New York Pass-Guida di viaggio

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New York Pass-Guida di viaggio

New York Pass-Guida di viaggio

"Vedi di più, fai di più e risparmia di più a New York con il New York Pass: l'unico pass turistico che comprende l'Empire State Building. Sfoglia offerte esclusive e gestisci il tuo viaggio direttamente dal tuo cellulare.


– Flessibilità Quanto tempo vuoi trascorrere in visite turistiche? Acquista il tuo pass direttamente tramite l'app o scegli il download immediato.
– Scan & go Scansiona facilmente il tuo biglietto digitale in ogni attrazione. Il tuo pass si attiva dalla prima scansione.
– Offerte esclusive per i titolari di pass Ottieni l'accesso alle offerte disponibili solo per i titolari del pass, tutto all'interno dell'app.

– Organizza il tuo viaggio intorno alle oltre 100 attrazioni di New York tra cui Empire State Building, Top of the Rock e il Bus Hop-On, Hop-Off.
– Costruisci il tuo itinerario o trova ispirazione dai consigli dei nostri esperti. Aggiungi le attrazioni all'elenco dei preferiti toccando il cuore.
– Acquista il tuo pass sull'app. Scegli tra pass di 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 o 10 giorni a seconda dei tuoi programmi di viaggio.
– Accedi a offerte esclusive per i possessori di pass per teatro, tour di un giorno e altro ancora, tra cui The Lion King, New York Knicks e tour gastronomici.
– Usa una mappa interattiva che individua le attrazioni più vicine a te

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Impressione e revisione delle persone in iPhone App [New York Pass-Guida di viaggio]!

  • Great idea, inconsistent execution
    by randomcurtis on 17 Marzo 2022 at 10:34

    The pass is a brilliant and worthwhile thing to use. However, the app and process isn’t streamlined. The app takes you to each vendors website, finding where to reserve using your pass is a hassle and different for every vendor. Some vendors are “first come, first serve” reservations. There were no clear indications for how each vendor wanted the pass to be used.

  • Make sure before buying this the attraction locations and services are up to date
    by [email protected] on 10 Febbraio 2022 at 1:57

    While I’m writing this review I am currently in New York City and I just spent half of my afternoon going up and down to places and attractions that their closing time and services were not up-to-date with this app or pass, meaning for an example locations and attractions closing earlier and or not accepting this pass. If you go to google maps they give you the right clothes in time meaning that you have to check twice and plan twice the itinerary of your trip and the sad part is that mistakes like this that they’re not our fault as customers it is not our job to update this app we don’t get a refund for mistakes or updates.

  • Nice App - Terrible Company
    by JustJason10 on 30 Gennaio 2022 at 16:10

    The app seems to work very well and would have loved to use it; however, the company that runs the app is not your friend. My family was planning a wonderful trip to NYC just before COVID hit the US. When NYC shut down, this company did extend the dates the tickets covered but the problem is that they would agree to a refund. Additionally, the company has not extended further the passes despite NYC really not opening back up until after our passes expired!!! Their customer service, when they actual do answer the phone, is of no help either!! Just stay away from the company. It is not worth loosing your precious hard earned money over.

  • Great way to see the city!
    by rymoe95 on 14 Dicembre 2021 at 16:38

    This was my first visit to NYC and I found the New York Pass while searching through trip advisor for things to do during the day. I was skeptical at first because it sounded too good to be true but it’s totally legit! I bought the 3-day unlimited pass for $179 and got my money’s worth by the end of day 2. It was super efficient to use, had great tips/instructions for getting into the venue, and even helped me find new activities that I probably wouldn’t have found without it! I never had an issue with the pass being accepted anywhere. I did about 2 activities a day, saved about $100 overall and loved every experience I had! HIGHLY recommend for a first time traveler or anyone looking to see as much as they can on a budget.

  • Beware of changes
    by Nh527 on 14 Dicembre 2021 at 15:20

    So we are in New York and headed to Brooklyn. We checked last week to plan everything and there were several items listed as included. As we are on our way, three of the main attractions are now missing from the app. What a waste of money and time. So disappointed in the app. It’s worked well when we’ve used it but this now makes 4 things in 3 days that have been removed as options in the last week. Wish i had an option for a partial refund for my wasted time. If you plan a trip around what’s available check again the morning you are going to verify it’s still there.

  • Very bad app - didnt even save the itinerary I created for my trip. It was gone after a few days.
    by gsas1234 on 12 Dicembre 2021 at 16:15

    I had saved an itinerary in the app and when I looked at it after a few days, it was gone

  • Reservations
    by ttyttyyyyyygtfggg on 4 Dicembre 2021 at 19:04

    Very difficult to make reservations ……….

