Gummy Drop! – Abbina e Viaggia


Gummy Drop! – Abbina e Viaggia

Gummy Drop! - Abbina e Viaggia

Abbina e viaggia in tutto il mondo in questa avventura gommosa dolce da impazzire!
Visita decine di città incantevoli ed aiuta i loro simpatici abitanti a ricostruire monumenti famosi in questo match3 casual e rilassante con migliaia di livelli divertenti. Strategia, tesori e potenziamenti coloratissimi ed entusiasmanti. Risolvi puzzle e rompicapo con i tuoi amici e guarda chi raggiunge il punteggio più alto!

Abbina tre o più gommose dello stesso colore per vincere la partita e vuotare il tabellone. Conquista bonus e potenziamenti unici con abbinamenti speciali fantastici, raccogli souvenir e colleziona francobolli originali durante le tue missioni. E attenzione! Non così facile abbinare quando le mosse disponibili sono limitate o ti trovi a correre contro il tempo. Usa la tua abilità e la tua furbizia per battere livelli ed esplorare le più belle città in ogni parte del mondo. Parti per Parigi, San Francisco, Rio, Londra, Montreal, New York, Casablanca e… scopri i loro segreti! Basta con palloncini e bolle da far scoppiare, le caramelle e i bubble gum da spiaccicare! Assapora le gommose con questo nuovo passatempo popolare, delizioso e gratis! VIVA LE GOMMOSE!


– Stanchi degli stessi puzzle l'uno uguale all'altro? Gummy Drop! include tabelloni rompicapo avvincenti, obiettivi e premi. Accumula gemme, denaro e… mattoni per costruire magnifici palazzi, castelli, giardini e musei!

– Sfida te stesso con più di 10.000 livelli entusiasmanti attraverso più di 40 di città esotiche: più livelli di ogni altro gioco Match Tre!

– Raccogli francobolli coloratissimi per il tuo passaporto quando risolvi i rompicapi più impegnativi.

– Spremi i livelli, liberati degli ostacoli e sblocca bonus e potenziamenti speciali come Fulmini, Mix e tanti altri.

– Vinci i livelli laterali per aiutare gli eroi locali a completare i loro compiti.

– Amministra risorse e costruisci porti per trasportarle tra città, così da poter costruire monumenti e finire le missioni.

– Visita qualsiasi città, in qualsiasi momento! Guadagna biglietti per il viaggio per sbloccare la città che vuoi.

– Gigantesche ricompense! Vinci gemme, monete e oggetti utili nel gioco semplicemente giocando

– Risolvi Eventi Giornalieri e raccogli risorse e ricompense

– Divertiti con gli eventi stagionali, o a tempo limitato e colleziona francobolli rari nel passaporto

Uno dei giochi casual più simpatici e succosi, Gummy Drop! è completamente gratis da giocare ma alcuni oggetti opzionali all'interno del gioco richiedono pagamento.

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Recensioni della gente

Impressione e revisione delle persone in iPhone App [Gummy Drop! – Abbina e Viaggia]!

  • Ajoytoy
    by ajoytoy on 2019-02-16 at 7:37 PM

    Outstanding gam […]

  • Coins taken away
    by Albt91bzq91xdx on 2019-02-16 at 3:50 PM

    If you collect more than 10,000 coins, the game will remove 2,000 of them automatically. Yesterday I had 10,500 points. When I started the game today, I was down to 8,000 with no explanation. This has happened to me twice now and I’m mad! […]

  • Don’t like the game because
    by tammydoucet on 2019-02-16 at 2:35 AM

    What ever y’all are wanting for us to enjoy just way to hard, everybody I know have gave up I keep trying because I’m not a quitter . , but I’m fixing through the tie in also. Have a lot of games thousand of us play together this game makes you not one go any further. Hope you try to do something, your gonna have to get rid of the game. Wrote to write to try to not lose a great game way to hard, I love challenge, but this going to hurt y’all keeping this game going […]

