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Sia che debba ancora prenotare il suo prossimo viaggio, sia che abbia già una prenotazione in corso, l’app KLM le fornisce tutto ciò di cui ha bisogno, quando ne ha bisogno. È l’assistente di viaggio personale che ha sempre desiderato! 

Lei sceglie la destinazione e noi ci occupiamo del resto. Scelga i voli, le date e le tariffe migliori e prenoti direttamente dall’app KLM. Salvi i suoi dettagli personali per una prenotazione ancora più veloce. Ha bisogno di tempo per riflettere? Nessun problema! Può finalizzare il pagamento entro 24 ore senza costi aggiuntivi. 

Salvi i dettagli della sua carta di credito per poter prenotare voli, scegliere il suo posto a sedere preferito, aggiungere bagagli e molto altro, con un solo tocco.

Salvi i suoi documenti di viaggio, selezioni o modifichi il suo posto a sedere, aggiunga opzioni extra ed effettui modifiche al suo itinerario. Vuole spazio aggiuntivo? L’app KLM le mostra le offerte migliori.  

Utilizzi l’app KLM per effettuare il check-in e salti la fila in aeroporto! Non c’è bisogno di inserire i dettagli del suo passaporto manualmente: può semplicemente scannerizzare il suo passaporto con la fotocamera ed è pronto a partire. 

Dica addio alla frenetica ricerca di una stampante o all’estenuante attesa al banco del check-in! Può avere la sua carta d’imbarco sempre a portata di mano semplicemente selezionando la carta d’imbarco elettronica nell’app KLM o aggiungendola al suo Wallet. 

Controlla continuamente i monitor delle partenze in aeroporto? Si rilassi! Ci pensiamo noi a tenerla sempre informata con gli ultimi aggiornamenti sul suo viaggio. Può anche ottenere notifiche in tempo reale sui movimenti del suo bagaglio! 

Ogni volta che ci sono aggiornamenti sul suo volo, le manderemo una notifica. È in cerca di offerte? Le invieremo anche offerte personalizzate per il suo viaggio! 

Utilizzi le nostre mappe aeroportuali per trovare la strada in aeroporto.

Gestisca facilmente il suo account Flying Blue. Controlli le sue Miglia Flying Blue, prenoti un biglietto premio, modifichi il suo account Flying Blue e acceda alla sua carta Flying Blue digitale: tutto in un solo posto! 



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  • Tutte le versioni:4.1 out of 5 stars (4,1 / 5)4.1

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Recensioni della gente

Impressione e revisione delle persone in iPhone App [KLM]!

  • Just terrible
    by tw 22 on 4 Giugno 2022 at 1:25

    Of all the major airline apps I’ve ever used this is the worst. Bag tracking is nonexistent and very little functionality. Getting help from a klm employee is impossible.

  • It doesn’t book - only errors
    by DariaTsv on 2 Giugno 2022 at 20:21

    It does nothing - no bookings are possible to make

  • Check in unavailable
    by llPpOoaj on 22 Maggio 2022 at 14:48

    If you are a non permanent resident in the US you won’t be able to check in. Permanent resident card required.

  • Worst experience with KLM
    by AndreaSanchezCorzo on 9 Maggio 2022 at 7:28

    I have had the worst experience with KLM, I have never experienced this mess with any airline before. They inefficiently changed my itinerary, and in the process lost my bag. Whenever I call about asking for my bag they say, “sorry we are very busy, call later” what kind of answer is that?? The app doesn’t help at all. It doesn’t even update properly with the change of itinerary.

  • Typical Lousy Airline App
    by Bacon Waffle Sandwich on 28 Aprile 2022 at 15:49

    Won’t scan passport correctly or let us check on. As bad as most of the other apps. Sport, but you get an automatic 1 star if you don’t work.

  • Extremely buggy
    by topico on 22 Marzo 2022 at 11:53

    App freezes constantly, many pages/features won’t load.

  • Worst travel app ever
    by rhinotsk on 9 Marzo 2022 at 6:22

    I wish I could rate lower than 1 star because this is the worst app I’ve ever used. I set up an account but then it tells me email and then Blue number is not correct. After 3 rounds of setting up new passwords and trying different t email I surrender!!!!!

