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n-Track Studio Pro | DAW

n-Track Studio Pro | DAW

n-Track Studio è una potente app per la creazione musicale che trasforma il tuo dispositivo iOS in un perfetto Studio di Registrazione e Beat Maker.

Registra un numero virtualmente illimitato di Tracce Audio, MIDI e Batteria, mixale durante la riproduzione e aggiungi gli effetti: da Amplificatori per chitarra a VocalTune e Riverbero. Edita le canzoni, condividile online e aggregati alla community di Songtree per collaborare con altri artisti.

Dai un’occhiata ai tutorial di n-Track Studio per iOS: https://ntrack.com/video-tutorials/iOS


• Registra una traccia usando il microfono integrato o un’interfaccia audio esterna
• Aggiungi e modifica le tracce audio usando il nostro Browser dei Loop e i nostri pacchetti campione esenti da royalty
• Importa groove e crea beat usando il nostro Step Sequencer Beat Maker
• Crea melodie usando la tastiera integrata con i nostri strumenti virtuali inclusi. Puoi anche connettere tastiere esterne
• Usa il mixer per regolare livelli, pan, EQ e aggiungere effetti
• Salva o Condividi la registrazione direttamente dal tuo dispositivo


• Tracce audio Stereo & Mono
• Step Sequencer Beat Maker
• Tracce MIDI con Synth integrati
• Browser dei Loop & Pacchetti Campione in-app
• Numero virtualmente illimitato di tracce
• Canali Group & Aux
• Editor MIDI Piano-roll
• Tastiera MIDI su schermo
• EQ con analizzatore di spettro 2D & 3D + accordatore cromatico
• VocalTune – correttore di tonalità: corregge automaticamente qualunque imperfezione nella tonalità di parti vocali e melodiche
• Plugin Amplificatori Chitarra e Basso
• Gli effetti Riverbero, Echo, Chorus & Flanger, Tremolo, Pitch Shift, Phaser, Tube Amp e Compression possono essere aggiunti a qualunque traccia e al canale master
• Metronomo incluso
• Importa tracce esistenti
• Automatizza volumi e pan usando gli inviluppi
• Condividi le tue registrazioni online
• Collabora alla creazione di musica con altri musicisti usando la community integrata di Songtree
• Lingue incluse: Inglese, Spagnolo, Francese, Tedesco, Italiano, Portoghese, Russo, Indonesiano


• Motore audio 64 bit in virgola mobile a doppia precisione
• Menu a discesa per seguire Tempo e Cambiamenti di Chiave della canzone nei Loop Audio
• Esporta file audio a 16, 24 o 32 bit
• Imposta la frequenza di campionamento fino a 192 kHz (frequenze sopra 48 kHz richiedono interfaccia audio esterna)
• Routing audio interno
• Sincronizza con altre app o dispositivi esterni usando MIDI clock & MTC sync, master & slave
• Registra 4+ tracce contemporaneamente da dispositivi USB pro-audio come RME Babyface, Fireface & Focusrite
• Supporto per uscite audio multiple usando dispositivi USB compatibili
• Monitoraggio dell'input

Cosa ottieni:
• Tracce audio & MIDI illimitate
• Sblocca tutti gli effetti disponibili
• Numero illimitato di effetti per canale
• Esporta su WAV o MP3
• Motore audio a 64 bit
• Esporta in formato non compresso (WAV) a 24, 32 e 64 bit (la versione Standard Edition è limitata a 16 bit WAV)
• Vista 3D dello spettro in frequenza

Disponibili acquisti una tantum in app:
• 10GB+ di loop & one-shot WAV Premium esenti da royalty
• Beat esclusivi pronti al rilascio & rispettivi progetti n-Track Studio
• Oltre 400 strumenti



Price:29,99 €

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  • versione più recente:4.3 out of 5 stars (4,3 / 5)4.33333
  • Tutte le versioni:4.3 out of 5 stars (4,3 / 5)4.3

Numero di persone valutate:9

Prezzo:29,99 €


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Recensioni della gente

Impressione e revisione delle persone in iPhone App [n-Track Studio Pro | DAW]!

  • Jalyn
    by ffgjnbfds on 5 Settembre 2021 at 0:16

    I’m still not sure how to record digitally from my piano

  • Would be great...but completely unreliable
    by Leadn on 25 Giugno 2021 at 0:44

    I (like many) am a self-taught music producer and I have used this app because I don’t have access to expensive software or even a computer. It would be perfect for me, except it frequently crashes and erases all my saved work, it alters pitch and BPM randomly, and it undoes my edits. Considering the fact that I generate such little income already, the lost time has cost me thousands of dollars in work hours. I have been stuck in the fallacy of sunken costs but it’s finally time for me to give up on N-Track and invest in an alternative application.