  • Previously favorite game
    by aquastone33 on 2019-02-16 at 1:28 AM

    Latest review...... IMPOSSIBLE to beat some levels, after coming back to frustrating cities time and again. What's with New York? Developers, why is it necessary to spend time moving resources from completed cities to new cities. Your bricks, etc should be in 1 pool..... must admit I still go back, play daily but gives me high blood pressure, have actually gone back to candy crush where at least I can win levels quicker. Totally addicting but very discouraging to spend a week to gain a major obstacle, resorting to spending $$$, finally achieving, then NOT GET THE promised gems/prize. No response from Big Fish Games. Very disappointed and although I still enjoy the game, will move on.. Improved, but would be great to get coin more often in the treasure chest or in the daily bonuses. Have tried not to spend so much $! Second review, even more frustrating now. Some cities level 3 are impossible to pass, after hours, days, weeks. Thought I'd try again, but just too frustrating... […]

  • Update
    by 5&$5672 on 2019-02-15 at 11:53 PM

    They want you to update, but will not show you the price. I don’t think so! […]

  • Addiction
    by Trisha617 on 2019-02-15 at 10:46 PM

    I love traveling virtually all over the world learning about world history and would love more famous art around the world added to the game. Even additions to places from beginning to end with famous art!! […]

  • Loved this game
    by pineapple yellow on 2019-02-15 at 7:10 PM

    I’ve absolutely loved this game but some levels are getting so hard to play. Without boosts you can be stuck on a certain level for days. No longer as fun as it used to be. I want a challenge but not an impossible feat. When there are special areas like the valentines special those levels should not be so ridiculously hard. What’s the fun in that? […]

  • Could be better
    by Tyyy.😘😘😘 on 2019-02-14 at 5:33 AM

    Please provide more lives. 3, seriously? Are we babies? […]

  • Used to be great
    by Olney grandma on 2019-02-11 at 9:20 PM

    Now the videos all freeze. Can’t get back to the game. Sometimes have to restart the iPad. Will give this game up soon. Hope someone sees this and fixes the links. Still not fixed. Game now deserves the one star […]

  • Fun game!
    by Googie E... on 2019-02-11 at 4:37 AM

    Fun playing this game, and very soothing! […]

  • Great Game wow!!!
    by Sapkotan on 2019-02-11 at 4:17 AM

    This is the best match 3 game I have played.Requested to developer to increase lives 5 from 3 for free.All the best. […]

  • Great game
    by Nikki Mae J on 2019-02-10 at 8:21 PM

    I love this game but if you have migraines as I do or from what others have said seizures thus game is hard to play due to the flashing shown on the screen. Other than that I love it […]

  • Updates that FAIL..
    by TCMomhere on 2019-02-05 at 10:05 PM

    While playing, if you see "monumental" or other words & your on a timed round or one with bombs you're going to lose!! The words cover your board & for a longer time period than necessary. I think the new treasure chest doesn't give enough "other" gifts, mostly just the bricks, gems, etc. Otherwise i love the game but I don't think you need to keep changing the layout or graphics 2/5/19 update... after numerous missing gifts, the other day, after my reward chest was 380+ I logged on & a glitch on the app made my chest restart to day 1!!!! I wrote & found out that others had the same issue & “the developers are aware”. I was given 5 lightening bolts & 1,000 coins which, to me, was an insult!!! I wrote again & was given 1,000 more coins. I got on the game, played 1 energy but was so disgusted that I’ve not gone back. Apparently they cannot restore the chest. Over A YEAR OF DAILY LOYAL GAMEPLAY & they think 2,000 coins & 5 bolts are acceptable for a lost reward chest?!?! 🤬 I LOVED THIS GAME BUT NOW IM DISGUSTED & WILL LIKELY DELETE IT!! Shame that the developers don’t care about their DAILY LOYAL PLAYERS WHO SPEND HARD EARNED MONEY ON THEIR GAME!!!! Guess we are loyal to them but they’re NOT loyal to us!!! […]

  • Unfair
    by Scbucki on 2019-02-04 at 12:28 PM

    #66 in Seoul is unsolvable, too few lives, too few boosts, too little coins as reward. By […]

  • 😢
    by porter meme on 2019-02-03 at 8:34 PM

    I want virtual reality. Like cars you can drive and you can walk and all that stuff. Other then that the game is fun. […]

  • Gummy drop is lit 🔥😱
    by Kawii Adrey on 2019-02-02 at 3:51 PM

    I love GUMMY DROP so much it’s so fun and when I’m board I play this game it’s so fun, thanks for reading my comment! Have a great day, bye! 😱🍭 […]

  • over it
    by Diane17 on 2019-02-02 at 9:33 AM

    do you really think its “fun” for people when you lose all your lives in a matter of minutes on the same board only to lose them all again on the same board when they are full again ? used to love this game now think its worse than candy crush and cookie jam which i deleted long ago by the way […]

