]

  • Boringggg
    by wheres my money? on 2019-07-13 at 9:14 PM

    All you can do in the game is order clothes and sell them. You can’t play it all day because you have to wait for the ordered clothes which takes forever. Lam […]

  • Lost everything
    by busynikemom2 on 2019-07-13 at 2:25 PM

    I have been playing this game for 5+ years. I took a break for about a year because we were in the process of moving (selling and buying a house). When I went to start playing again, I had NOTHING. I was back at level 1. It’s a fun game but I find it expensive to play. […]

  • The best
    by Todayat01 on 2019-07-13 at 11:03 AM

    Awesome game!! […]

  • Good but one thing
    by Roblox username on 2019-07-12 at 3:05 AM

    It is such a fun game you can see other peoples fashion shops and stuff witch is really cool the only one thing you need to have is patience because a outfit can take a hour […]

  • Bugs need to be fix
    by homfudmsksmnchfjjv on 2019-07-08 at 2:46 AM

    I have 1,200,000,000 coins but can’t expand my property when it only requires 290,000 coins. When I ordered, when the time done and my orders ready it keeps on frozen and I lost my orders cause they expired. I don’t get anymore video for rewards. I need to turned my phone on and off at all time to unfroze it so I can play... I would give it 5 stars if those bugs fix but right now I’m sorry it’s aggravating […]

    by Fashion story lover 101 on 2019-07-07 at 11:11 PM

    Hey I would just like to say THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!😘😘 I’ve been playing it for 17 years and I absolutely LOVEEEE IT. My mom tells me to read books but I just can’t stop its such an addictive game. […]

  • Fashionholic
    by NikiTai83 on 2019-07-07 at 4:57 PM

    I love this game! However, lately I haven’t been able to make any money. It’s been over a week and all my merchandise is still out. It’s taking forever to sell so I can’t make money to expand my store and buy items. All my clothing keeps expiring because there’s no room for it. Please fix soon […]

  • fun game but they take advantage of customers
    by katniss0028 on 2019-07-04 at 7:29 AM

    i’ve been playing this game for the longest time! i never bought gems of coins with real money but both times i did, i was charged for my purchase but never got the item. i emailed support both times and they said they “credited the gems to my account”. the first time, i was credited but within an hour, the gems were GONE. i did not spend any of the gems i got btw. the second time they said they gave me the gems, i did NOT receive anything. i spoke to apple and they denied me a refund. fun game but they scam the hell out of you. this game/company needs to be shut down […]

  • Love but not receiving notifications
    by Moon Child 97 on 2019-07-03 at 4:59 PM

    I love playing Fashion Story but the only issue is that I don’t receive notifications so sometimes my clothes end up expiring 😣 […]

  • Push notifications don’t work
    by Saraxi💀 on 2019-07-01 at 7:31 PM

    I love the game but It just won’t notify me when the clothes are ready !! […]

    by Hyponts! on 2019-07-01 at 6:09 AM

    I really love this game and I play it with my siblings. But I really wish you guys would continue supporting the game please! More updates and more clothing and cool things. I really want to continue playing so please I beg […]

  • too many pop ups
    by Marshmallows109271 on 2019-06-30 at 3:23 PM

    fun game but theres way too many pop up ads that come up when u first open the app, and u cant even buy no ads. everytime i re download this gams i start getting aggravated with all the ads and re delete it!!! […]

  • Expirations-WhY tHo?!
    by AbsterMcDabster on 2019-06-29 at 4:26 PM

    I love the game and concept of it, but the expirations drove me nuts!! Every morning I wake up and most of my things are expired that I ordered the night before. Like, am I supposed to wake up in the middle of the night and play the game so my things don’t expire!! I also think tables and way to expensive. Plus every time when I get on ALL my clothes are gone!! I wait 24 hours on those and in the next 30 mins their gone!? I doubt the creators will see this, but whatever […]

  • We should be allowed to buy gems from the cions on the game
    by Hailey Sampson on 2019-06-29 at 1:03 AM

    Bzhs […]

  • I forgot about this game xd
    by Monokumi on 2019-06-28 at 10:54 PM

    I remember playing this when I was younger and I loved it I used to be a high level but I think my old phone brok […]

  • Add me isafloon
    by Tom flood Wallin on 2019-06-28 at 6:28 AM

    It a good app just needs some more clothing options […]

  • Fashion story fin
    by belinia57 on 2019-06-28 at 12:09 AM

    Like fashion story a lot It’s fun to “earn “ money and pick fashion So many different boutiques and different concepts it’s just fun […]

  • Highly Recommend 😁
    by Happy Girl 2nd on 2019-06-27 at 12:18 AM

    This game is really fun and addictive I can’t put it down! […]

