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Gestione modelli

Gestione modelli

Gestione modelli ti consente di creare modelli di messaggi di posta elettronica da riutilizzare.

Hai l'esigenza di inviare messaggi di testo/e-mail con cadenza giornaliera/settimanale/mensile? Allora Gestione modelli è l'app che fa per te! Potrai creare modelli che contengono delle variabili. Potrai creare una variabile di data, testo libero o definita automaticamente. Pertanto, quando sarà necessario utilizzare il modello per inviare un'e-mail o un messaggio, potrai impostare le variabili con il valore desiderato.

Gestione modelli è ideale per coloro che inviano regolarmente lo stesso tipo di messaggio e-mail o di testo. Può essere utilizzato da un amministratore di un sito web che invia un'email per promuovere dei prodotti o semplicemente per inviare tramite e-mail la richiesta annuale delle ferie alla propria azienda.

Creazione di modelli che possono essere utilizzati per inviare e-mail o messaggi di testo
Variabili definite dall'utente
Invio del modello con pochi semplici tocchi
Impostazione del modello preferito per consentirne l'accesso rapido tramite force touch
Estensione della tastiera



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  • What’s the point
    by Dmaverick88 on 2019-03-13 at 5:13 PM

    When I first downloaded this app it worked perfectly, now as I try to set up templates it keeps putting the message in the subject line and I don’t know why. It has made the app unusable. Please fix his bug.

  • As stated
    by joe basoy on 2018-09-10 at 12:26 PM

    Please be informed that i will not accept any delay on your report next week Please follow the instruction correctly

  • This is wonderful but...
    by Hiyat on 2018-01-06 at 7:46 AM

    I would like to be able to reorder the templates. Also I would like to be able to group templates into folders (that I can name) and reorder those folders too. Other than that...I love the free text option. I can write broiler plate code and just fill in the custom words, example, I can write a print statement (or an if statement or any other statement) like this: print("[[[Free Form]]]"); And if the value of Free Form is Hello World! then my final template will be: print("Hello World"); I could set up a bunch of these templates and send as many as I would like to one file. I am going to buy this and hope they implement these two suggestions. Thanks for a good product! Oh another thing I noticed is that I can't modify the free form text if I'm using the template from the keyboard, it just pastes in everything else except for any of the free form stuff

  • Absolutely brilliant!
    by DegMinSec on 2017-04-24 at 10:13 PM

    I send out the same purchase order request several times a day and my company requires that it be in a particular format. And it's cumbersome, being out of the office all day, to type this up on my phone. Copying, pasting, and then typing over previously sent emails is just as much of a hassle. With Template Manager the problem was solved. It took me five minutes to set up my first template, including all of the variables. That five minutes has saved me at least an hour composing emails today! Please add the ability to sync templates to iCloud so that I don't have to rebuild them on other devices and so that they might be shared with my coworkers.

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