  • Gummy’s
    by KCeline on 2019-02-02 at 9:09 AM

    It is not the best app but it is fun when you are bored […]

  • Fun to play
    by Harrysharry on 2019-02-02 at 3:15 AM

    Like the music easy to understand and fun!!! […]

  • Lunar New Year level 18
    by WillBillis on 2019-02-01 at 11:14 PM

    It's impossible! Time is going to expire before I beat it! Not enough moves. Never enough red and yellow and it takes way too many to complete the challenge! So frustrating and makes me want to delete the game. I won't but these little "Extra" things should be more relaxing that the cities. One star only for this lev […]

  • Fun Game
    by artsy-fartsy on 2019-01-31 at 4:56 PM

    Great game! I love the challenge of getting all 3 levels for each number. I’m just hoping that this new update has corrected the issue with the words blocking out the gummies on the timed levels. I can’t see my next move when it says ‘awesome’ on top of everything. I also think the game is luck against the program as much as skill. I often have a play lined up and the the gummy I need slides to another place for no apparent reason. Very frustrating. All in all, it’s pretty fun! […]

  • Too Difficult to Enjoy Now
    by Anonymous5839292 on 2019-01-30 at 10:36 PM

    Levels are being programmed to be impossible to beat lately. I find it absolutely ridiculous that I won 2 hours of unlimited play and was only able to beat 1 part on 2 levels during that time. Been playing for a long time, never been so willing to get rid of it as I am now. Game has lost A LOT of its enjoyable appeal when they started making it impossible to beat the first round of a level, nonetheless earn any points. Seems like a desperate attempt to get people to spend money and a good way to lose loyal customers. […]

  • Updates
    by Country Cindy on 2019-01-30 at 9:34 PM

    New version of gummy drop will not update! […]

  • Good BUT
    by Queridi on 2019-01-30 at 2:13 PM

    Ive been playing but sometimes it’s frustrating when you get stuck in a few levels that seem impossible to complete. It’s discouraging sometimes. You want to move on but can’t. Sometimes I go to other games so I don’t think about it. Sad because I like it […]

  • Makes you wait to play more when you lose all lives
    by Name already taken???? on 2019-01-29 at 6:27 PM

    Let me play the game! If you lose all your lives, you can wait 15 minutes to get more or you can buy lives. I’d rather just not open this app anymore. I understand charging your customers for boosts and coins, but charging for lives was the last straw. The game was pretty fun, but that killed it. […]

  • Friends gifts
    by RayCJones on 2019-01-29 at 4:45 PM

    All of a sudden I am not receiving any friend gifts. I keep sending and have been told by friends they are sending to me. This has been at least 2 weeks now. […]

  • Excrement!
    by Rvnsc on 2019-01-29 at 12:45 PM

    Tried to win 14-2 in LA for a month. Crap game! […]

  • G G G
    by kkhkkoijhi on 2019-01-29 at 6:34 AM

    Fun […]

  • Gummy drop
    by kaleen1234567890 on 2019-01-28 at 9:06 PM

    Thank you for making this […]

  • App keeps crashing
    by tinakp95 on 2019-01-28 at 6:10 AM

    After I beat a level my app crashes and I don’t even get to collect prizes and extra stuff because of it. It started happening today. […]

  • Gummy drop
    by phreckles1 on 2019-01-27 at 11:01 PM

    I have been playing this game for at least 2 years(maybe 3) and now I get these EXTREMELY ANNOYING game that I cannot get rid of with the extra wheel spin. Please help! […]

  • 𝙍𝙖𝙩𝙚
    by Jefe Aka LGND! on 2019-01-27 at 9:52 PM

    The graphics are unrea […]

  • Used to be my favorite game, but...
    by hoselovinggal on 2019-01-27 at 9:08 PM

    This game was great, I loved the levels, and they were hard, but not impossible. I never liked how when you played the level and did this cool move and words would appear on the screen and that is not helpful on a timed level. After a while I just got bored with it. There are better ways to use your time to be playing this game. It was fun, but not challenging enough. […]

  • Cheated!
    by thisisannothergame on 2019-01-27 at 8:34 PM

    I played this game for years on my Kindle and iPad ! Then I bought another iPad and the took my 5 plays I paid for and now I don’t have but 3 ! I think they should be reinstated AUTOMATICALLY because for FIVE PLAYES BEFORE AND I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY AGAIN or have to do anything to be GIVEN MY PLAYS!!!! Check it OUT !!!!!! […]