  • Fashion Story
    by KimaniBall on 2019-06-24 at 8:20 PM

    I like this a game a lot. It’s fun to play and very intriguing. What o don’t like is how I lose money when I don’t even buy anything. I could just be sitting there watching people buy things and my money would jump from let’s say 1,000 to 970. WITHOUT touching it. […]

  • Love it
    by absnsjejdjxjsnw on 2019-06-22 at 2:49 PM

    This is a classic. I’ve played it since I was a little baby (I’m 15 now) it’s amazing and I love all the memories […]

  • Bring back nightclub story
    by Dorkenstocker on 2019-06-21 at 2:57 AM

    Bring back nightclub story please 😭 […]

  • Meh
    by olayyos on 2019-06-19 at 1:47 AM

    It's okay […]

  • Storm ID
    by hayiqa on 2019-06-18 at 6:41 PM

    Why can’t we restor our shop when we change mobiles. I couldn’t open my origional shop and i have to start from the begginning. […]

  • Dumb dumb dumb!!!
    by kawaiilolimiya on 2019-06-18 at 3:36 AM

    Seriously I have had this game for a LONG LONG TIME! I have upgraded my device and wrote storm8 At the beginning 2018 and STILL HAVE HAD NO RESPONSE! I would like to get my original shop back where I have spend countless hours and money on but I am receiving NOTHING! not cool. […]

  • Great
    by jessica fair on 2019-06-17 at 9:19 AM

    I really enjoy this gam […]

  • Storm 8 bugs
    by not a happy gamer 76 on 2019-06-16 at 6:33 AM

    Time for another bug fix on all your games. I play restaurant, bakery & fashion story and have to keep restarting my phone just to play the game. Please & thank you fix your games. […]

    by An.Them on 2019-06-16 at 6:31 AM

    I played this game when I was younger awhile ago I downloaded it again and I love it but there are some ways to make it better. We can’t make a profit off of the clothes we make because we buy them for more than we can sell them for. Which makes it harder of us to buy the accessories for the store which are kind of unrealistically priced. Maybe allowing us to change our prices or something of that sort. Also maybe we can interact more with the customers and the clothes shouldn’t expire that’s unrealistic as well. […]

  • Love the game!
    by esraa@@@ on 2019-06-15 at 2:50 AM

    The game is actually amazing, I play this game everyday, but the real problem is when I order some clothes and i get busy in real life it just disappears! It’s actually annoying I can’t open the game when the order are ready,And I don’t get any notifications either, i hope you change this because not just me everybody does get annoyed, And the expensive things are annoying too! Like you can’t spend your money just to buy a changing room for 60,000! I think that’s not fair! I hope the game just change the expensive things, because some of us can’t buy a changing room or a mirror, the gems thing are expensive too! I really wish that I could get my boutique bigger and bigger! But it’s for 5,000, anyway’s the game is fantastic and enjoyable.👍🏻❤️ […]

  • Can you please add new clothing!
    by aer24 on 2019-06-12 at 5:52 PM

    I have been playing this game for years and have almost earned every gem in the catalog. Can we get some new clothes, already? It’s been so long since new clothing has popped up! Boring! […]

  • New game
    by phattkakez on 2019-06-12 at 1:46 AM

    If y’all don’t update this game‼️‼️‼️‼️ What gets me is it will day someone has. 4 star rating that hasn’t played in years... I purposely like all my friends stuff just to keep my start rating but she don’t play... so it lies lol. Ihave been playing this game since my 3GS over 6 years ago. Nothing has changed what happened? Did the developers just say forget about this game 🤦🏽‍♀️ Bring this game back to life plz […]

  • Hate it
    by SDM03 on 2019-06-11 at 7:17 AM

    I hate when the clothes expires because sometimes it expires when u r asleep Can u pls make the clothes not expire anymor […]

    by Babysitter of two on 2019-06-11 at 6:09 AM

    Back in the day when ya girl wasn’t allowed to have a phone, I had a cracked iPod 4th generation and THIS game right here was my LIFE!!!! Litterally it’s addicting so if you have too much time on ya hands watch outtt […]

  • No challenges
    by Ppinzon58 on 2019-06-11 at 3:32 AM

    I really enjoy this game but had to take a break for several months. When I came back the only challenges I get are game offers. […]

  • Awesome
    by 😉☺️🙂😚🥳😒😔😔😚🙃😍😋😌☺️☺️ on 2019-06-10 at 5:34 PM

    I’m so addicted such a great game love it […]