  • Won’t honor purchase
    by RCCRF on 17 Giugno 2021 at 19:45

    Bought the $27 all instruments pack from within their App Store on my 12in 2020 iPad. Downloaded it to be on my 11in 2018 then tried to restore my purchase on it. Apparently that’s way too confusing of a request for this app. Uninstalled and reinstalled it maybe 100 times over the course of the year through 3 iOS updates and 4 or so app updates. Still nothing. So thanks for nothing.

  • Great DAW! Would be 5 stars but..
    by Johny Ringo68 on 26 Febbraio 2021 at 3:07

    Learned about n-Track today, funny, seeing your logo drew my attention because I’m a hardware guy who likes to track out into a DAW. n-Track works...kinda good with midi clock, not real consistent, which is what I was hoping for. I thought for this particular DAW I was doing something wrong (in midi clock settings). To my dismay there is nothing in the manual about midi clock out to hardware : ( and zero tuts on YouTube. Could you guys help me out please...?

    by Levente-Marquis on 17 Febbraio 2021 at 19:46

    A friend of mine gave me the idea to use this app and he doesn’t even use it himself! As it turns out this studio will put out at least two if not 4 albums! We LOVE this studio app!,,

    by JakeW1984 on 29 Ottobre 2020 at 8:10

    Great tool in the right hands, and extremely affordable. N-Track isn’t playing the “inclusivity” game either. You don’t need the latest and greatest hardware for this to run well, and they aren’t requiring you to run the newest firmware to download their software. That in of itself is refreshing. Use their plugins to create a hip hop tune, or record a full band. This program does both jobs better than major studios could do a decade ago. Update: Current version as of 10/29/20 seems to have a faulty bass amp plugin. Gain clips and produces ground noise even if gain and volume settings are very low. Issues disappear when the plugin is turned off. I’m working around the issue with the compressor and EQ, but I really miss my plugin. All amp and mic combos seem to be affected. Guitar amp plugins are fine.

  • I love it this app is totally cool it’s just as good as garage band and ProTools
    by Carminelucchese on 28 Agosto 2020 at 2:36

    I think this is the best app ever created it is so flexible everything is clear everything is hands-on is the best

  • Great app to record
    by Gudwood203 on 7 Giugno 2020 at 20:52


    by ISHRMR on 31 Maggio 2020 at 13:17

    What's the point of having this if we can't record with the mic that we have, instead it uses the mic of our phone. Fix it please.

  • Perfect for Poor Underground Hiphop artists
    by Shadow Thr3 on 24 Maggio 2020 at 21:41

    I must say I was skeptical that an IPad Air could even make music that would be anything even remotely close to what we created in the full studio setup. Thousands of dollars of equipments. Sound proof everything. But with the iPad Air 3rd gen... and this app. It’s legit. We used to have cakewalk and sonar programs...hundreds of dollars for them so the price for this is great value. Just wanted to say thanks with all my heart for creating this beautiful canvas of opportunity potential and musical safe haven for us.

  • Good/bad
    by wateryclay on 3 Maggio 2020 at 19:01

    A lot of great things about this app: easy to use, decent workflow, editing tools… But I can’t export what I make. I like moving stuff all around apps and adding, re editing. I see others have had this issue so, it’s not just me ... right? Also- I paid more money when it asked me to because I wanted access to all of the instruments within the software. I still can’t access all of them despite having paid. It also seems like I have three different versions of this and I never know which one to use. None of them have those instruments accessible to me though, so it doesn’t even matter. I do like this though. Haha I feel I just have to bring up what I feel needs fixing or to be added. Being able to export is extremely important to me. If I’m doing something wrong, please tell me. If I am not, can you fix that? Can I at least sound copy and paste somewhere? Also- hook me up w those instruments please.

  • Great
    by jimmyjaman on 19 Aprile 2020 at 13:58

    What a fantastic app, easy to use

  • Had me at Hello...
    by The Healing Project on 28 Febbraio 2020 at 4:25

    ..until I wanted to say goodbye. Doing the easy got ridiculously painful. Recorded a couple of tracks using my iTrack Doc easily enough. Then began hours and hours of getting it to my desktop DAW Logic ProX. I cannot via bounce, save, whatever a simple wav file that can be imported successfully. It always some MIDI error, and I’m not even using any MIDI! Looking for my old cassette mixer...