  • "Quicksand" and "tornadoes" are no-go's
    by Joanie on 2019-01-27 at 8:19 PM

    Sadly, I can no longer play this otherwise fun game due to game sessions that include "quicksand" and tornadoes." Those of us with certain medical conditions cannot bear these factors in many of the matches. They bring on fear and panic attacks. […]

  • Cheats
    by 64Vette on 2019-01-25 at 9:33 PM

    The game used to be great! Now it’s just ridiculous. There’s about 120 levels per destination, but you can’t move on to the next destination because you have to do each level at least 5 times before that destination is “100% complete.” It’s a waste of time. Very disappointed. It used to be my favorite game. Also when you spin the wheel and win 5 more plays, it’s actually only 3, and you’re stopped. Rip off!! […]

  • Annoying ad
    by beth$$rench on 2019-01-25 at 4:10 PM

    There is a very annoying ad for a game called Tribz. It is displayed only in vertical mode and the X is not visible. The only way to get back to Gummy Drop is to close the game completely and start over. Because of this I downgraded Gummy and would NEVER install Tribz. […]

  • Review
    by contessaam on 2019-01-24 at 8:30 PM

    Excellent game but problem is when you get some extra moves. Game does not give full compliment of moves. […]

  • Game has screwed me for the last time!
    by Skip48 on 2019-01-22 at 4:29 PM

    First time I was at about the 350 days in a row and it stared me over at #1! Then today I was over day 120 and it did it again! What a sorry excuse for a game! […]

  • Short term game
    by DZW on 2019-01-22 at 12:08 PM

    Loved playing this game but the VERY progressive difficulty level makes it so you can’t get anywhere unless you want to spend a lot of dollars. Hate the updates that resets everything and you have to start buying boosters because it deletes everything you earned. Off to find a more player friendly game. […]

  • No longer fun
    by Dkduck on 2019-01-21 at 3:35 PM

    I am so done with this game!! Deleting it! I USED to really like this game, but lately the challenges have been getting next to impossible to complete and you only have 3 lives (4 if you watch some advertisement video). Deleting this and will move on to something that I can spend more than 4-5 minutes on before I run out of lives! […]

  • Gummy Drop
    by Blindlady on 2019-01-18 at 12:37 AM

    LOVE Gummy Drop, but today a stupid pop up ad for a Jigsaw puzzle game froze over my game and I lost all my progress when I uninstalled to get rid of the frozen ad. HATE the constant push of pop up ads, same ones over and over and over and over […]

  • Dropped the ball
    by PastorPete9 on 2019-01-17 at 5:57 AM

    Was playing... LOVED THE GAME. but then ad for another game came on and has now locked the game u […]

  • 1.99 GB!!
    by Emac002211 on 2019-01-16 at 12:17 AM

    I like this game and have been playing for over a year. It’s usually pretty relaxing - challenging but not too hard. And I don’t know why some say it’s about grabbing money. I’ve never spent any on it. But *please* make it take up less memory somehow!!! Sure, the graphics are cute, but so many aren’t necessary, especially the moving ones that do nothing and add nothing to the game. […]

  • Game
    by Joycecop1958 on 2019-01-14 at 4:28 PM

    This awesome! […]

  • Sloppy
    by FluffyEater on 2019-01-13 at 3:06 AM

    This is the typical Match 3 game. Doesn’t have anything more special than any of the others. The graphics feel really plasticky, something I am not in favor of. This mainly is bland in gameplay like in most Match 3 games and the graphics are not really impressive. I wouldn’t recommend this. […]

  • Gummy drop
    by jjabber1 on 2019-01-13 at 1:54 AM

    FANTASTIC GAME! I’ve loved it for a few years now and play every evening. […]

  • Having fun with the gummies
    by Julie Ghoulie on 2019-01-13 at 1:21 AM

    LOL this is the best game I ever played. […]

  • I’m
    by wonder. woman on 2019-01-12 at 3:37 PM

    I’m really loveing this game it’s really great fun relaxing […]

  • Gummy drop
    by tita667788 on 2019-01-12 at 1:26 PM

    Rip off especially with free spins. Don't fall for what I did spend too much money for nothing in this game. Buy more spins and never get all my 3 spins. This game just is down right boring and never get your money wort […]

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