  • Boring
    by rodyprissy on 2019-06-10 at 2:12 PM

    Not enough going on. It was fun for a little while but got boring superrrrr quick. I used to play it twenty four seven and now I deleted it. There’s never updates, things expire, which is stressful, and everything costs tens of thousands of dollars, when an average level 40 get 23,000 a night. I have to spend 8000 on clothing !!!!!!!! I’m never able to expand, and I’m not going to waste money on this game again. Fix it and I’ll re download this game. […]

  • The only game I play, but the bugs need work
    by FreeBird215 on 2019-06-07 at 10:56 PM

    I absolutely love this game. I’ve been playing it since the very first version and it’s safe to say I’m addicted! It is literally the only game I consistently enjoy playing on any of my devices. I have a few different accounts because it’s difficult to transfer from one device to another (a lot of hoops to jump through so I usually just start from scratch every time I get a new device). However, I really REALLY need for you guys to do a good and thorough update PLEASE STORM 8!!!! The bugs in this game are getting so frustrating that I’m getting turned off by the whole game. My orders will randomly disappear right before they should be ready to display. Just today I had put out an entire catalog worth of inventory, ordered new clothes, came back an hour later when they should have been ready just to find that my old order had been put back in the catalogue and was then EXPIRED!!!! You cannot imagine how frustrating that was for me. Please realize that we wait real time for these orders to complete, so while I realize it’s only a game, the frustration and disappointment is very real. I have to constantly repeat my orders and placements and it’s starting to make it not so fun. Please, please, please update so I can give the 5 stars that I think the game really deserves! […]

  • Change to the app
    by 28TYP on 2019-06-04 at 6:07 PM

    This app really needs an update,bakery story is the only one that has updates . Overall has potential to be a awesome game . […]

  • Gems taken
    by kelsey279 on 2019-06-01 at 1:21 PM

    Ok I had over 100 Gems and I get on this morning and it says I only have 35. This happened to me the last time I got into this game also!! […]

  • Favrite game
    by Photography83 on 2019-05-20 at 9:33 PM

    I wanna start with i love this game so much, & i’ve been plsying for 10 years now. It is the only game that i will play. […]

  • No notifications...
    by PaigeH068 on 2019-05-17 at 12:25 PM

    Honestly I love this game, but I'm never notified of when my clothes are done, and its constantly frustrating. I have an IPhone XR and I would like it if the resolution of the game fit my screen. Please fix this problem so I can come to love this game like I did when I was a child!!! […]

  • tips, holding gift for new goal, please hold mine too, thanks
    by doodlebug2018 on 2019-05-16 at 2:56 PM

    I enjoy the game, however, I haven’t had a new goal task for a good while. I enjoy interacting with my neighbors and helping them fulfill their goals too. Other than likes and daily gifts, there is no interaction. […]

  • Best game ever!
    by Icee013008 on 2019-05-16 at 1:23 AM

    I LOVE this game!!! I can do at night, when I am at work, and even on long drives. You should REALLY get this game! […]

  • Report user
    by fhrfkorhji on 2019-05-14 at 8:18 AM

    There needs to be a report user button. I’ve seen wildly inappropriate conversations and usernames […]

  • My review
    by jayhawk7501 on 2019-05-14 at 3:11 AM

    You need to add some challenges. It’s getting boring. Been playing 4 yrs. new outfits would be great. Go back to having things for the holidays. […]

  • Updates
    by Ktarver01 on 2019-05-11 at 9:47 AM

    You used to have new clothes each week. There hasn’t been any for months. I have been playing this game for years too. I do still like it but we need new items please it’s getting boring with the same stuff all the time. […]

  • The fashion story
    by LegacyRiseup on 2019-05-10 at 3:09 AM

    This is one of my best games, also it help keeps you on your toes. If you don’t get your clothes out on time, will be expired. […]

  • Catalog bar still crashing
    by GRÏM on 2019-05-10 at 3:07 AM

    After all these years from the iPod to the iPhone, I’ve had this annoying issue with this game where I have things that are ready to be put out on the floor before they expire, and trying to re-order things and cannot select them or do anything with the catalog slots but it seems that whatever is lying beneath him get selected instead of the catalog itself. Please fix this issue or find a way to do an in game reboot for the catalog because even exit out and clicking on again doesn’t solve it. Thank you. Also is anyone else experienced a wall with offers? No gems awarded for offers please fix. […]

  • I can’t get into the app
    by fufubrat on 2019-05-09 at 9:26 PM

    I love this game but the other day it wouldn’t let me in saying that it couldn’t connect to the internet. Bakery story and castle story have no problem accessing my WiFi . I deleted/reinstalled it, I checked to make sure it was allowed access, I did everything I could but still it said my iPad had no internet. Please fix this. […]

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