  • So far so good
    by Ms.Raine C on 23 Luglio 2021 at 16:07

    We have been able to use the pass with ease and enjoyed a lot of the tourist sights with little of the usual aggravation. The only information in the app is helpful and provided relevant information to help us plan our day.

  • Very good and handy
    by Tonythedad on 15 Luglio 2021 at 14:33

    Get the Groupon if you can to save a bit moreThe app is great to help plan your trip. We had zero issues at each stop. You can def save a ton of money if you keep moving.

  • Depends on your travel plans
    by JN Chicago on 12 Luglio 2021 at 2:21

    This app works well and has nice features. The problem is for most exhibits you need to show up in person to the attraction to purchase your entry tickets. So you can’t purchase ahead of time online. With COVID capacity limits at most places this means you have to physically go to the attraction to see III you can get in right away or come back several hours later (or the following day in some cases). Not an efficient way to plan your itinerary. We maybe broke even on the price of the 3-day pass but if I had to do it over I wouldn’t have purchased it for this trip.

  • No reservation links
    by carfuent on 28 Maggio 2021 at 20:45

    Some links yo make reservations are not available in the description of the tour

  • Unable to use app
    by rebe316 on 17 Maggio 2021 at 16:02

    I have been unable to use the app since i downloaded it a day ago. I made sure my iPhones operating system is up to date but have had no luck accessing the app. Maybe an update is needed of the app.

  • Unable to get a refund
    by 4people2people on 23 Aprile 2021 at 16:41

    I’ve been trying to get a refund since the covid happened so I had to cancel my trip. So I’ve sent an email and waiting, but no answer. Not a good thing that this happened.

  • No refunds, out hundreds of dollars.
    by SnappySnooMyNewShoes on 5 Marzo 2021 at 20:06

    No refunds despite Covid cancelling everything. Unable to use due to being in the UK and can’t get back to the US. They refuse to refund my money and now I’m out hundreds.

  • Don’t buy
    by RamosMisa on 22 Febbraio 2021 at 3:26

    All attractions require online booking, not all have the option for booking with New York Pass. If you’re a tourist you will lose your money.

  • Not Happy
    by MTMichael! on 8 Luglio 2020 at 17:48

    Very upset this company will not give refunds when my airline canceled my flight, my hotel canceled my stay and with COVID there’s no reason why I want to visit New York. Will never recommend a company who takes advantage of people during a worldwide pandemic.

  • Horrible company, DO NOT BUY
    by David of Seattle on 23 Maggio 2020 at 19:09

    If I could give zero stars I would. We spent $1136 on passes we won’t be able to use now in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, and while all of our flights and lodging and tours and other reservations have been canceled and refunded this company stands along in refusing to revise its policies and offer a refund. They said we could switch our passes to another city, as if travel to another city is possible or advisable in the middle of a global pandemic. None of the attractions are open, what good would this pass be anyway? A member of my family is immunocompromised, so we won’t be able to travel until (hopefully) a vaccine becomes available. Lesiure Pass Group, who operates the New York Pass, knows the attractions their pass gives entry to are all closed, yet refuses to offer refunds even though the attractions themselves are all offering full refunds due to COVID-19. Bad actors, shady business. DO NOT BUY!

  • New York pass is not worth the money!!!!!!!!!
    by Pannell20 on 5 Gennaio 2020 at 20:33

    We bought the New York pass and got completely ripped off. You can not skip lines. You go straight to ticket purchase where you purchase the ticket and then get into the admission line. They started our pass a day too early, called customer service and they did not help at all. In fact, they were very rude. The lady who I spoke with said “sir, I don’t even want to be here”. They refuse to help or make it right. I’d do the city pass if I was to do one again. Their pass actually gets to skip lines! Don’t buy this, it’s a hustle, a rip off, a complete waste of money.

  • Review
    by cgac18 on 29 Dicembre 2019 at 18:45

    Se tarda mucho en loading

  • Do your research
    by 50thnickname2writereview on 23 Dicembre 2019 at 12:53

    I enjoyed the experience but I will never use this again! The app to me wasn’t that helpful!The hop on/off bus was the best only because of the staff on the bus, and the knowledge they had about the city. Finding the hop on/ off bus sites where a bit challenging. I expected to just be able to walk into the sites since we had tickets but.....that was not the case. For the 911 memorial we were required to stand in a line to get tickets, then reserve a time to come back, and then stand in another line. This process was very time consuming! It was also like this for the “Top of the Rock” and Empire State Building! For fear it would happen a fourth time we didn’t even attempt Statue of Liberty, and our tickets would not have speeded up the process unless you bought an additional skip the line pass! If you have several days to tour the city then this is a great option! If time is of the essence I would suggest to do more search about things in the City and wait till you get there! In future trips I will be using the Metro for site seeing! When I tried to review this pass after spending almost $270 I was required to put in a password that toke me so many times I almost gave up!