  • Login doesn’t work
    by SummaCum on 8 Marzo 2022 at 14:43

    When I enter my login credentials and tap login, nothing happens.

  • App not suitable for travel
    by Joe768691 on 5 Febbraio 2022 at 12:50

    Compared to Delta the KLM/Air France app is subpar. The KLM app provides minimal information and it only does one thing well, sell you an upgrade. Only used KLM because they are a Delta partner, but that wouldn’t happen again.

  • Awful.
    by lost a bet haircut on 29 Gennaio 2022 at 13:19

    Awful, can not do anything of use with this app. Changing seats is a nightmare. KLM arbitrarily cancels paid upgrades. Good Luck getting refunded.

  • Membership = spam
    by plaintiger on 7 Gennaio 2022 at 16:46

    I actually don't fly very often, and especially not since Covid came to be, and I've never set foot on a KLM plane; I just went on a binge recently where I found all the airlines the people spoke highly of and had good experiences with, and downloaded their respective apps and joined their frequent flyer programs just so I'd be ready when the day came that I did want to resume air travel. So far, of the 10 or so airlines I did this with, KLM is the only one I've noticed that makes receiving their marketing emails a condition of membership in their frequent flyer program. I am not a fan of mindless marketing emails the don't have anything to do with me other than trying to get money out of my wallet, so I looked for an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of KLM's messages, and it came to light that the only way to stop the emails was to cancel membership in their frequent flyer program. So I did. Which means I won't be flying KLM at any time in the foreseeable future.

  • Good
    by M6854 on 28 Ottobre 2021 at 0:50

    Good when it works . But it seems every time there is update it’s more problems than goodness.First can’t even sign in . So there for can’t do anything add flights can’t find any flights it’s just freezing.

  • Used to be great
    by BJdutch on 30 Settembre 2021 at 5:50

    App has become somewhat useless as it will ask you to allow KLM spam every time it opens. As it no longer remembers your credentials, you need to login every time. Additionally, it is no longer possible to get a boarding pass on flights to Amsterdam, making you go to the check in desk for it, negating the advance of going to the gate directly. I hope KLM will get the app back to the great app it was a few years ago, instead of the website front it is now.

  • Check-in failes
    by Smk268 on 16 Settembre 2021 at 7:43

    Check-in constantly failed with the message “ Something Went Wrong Not all selected passengers have provided the required advance passenger information data. Please provide the requested information. [004.047]” I never had a problem with the app before. I was asked for my passport info when I first added my Delta reservation weeks prior which was something new. My first Delta flight is on KLM and therefor have to check in with KLM. A week later when check-in was available I received the message above and after triple checking all my info finally gave up. I had to go online to the KLM website to check-in and that wasn’t easy either. I received a similar message. It worked after I deleted my passport information and entered it again. There was no info missing from the original passport entries. Also, the website check-in asked for email and phone number which the app check-in never did.

  • useless for checkin to USA
    by Conner_201601 on 8 Settembre 2021 at 19:17

    App constantly fails for lack of attestations with no way to correct. It doesn’t accept a QR code for a CoViD-19 test result.

  • Booked trips in app looses your FB status
    by Saulus01 on 18 Luglio 2021 at 23:27

    FB member for years. Every time you open a booked trip in the app you will not see you FB number or status. When you log-in on your desktop online, you do see the FB number and status. Is already an issue for a year. Can you please solve this?

  • My experience with KLM.
    by mwiīrūti on 4 Luglio 2021 at 0:55

    I have used the airline for many years. The experience has always been good. Best service ever.

  • Still one of the best airline apps out there
    by Ex-vhs on 19 Dicembre 2020 at 19:00

    Excellent airline app.

  • Can’t login
    by Topodomundo on 14 Ottobre 2020 at 19:35

    It’s not possible to login to have access to my reservations. When I access the login form, the button to submit the credentials is already spinning and it never stops, not even after filling my credentials (email and password).

