Remote NumPad & KeyPad [Pro]

Remote NumPad & KeyPad [Pro] iPhone Apps

Remote NumPad & KeyPad [Pro]

Remote NumPad & KeyPad [Pro]

Trasforma il tuo iPhone o iPad in una potente ed elegante estensione della tastiera con numeri e pad di navigazione.

Crea tastiere personalizzate per i tuoi strumenti professionali per aumentare la produttività.
Muoviti liberamente e controlla il tuo computer dall'altra parte della stanza. Non è necessaria alcuna linea di vista – l'app usa il WiFi per connettersi al tuo computer.

L'installazione è facile e veloce, basta scaricare l'app helper dal mio sito e installarla sul tuo computer e il gioco è fatto.

L'app esiste dal 2016 ed è stata scaricata più di 300.000 volte e ha ricevuto recensioni molto positive sia dagli utenti che dalla stampa. È attivamente mantenuta e riceve frequenti aggiornamenti con nuove ed eccitanti caratteristiche.

– Blocco numeri
– Blocco di navigazione

– Crea tastiere personalizzate per controllare app e siti web
– Alta personalizzazione dell'interfaccia dell'app
– Cronologia dei dispositivi collegati per una più rapida riconnessione
– Risveglio su LAN

– Mac con macOS 10.10 o più recente
– PC con Windows 7 SP1 o più recente
– App di aiuto gratuita, disponibile su
– Connessione di rete condivisa, WiFi o Personal Hotspot, vedi


Price:3,99 €

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  • versione più recente:4.6 out of 5 stars (4,6 / 5)4.64706
  • Tutte le versioni:4.6 out of 5 stars (4,6 / 5)4.6

Numero di persone valutate:51

Prezzo:3,99 €


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(c)Evgeny Cherpak

Recensioni della gente

Impressione e revisione delle persone in iPhone App [Remote NumPad & KeyPad [Pro]]!

  • Great value for the money and function
    by Ghbeliever on 5 Gennaio 2022 at 20:33

    This application is ideal if you do not want to keep another keypad device around to accompany your laptop keyboard. I’ve been using this for a while as well as the other remote applications. All of them have worked really well. Good programming.

  • Great numeric pad
    by happyguy2 on 29 Dicembre 2021 at 17:27

    I am one of the people who has to sometimes enter a lot of accounting data and numbers into spreadsheets.This app is a wonderful supplement when I do this on my laptop. On my desktop I have a full keyboard but not on my macAir. This allows me to enter data on laptop and I can also do it on other devices. I highly recommend this outstanding Application.

  • It works
    by davidoff__light on 3 Novembre 2021 at 19:28

    A bit slow and I don’t feel the space between the buttons, but overall it’s a great tool to have

  • Having fun
    by Kenny-leigh on 3 Ottobre 2021 at 7:37

    Been having fun with this one

  • Wonderful utility
    by jaypeedubs on 25 Settembre 2021 at 0:58

    Great price and great functionality!

  • Excellent!!
    by B1434 on 5 Settembre 2021 at 18:49

    I use the app every time I record grades for my classes. It is easy to use and always works exactly like it is supposed to. I highly recommend!

  • Does what it advertises!
    by W. Furrie on 1 Settembre 2021 at 23:25

    Great little app, does exactly what I need, and easily.

  • Solid app, great for macros
    by 00lindz on 31 Agosto 2021 at 23:08

    I use this for both work and video editing. Perfect for making macros for repeated actions. Would definitely recommend this app!

  • Handy 10-key
    by BornBusy on 27 Agosto 2021 at 2:06

    I am constantly using other people’s computers due to my job and this app helps to ensure that I always have a 10-key pad when I need it, which is quite often since I am constantly reviewing spreadsheets. Great to have this handy app on my iPhone, since most people don’t have a 10-key option on their default keyboard.

  • Musthave App
    by 被剥削的傻子 on 14 Agosto 2021 at 7:05

    Mac users, this is your one stop solution for PowerPoint controller and a full-size number pad.