  • Magnifico
    by Jsik Alavarez on 5 Dicembre 2019 at 14:48

    Es lo mejor si vienes a NY, el mejor ahorro es todo incluido es tal cual lo especifica. Compré el paquete de 5 días y lo aproveche al máximo. Bajando el app optimizas el uso. Lo aceptan en todo NY y en la mayoría de las atracciones hay filas especiales para el NY Pass. De volver a NY es lo primero q compraré por vale la pena. No lo dudes, los tours como por ejemplo del “Radio City” es insuperable conocimos hasta una de las Rockettes. Es fácil de usar y muy sencillo y fácil para redimir. Para mi tiene 10 estrellas!!! NY PASS , MAGRISTRAL!!!!

  • Plan ahead and it’s amazing!
    by 44R0N99 on 21 Novembre 2019 at 0:43

    Decided to leave a review because I’ve seen a ton of bad ones and I hope this review helps in not losing out on a good opportunity. This app works exactly as advertised! If this is your first time/first time in a while & your plan is to do as many touristy things as you can, then this is definitely an amazing option. If you plan ahead and don’t mind being out for a good portion of the day then you can get so much out of this. Spent $199 each (on special pricing) for a two 3-day passes and ended up doing over $450 worth of stuff each. Never had an issue redeeming it at any of the attractions. They have a list for which places let you cut the line and for those places that don’t let you cut, the lines move pretty quickly, we never waited more than 30 min to get inside somewhere, some of them even have special lines for pass holders. Keep in mind that it activates the day you first use it and then is active for subsequent days, so you probably want to use it as early as possible on the first day. Check ahead to see if any attractions require reservations but most don’t. If you make an itinerary and stick fairly close to it I guarantee it’ll be worth it!

  • Cheaters
    by ViktorFromBG on 5 Ottobre 2019 at 7:39

    Me and my friend bought these passes for three days and they sent our confirmation e-mail on the second day. When I texted them they didn’t respond and didn’t answer my calls. So I was 50$ minus (for three days was 200$ and for two days - 150$). You have to always wait on the queue for tickets (witch is funny because we should be able to go through with our passes). Also you are not allowed to visit Marvel 4D in Madame Tussauds and we had to pay extra for that - and that’s not normal when in the regular ticket you have Marvel 4D included. We couldn’t use our pass for the planetarium in the American museum of natural history and we didn’t have a guide... I don’t recommend using this pass - there are other passes that you can use and they are way better.

  • Scam
    by Merlyn3 on 13 Settembre 2019 at 16:42

    It would have been cheaper to use the kiosks at all the places we wanted to go. The pass “claims” you get to skip the ticket lines, which is completely untrue. We spent our time standing in lines waiting to validate our passes, rendering our New York Pass more expensive than if we had just bought tickets straight from the attractions as we didn’t have time to make it worth the purchase due to all of our wasted time. Purchaser beware, you will not get your money’s worth.

  • Terrible
    by duejejdjdbejdhdjeb on 13 Settembre 2019 at 15:12

    Still had to wait in lines for everything. Not worth the money.

  • Lie at its worst!!! Kari the supervisor is a Liar
    by NYP Critic on 6 Settembre 2019 at 15:04

    The pass needs no improvements!! It’s the customer service Kari at New York Pass Claims to be a supervisor at the New York Pass office and just from hearing my accent she got annoyed, didn’t want to help instead started yelling. Then completely lied to me that the passes were bought from Marriott vacation club (a third party) when I called the club they said we don’t even sell the passes so I called back to catch her in her own lie and she said “I was just googling who you might have bought the pass from”. Kari dear, you need to understand Tourism and hospitality business before you stepped into it. These passes were issued by New York Pass and its a lot of money for you to come and say that it’s expired and you won’t replace for me that’s pathetic. Please don’t buy from New York Pass they will ROB you off your money . Worst customer service ever by a Tour company.

  • Disappointed
    by Janethagui on 17 Agosto 2019 at 20:59

    Don’t waste your money buy your tickets individually.