  • Doesn’t open, just keeps crashing
    by Sportsdls on 9 Ottobre 2020 at 18:58

    Keeps crashing

  • Excellence in Service
    by Claudia from the Sea of Cortez on 28 Settembre 2020 at 8:52

    I’ve booked, changed and checked in for different flights on the app and I am very pleased about how quickly and efficiently it works. I feel that my travel needs are met if not all immediately, within short period of time they do. Klm continues to meet my expectations.

  • Klantenservice steeds beter en sneller
    by tine traveler 2020 on 26 Settembre 2020 at 21:30

    Via telefonisch omboeken van ticket heb ik snelle vakkundige ondersteuning gehad. Alles naar wens. Vriendelijke service. En ook vragen via de app werken eenvoudig en snel. Alleen wil ik mijn persoonlijke gegevens nog updaten...

  • N/A
    by Salman2019 on 20 Maggio 2020 at 15:24

    KLM refused it to refund my money when my flight canceled it of covid19 it’s weird they told me they’re going to give me a credit and I said I don’t want a credit I need to get back my money and they said we can’t refund you and I said why not that’s my property And I didn’t get help much I’m not gonna customer with them anymore And I also reported my bank I lost $1182 I’m not gonna recommend it anyone behind me to book a flight with KLM I also called them over 10 times and I spoke customer services over 10 times still never get help they told me same thing and when I read the policy the policy and what they told me is different they don’t follow their policies I’m Done!!!!!!!!

  • Crash
    by Cannot get even get names here on 17 Marzo 2020 at 13:28

    It keeps crashing after I launch the app for no reasons

  • Great Airlines
    by 150Dozer on 29 Gennaio 2020 at 11:41

    KLM is a airlines with fantastic service our last flight was just outstanding! We are planning our 34th anniversary and there was no question with what airline to use! When you spend your hard earned money go with the best KLM !!

  • Doesn’t work
    by CollegeKid 2648 on 17 Gennaio 2020 at 17:42

    Downloaded it for my boarding pass and it kept saying error. Hasn’t worked once

  • Inconsistent app
    by Q_Q o_O on 30 Dicembre 2019 at 20:25

    Overall GUI and usability of the app are great. However, I have to re-enter my travel profile information every time I book a flight which is frustrating. And I also am no longer able to login with my flying blue account. The login page just spins and never fully loads. So right the app is almost useless to me.

  • Useless
    by Shiva135 on 29 Dicembre 2019 at 2:40

    App doesn't let me login, and option to reset password doesn't work.

  • Not very reliable
    by bbarbararo on 23 Dicembre 2019 at 16:41

    Compared to other airline apps (like United), this one is unreliable. I have updated my blue member number a million times on my reservation and every time I open it, it is gone. Same for choosing sits. On the phone they tell me it is all ok, but I can not see it on the app. Disappointing.

  • iCloud
    by Iamalaska on 7 Dicembre 2019 at 0:21

    Sync to iCloud failed, how simple is that ?

  • Apple Pay doesn’t work
    by Aisla-8182 on 22 Novembre 2019 at 17:19

    can’t continue ton payment

  • Horrible
    by EPJS on 2 Novembre 2019 at 23:19

    I’ve used several airline apps before, and this one is by far the worst. I can’t check-in to get my tickets. It suggests I use their website, but that doesn’t work either! KLM is absolutely terrible.

  • Error messages
    by Gypsy C D on 2 Novembre 2019 at 0:01

    The first time I used it, several months ago, to book a flight, I kept getting kicked off. I finally was able to book but now consistently get error messages while trying to choose seating. I just updated the app which didn’t help.

  • Mr RJ H
    by Mr RJ H on 1 Novembre 2019 at 23:56

    Just downloaded the app. Straight after the download the app prompted me to apply an update. Once in the app I tried to join to become a “flying blue member” then after entering all my details the “create flying blue account” button remained greyed out and I could not go any further. A bit frustrating and unexpected, I would have thought KLM would want more users to join “flying blue” however, if they can not register through the app then that is one less avenue for potential customers to sign up. Weird.