  • Works great.
    by matwoj on 4 Agosto 2021 at 14:51

    I love the app and has been using it for a while. No issues. Good stuff.

  • Perfect for wireless keyboard!
    by RgrC on 21 Luglio 2021 at 16:36

    I use this all the time with my wireless keyboard and laptop. Used this app for years!

  • Quite useful
    by •bOobOoH• on 11 Luglio 2021 at 10:51

    This app lets you control your computer. Its quite flexible too that you can basically add macros. I’m now able to use a lot of shortcuts with just one press of a button, its very helpful for my workflow!

  • Indispensable Tool
    by tah2500 on 7 Luglio 2021 at 14:31

    This is a great tool when you have lots of numbers to work with and your keyboard lacks a number keypad. I have a small portable keyboard. With this app, it seems I now have a large keyboard with number pad. Thanks. I’m really pleased.

  • Still killing it
    by evanovich555 on 7 Luglio 2021 at 1:54

    For what it does, still my number one productivity increasing app/tool. A must for any power user on the go or otherwise. I usually have my full size keyboard and STILL find myself using this app more and more for customized macros and shortcuts.

    by NinaStar9495 on 6 Luglio 2021 at 21:05

    This app is incredible. I work online mostly on indesign and this app has made it so easy! Doing tasks that usually take 5 steps are now cut down to one. I make the shortcuts and layout my “keyboard” and bam I’ve got tons of one click shortcuts. Love love love this app. Thanks!!

  • Saves me tons of time
    by KatDrawdy123 on 5 Luglio 2021 at 19:39

    I love this app because I have to run payroll at work and my MacBook doesn’t have a number key pad. This makes payroll challenging. Love this app. So worth the buy.

  • This App Is Invaluable To Me
    by Holinjer on 5 Luglio 2021 at 15:42

    I have a singular yet very important use for NumPad. In music production I often need access to the numeric keypad for very specific tasks that if I had to mouse into menus would dramatically slow me down. Opening this app on my phone and selecting my MBP immediately puts those commands back at my fingertips. I’ve never had an issue with this app and have no need or interest in looking for alternatives. Thank you NumPad!!!

  • Great app
    by pepslots on 3 Luglio 2021 at 18:30

    Really good, works amazingly well, exactly what I needed, great and fast support for the only question I had.

  • Solid
    by trillionandone on 3 Luglio 2021 at 6:38

    Don’t often take time for a review but this flexible ui for an incredible range of low-latency and reliable remote keystrokes and commands… is the bomb. 👍🏻

  • Love this app!!!!
    by Mr. Green 12999 on 6 Giugno 2021 at 17:16

    I am a tracking engineer. I can use this app to trigger custom key shortcuts on the number pad. Huge game changer and great for flexibility

  • Exceptional
    by lhommela on 7 Dicembre 2020 at 21:13

    I think your app is very intuitive and for the most part self explanatory. The settings are ample enough to let the customer tweak and interact the app in such a way that they feel like they have a part in how it works for them not just how you the manufacturer intends it to thereby giving us users a chance to modify it to our liking. So thanks

  • A Simple and Elegant Solution
    by Me31B on 7 Dicembre 2020 at 16:18

    More people should honestly know about this app! For years I went without a dedicated NumPad on my MacBook Pro until I discovered this app. As a science majoring college student this is amazing. My productivity while working with excel significantly increased. Best of all, I don’t need to pack additional hardware in my backpack. I’ll be sharing this App with all my fellow college friends!

  • Best app ever
    by Deniseksinclair011 on 6 Dicembre 2020 at 16:17

    I’ve been looking for a way in order to text my children without my hands hurting. This is helped me so much thank you. Sincerely Denise Sinclair

  • Uses WiFi not Bluetooth to connect...
    by Darryl_R on 19 Ottobre 2020 at 0:24

    This uses WiFi not Bluetooth to connect... will not work with all WiFi setups. Completely stupid idea.