  • Expensive
    by 3kcrn on 31 Luglio 2019 at 21:41

    Don’t waste your money. You want the city pass, not the New York pass. I bought two adult and one child New York passes for $552. We went to the Statue of Liberty first and could have purchased the city pass for $150 less. Plus, we still had to wait in line to get paper tickets.

  • Don’t get this app
    by aagarciaa on 5 Luglio 2019 at 17:13

    I’m not from NYC and bought this, don’t get it. You think you’re going to do so many things but lines are ridiculous, which i understand. But even though you buy this ticket you still have to stand in the same line to buy a general addition ticket because you have to print it out. You just end up losing money

  • Worthless - ripoff
    by mshfr1 on 2 Luglio 2019 at 17:03

    Just by the passes separate and don’t waste your money. You literally spend most of the day waiting in line and will be lucky to get more than two of the tours in.

  • DOES NOT sync with GROUPON
    by rachelnlarson on 22 Maggio 2019 at 21:06

    I bought 2 adult passes via Groupon and was unable to sync them up to this app. When I contacted customer service they sent me the following message “Unfortunately third party orders can not have their passes synced to the mobile app. “ I would not have purchased through Groupon if I had known this ahead of time. Building in the function of syncing with all third parties should be a major priority. Super unhappy with this lack of transparency.

  • Waste of money and time
    by Maira-1994. on 16 Maggio 2019 at 3:35

    Don’t waste your money in this pass. Everyone falls for this New York Pass and City Pass and all of those. I bought this pass, had to make a line for every place and it’d take about 1-2 hrs just to get to the door with this pass. Many people would skip the line since they had bought the ticket from the place. We tried to go to the museum of nature and science, the line was at the subway’s door. We went to ask and they told us that was the line for this pass, while people that purchased the pass in the museum’s website went in with no wait. Same thing happened at the MET, 9/11 museum, Rockefeller, Empire State Building, and Statue of Liberty. You’re better off buying a ticket from everyplace you’re trying to visit, since there’s no time to take advantage of this pass, too much waiting.

  • Scam, not worth it even when it’s on sale
    by arkaran08 on 6 Maggio 2019 at 23:25

    I bought the 250$ pass for 5 days, here are the problems 1. Prices of most museums in nyc are suggested its basically pay as you see fit. You can enter a museum for 5$ even when the suggested price is 30. 2. Most of the attractions in the pass are morning only and you cannot possibly do 2 things simultaneously. 3. The express line this is fake you have to get into the same lines as everyone else. 4. App keeps on crashing and stupid. 5. You’ll always be in a rush at every place to get your moneys worth and not be able to enjoy anything instead pay as you go to places. Not recommended.

  • Buyer beware 🤮
    by Lola_777888 on 16 Marzo 2019 at 1:22

    This was the biggest waste of money. No one told me that this is good for a calendar day, not for 24 hrs. I bought it at 5 pm and in the morning after hiking half of NY to get to the first attraction, I was told it the pass was expired. They did me the “courtesy” of offering me two free attractions to compensate, yet everytime they made me wait 30 min for the email, the bar code didn’t work, or they had selected the wrong attraction for me. And to redeem the BigBus, they make you go get the paper from them-which is a mega waste of time-just to then talk to the counter rep who was super apathetic. It was not worth the headache at all. I seldom give bad reviews but the NY Passes lack of seemlessness and horrible customer service is not worth your money. I give them zero stars for ruining my time here. There are other pass options, consider those before spending your money on the New York Pass. 🤮

  • Lost of attractions, no advantage to skipping the lines
    by Jo-MariSan on 10 Dicembre 2018 at 22:31

    I was disappointed with the pass in the fact that I still had to wait in line regardless of having purchased the pass in advance. Most attractions you still had to have a printed ticket to get in, so that’s why you had to wait in the regular line. The only place I got any advantage to having the pass was at the wax museum they actually had a separate line for the New York pass holders which made it easier to get in. Seems like it be much better from what I could see to just purchase a city pass for New York at least with that you can actually skip the lines. Otherwise I mean it’s a good offer there is a lot you can do for the mount of money you spend on it, but no advantage to skipping the lines.

  • Buy and use
    by munni3000 on 14 Ottobre 2018 at 19:16

    I bought 3 days tickets but at the time i bought nobody told that i can not use 3 days for exemple the bus ride! Should explain better the use of the tickets! And also that we can not use another line the red or blue!

  • Not as advertised
    by TeenaBeenaS on 8 Settembre 2018 at 17:29

    This was advertised as a pass to skip the line. However, after we took our Hop on Hop off Bus Tour (also misrepresented), we then found a very long line to get the tickets to the 9/11 Memorial. A representative there said that they have to “give us their own tickets”. Thus, “skip-the-line” is a fallacy.