  • Apple Wallet doesn’t work
    by JG-52 on 8 Settembre 2019 at 6:12

    The latest update appears to have broken the ability to save boarding passes to Apple Wallet.

  • So many bugs it’s useless
    by Armus77 on 4 Settembre 2019 at 6:04

    App is as disfunctionsl as the airline. The app doesn’t show changes to my reservation (seat change), wouldn’t let me check in (website worked), and it can’t show flight status based on flight # (have to do something else, like search on route). This app is as useless as KLM’s strike info (no decent airline would stick vital info [prohibition on checked bags] in a press release instead of the actual travel notification area]).

  • KLM app
    by piece de awesomely on 8 Luglio 2019 at 10:52

    KLM’s app is awesomely

  • Okay app
    by Flying too often on 15 Giugno 2019 at 11:01

    Deze update werkt weer .

  • Flying Blue
    by Beaboarder on 12 Giugno 2019 at 11:49

    KLM’s app and website are extremely frustrating to use when trying to book an awards ticket. You can go through the whole process of selecting your ticket only to find out that neither the website nor the app are able to process the payment. KLM doesn’t seem to care, their solution is always you need to go to the airport to purchase your ticket. Come on guys, it’s 2019, get your act together and get this fixed, it’s a long time known issue.

  • Crashes after last update
    by Oltmb on 12 Giugno 2019 at 3:25

    The app crashes on my iPhone 8 with latest iOS version.

  • KLM please change the company making this app
    by RObo2000 on 26 Maggio 2019 at 10:57

    Every update some new crazy bugs are introduced. With the latest update showing the flight I was actually flying on was "cancelled" (allthough it obviously wasnt) - and now (may 2019) its showing on the "my trips page" my "next" flight is also cancelled (with no date mentioned, turns out this was a trip from nov 2018!!) Just an illustration..of the crazy misinformation this app provides. I actually need this app for my work and have no time for this stuff. E.g. last month several destinations just disappeared from the app list and I was unable to book those... the list goes on. KLM: this obviously isnt working with whatever team is working on it - they need to do some real field testing before releasing things. Please do something about it. thank you

  • Great!
    by shainaaaaaaaaa on 25 Maggio 2019 at 6:52

    By FAR the best airline app I have ever used! So helpful and contains all the information you need for your flight.

  • Version 10.4.1 crashes / does not start
    by russkiy on 17 Maggio 2019 at 17:21

    After updating to the latest version, the app crashes during start every single time. Restarting the phone didn’t help.

  • New Version crashes iPhone
    by TonyFromAmsterdam on 14 Maggio 2019 at 15:36

    This morning I installed the newest version of KLM app in my iPhone 8, and every time I try to open the app my phone crashes. Do not install this update

  • Immediate crash after starting
    by Carcassus on 14 Maggio 2019 at 14:08

    Since the most recent update the app crashed immediately. Please fix!!!!!

  • Nice user interface
    by Michael Dodson on 13 Maggio 2019 at 15:51

    This is a clear app. Better than the website which is pretty good itself.

  • Great App & Customer Support
    by •Marushka• on 23 Aprile 2019 at 4:04

    I am a very Happy & satisfied customer of the KLM! Have always been flying Blue.. Their App is Amazing, is easy to use & very fast In booking a trip... KLM 24/7 Messenger Customer support is amazing & always giving their full support & cooperation... Best Airline App for me so far!✈️👌

  • No support for Apple Watch
    by ehhemmer on 7 Marzo 2019 at 2:29

    Still no support for Apple Watch. After all this time, while KLM launches various social media initiatives, the app does not link to Apple Watch. This is a significant lack for frequent travelers.

  • Easy but need special assistance
    by Mlpabon59 on 6 Marzo 2019 at 2:32

    It is very user friendly to find and book flight, buy and pay but I didn't found any place where they offer special assistance. Example because of mobility problems I need a wheelchair to the entrance of the airplane but cannot found where to choose it? Otherwise very good!

  • Don’t register, they’ll spam you forever
    by Maax3739373 on 28 Febbraio 2019 at 22:55

    Not really about the app, but it’s the same company and the same standards.

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