  • Paid for this app and can’t export anything
    by uluvdj on 10 Gennaio 2020 at 11:07

    What the hell did i pay for? I record podcasts and an hour and 30 minutes of audio is stuck on this device. It fails when uploading to soundcloud every time & i don’t have Dropbox. I save the audio file locally and iTunes file sharing section shows no file under this app. Nor does iCloud Drive even display the file....

    by Pumpte on 10 Gennaio 2020 at 4:23

    I don’t know where these positive reviews about this app being better than Cubasis and Auria are coming from. The app doesn’t compare to those apps at all. I have yet to even get an idea started due to the flaws and glitches in this app. Every time I try to something new I’m introduced to another flaw... I bought the pro version and all of the instruments which means I’m $60 in on a useless app and what’s worse Apple won’t refund me... The pre roll won’t work, when I turn my iPad volume all the way down it’s still loud the volume will only work with the fader or plugging head phones in, and it took two days before I could create a profile because it kept saying it couldn’t find my email. I don’t write reviews especially negative ones but this is absolutely ridiculous. It has potential don’t get me wrong but right now the bad far out weigh the good for me right now I can go to Cubasis and Auria and everything will work.... I’m not having the same luck here and I’m running the iPad Pro 12.9 1tb with cellular service. Hopefully an update in the future will fix it until then I’ll see what else is wrong and keep reporting when it’s fixed and runs as it should I’ll re-review

  • Buggy!!
    by 921 Music on 28 Dicembre 2019 at 7:47

    This app is buggy and crashes often on iPad Air 3. Cubasis 2 and Auria are much more stable!! Thought I would try this app out for a change but it is a mess and feels cheap.

  • Mobile Recording
    by omilleon on 15 Dicembre 2019 at 19:43

    Is the most powerful Mobile software I have yet to use. I can mostly do everything I can do on my PC. That’s great for someone that’s always on the go. Just make sure you have enough memory to handle your work load.

  • Bluetooth
    by gustavo camacheqk on 14 Maggio 2019 at 17:58

    I cannot use my Bluetooth headphones at the same time that I use my mic ?????? Really???

  • Amp simulator stopped working
    by Dingo3003 on 15 Febbraio 2019 at 12:44

    Everything was running fine. And then the guitar and bass amp simulators stopped working. The track will not make sound when the amp sims are activated. This is the only reason I PAID THE $29.99 FOR THE APP. I feel like I got ripped off. $30 is a lot for an app that only half works!

  • My DAW
    by Zae1983 on 15 Febbraio 2019 at 3:53

    It’s really good compared to the other programs like Auria and Cubasis..it has more freedom though the interface isn’t as fluid as those I mentioned...the vocal tune is a nice add on and has some nice plugin effects..hoping to see more from this program...I’m making top quality’s music with the auv3 add one so it’s possible that this is all you need with some additional tweaks that help it stand out..plus having the iPad Pro and being able to use a lot of tracks really help..thanks developers!

  • Loved it ... but ...
    by Tamtinker on 30 Settembre 2018 at 4:59

    Very very buggy . Please fix . Running newest iOS update on a iPhone 7plus idk if it’s just me but I can’t import music into n-track anymore crashes when I try , can’t open up old songs / play them , ( just won’t make a sound at all ) ... when I save my work to my iCloud and then try to listen, it opens n track then crashes .

    by Gern Blasnton on 16 Settembre 2018 at 0:13

    UPDATE: The developer responded and fixed the issue! (Now add positional velocity to the drums and you’ve got six stars! Well...ya know, in spirit anyway, lol.) Not sure why the tiny unplayable keyboard in the MIDI editor is velocity responsive by position on keyboard but playable full size is just one velocity! Fix that and you earn five stars, thanks.

  • Brilliant!
    by davidlinn on 23 Settembre 2017 at 23:34

    ...and more brilliant!

  • I want a refund
    by Yan.12 on 11 Maggio 2017 at 10:07

    Hi, I recently bought the n-track 8 Pro app. I would like my money back. Every time I try to record there is a blaring sound in the background. Also the "grand piano" sound from the midi sounds like a toy piano not a real one. I don't like the app. Please give me a refund. Thanks, Yanet...

  • Best mobile app ever
    by Wilsonmfc25 on 1 Maggio 2017 at 4:35

    This app is perfect i connected my usb mic with an adapter and it works great, i wish you can add the Auto-Tune Effect please 🙏

  • Amazing DAW!!!
    by Fretless33 on 28 Marzo 2017 at 19:00

    This app is a powerful multi track recorder and is literally my main production tool! I might do a few things in the other DAWs but the final production is always done in n-Track! Their customer support is responsive and has seriously added features based on interactions with me! Not many companies do that! One of the coolest features and keeps me coming back is the integration of SongTree. It is an awesome community collaboration app that has inspired me beyond any inspiration I have had been. This alone is worth every penny I have spent on this app! I highly recommend getting the pro version! The effects are very good and I often find myself using the in app effects instead of other external apps I have paid for!

  • Amazing!
    by MseeeeM on 9 Febbraio 2017 at 2:19

    Thank you for making this! GOD Bless!

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