  • Not really happy or what I expect in customer service
    by this is not good for me on 18 Luglio 2018 at 19:48

    So far a horrible experience. Unable to pay for a ticket online. Tried 3 devices and 2 cards. Called said cards and was told no reason it should be blocked. Sent an email night before and was told at almost 4pm that they have 24hrs to respond. Called number and was told 8 minutes wait time. 16 minutes later talk to someone who tells me she doesn’t know why but needs another 24 hours to see why they can’t accept payment and should have an answer tomorrow. 72 hours later still waiting. Do not use online if you have less than a week by my estimation

  • Pass not worth the price, app not reliable
    by Spparke on 12 Luglio 2018 at 21:37

    I bought the passes on a recommendation from a friend. Nothing about my experience lived up to anything as advertised by company. My group consisted of myself, my mother, and 2 nieces. I had to buy adult passes for all 4 of us even though my nieces would be eligible for the student rates and my mother would be eligible for the senior rates at most attractions. You need to plan on seeing 3-4 sites each day to get your money’s worth out of the passes. I requested multiple books to allow each of to help with the planning. Customer service told me during 2 different phone calls that they could accommodate this request, but they never followed through with sending them. I was hoping that the Fast Pass option would make up for some of the disappointments I had experienced prior to the trip, but instead found that it really didn’t help the lines any. We still had to redeem the pass for tickets before entering and the lines were the same regardless of how you were paying. I also experienced much frustration with the app itself crashing during use. The app includes maps, but they are not interactive, so there was a lot of back and forth between finding the location or public transit stops and whatever map we used to actually navigate to the site. Overall, the pass and the app are not worthwhile and I would not purchase them again.

  • Piece of Crap App
    by calif rules on 3 Luglio 2018 at 19:47

    Can’t even download my ticket. Error every time I try.

  • Crashes
    by hey its lexi on 22 Giugno 2018 at 2:36

    Even with the update it crashes whenever you try to view an attraction. Waited a long time for an update and it still doesn’t fix the problem

  • Crash
    by whatisupwiththenicknames on 17 Maggio 2018 at 19:08

    I updated my iPhone to the latest version. Now your app crashes every time I try to use it. It worked before. I leaving tomorrow to go to New York. I sure hope there is a quick fix to this in the works.

  • App crashes constantly
    by surftones on 9 Marzo 2018 at 3:29

    The current version of the app (4.0) crashes constantly. I can’t see details about any attraction, and the app doesn’t have much to offer without those details. Our family trip to New York begins tomorrow, and I was planning to use the app. Since it isn’t stable, I hope they still have those little paper booklets at their kiosks.

  • Update is not working
    by I am looking at the game on 4 Marzo 2018 at 12:29

    I downloaded the app because my daughter’s and I are planning a trip. Worked fine until I updated the app yesterday. Now it closes out when I try to look at the descriptions of the attractions. Not happy because this is where all the important information is at such as addresses, phone numbers, how to make reservations, etc. The app is pretty useless without this ability. Please fix it. Thank you!

  • Love it
    by Alex Thonhofer on 17 Settembre 2017 at 19:41

    I love this pass and the app. Line skipping is only partly true but it's still a amazing deal!! A must have on your New York vacation.

  • Extremely Helpful and well put together app!
    by TedBranson on 16 Settembre 2017 at 5:45

    This app is amazing! I bought 2 of the 5 day passes and am looking forward to a great vacation!

  • Don't waste your money and time
    by First NY Trip on 2 Agosto 2017 at 23:59

    This was my first trip to NYC. My family and I wanted the best bang for your buck experience. The problem is the demand is higher than the number of buses available. We waited 1.5hrs for an empty bus to take on the long line we were in. There was a heat wave going on and none of buses had ac working so the buses could only be filled to half capacity as everyone had to sit on the second level with no shade from the blistering sun. Once you could finally get on a bus, no one wanted to 'jump off and on' to see the sites/museums. We did get off once halfway through the tour to check out 9-11 but was unable to get back on a tour bus. We finally took the subway as the buses stop running at 5:30! Save your money! The subway was easy to maneuver with a free app and Air Conditioned!!

  • Chris
    by Karmichris on 18 Luglio 2017 at 18:54

    This is the only way to see New York 😁😊!

  • Rear deal as lake by as you use many of offers! Do it!
    by Dwabest on 10 Luglio 2017 at 23:05

    Great savings!

  • Great app
    by Adi-2014 on 8 Luglio 2017 at 5:21

    Love the app.

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