  • App Does nothing
    by Bigdude25 on 14 Luglio 2020 at 23:55

    No problems connecting to iMac over WiFi network. Tying to use as NumPad alongside Apple magic keyboard, but the app does not allow me to type in any programs on the app. Total and complete waste of money and I have already wasted more time than it would ever be worth. Would have saved my company money if I just bought a new keyboard or separate NumPad device.

  • Terrrible doesn’t work
    by Michael4563 on 5 Giugno 2020 at 21:29

    Developers refuse to respond to me to help get this app working. This app does not work with PC!! Do not waste your money on this app. Go buy a real NumPad for a couple bucks more. The developers or customer service or whatever won’t even contact me won’t help me out at all. Waste of money. Lol really that’s your response? Ok my 1 star review will stay

  • Remote NUMPAD App for Mac
    by hebgeek on 21 Maggio 2020 at 18:47

    The App works as promised in an article I read. What more could I want. I wanted a NumPad. I got a NUMPAD. I’m fully satisfied. 5 stars.

  • I would give it 5 stars
    by KB0729 on 19 Maggio 2020 at 23:10

    The app is great when it works, but it keeps having issues with connection to my Mac. I’ve changed my WiFi settings repeatedly, sometimes even switching entirely to LTE in hopes that it will help. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. When it does, I can be on a roll with my Anki flash cards and suddenly the app goes haywire and I have to go back and un-review my cards because the app has been stuck on the space bar... which can be tedious.

  • Great App!
    by Jeremyrhen on 19 Maggio 2020 at 20:24

    I love this app! And all the apps by this company. I work in data entry and one of the biggest problems with working from home is that my laptop doesn’t have a number pad. Using the numbers across the top of the keyboard takes 3x longer than a number pad, so this app saved my life! It registers the input just as fast as a real number pad, and the app is wayyyyy cheaper than buying an external keyboard.

  • Great!
    by Podcast devotee on 18 Maggio 2020 at 21:48

    Does exactly what it says. Worth it!

  • How is this not a default iPhone app!
    by C Drysdale on 18 Maggio 2020 at 21:34

    You know those apps that come Pre-downloaded on new Apple iPhones? Well this is one of the most amazing, useful, downright awesome apps I have. Stars are overrated. I give this app 5 🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐!

  • Good control for mac and easy to use
    by Margarit4 on 18 Maggio 2020 at 19:12

    This app is very user friendly. The design is nice and they are always keeping it up to date.

  • Numeric Keypad
    by sydojai on 16 Maggio 2020 at 15:49

    I wanted a numeric keypad to use with my laptop for using with Excel and other programs to make number entry easier. This App has worked great!

  • Great little app
    by lipadad on 16 Maggio 2020 at 14:57

    I use this app with a smaller keyboard that does not have the number pad. It works excellently, and I have a bit more desk space and saved money by not having to get a new keyboard.

  • Keypad is customizable?? BIG NO!
    by Krd3269 on 29 Aprile 2020 at 5:57

    Just wasted $3 for an app that I thought would allow me to customize a keypad and I would set the keys and then go use the keypad I just made and the keys that I setup would automatically change to e.g I set one button for alt+end and it changed it to 1 + p. Think twice before you waste your money on this.

  • You have to download software to your computer
    by Matt_NYC on 16 Aprile 2020 at 16:49

    Figured this would just connect my phone via blue tooth. Did not realize you have to download and install software on your computer to make this work. Wanted to use with a work laptop, but I cannot install unapproved software on it due to security reasons. Wasted money.

  • Doesn’t Load
    by Kiko's Wife on 18 Febbraio 2020 at 3:25

    I downloaded the app as instructed onto my laptop, it will not load. I don’t see a direct way to contact the creator. I don’t do Twitter. So, it looks like I’ve lost my money.

  • Thank for your support
    by Somps on 1 Ottobre 2019 at 0:15

    2019-09-30 Not only is this a very useful tool, this developer keeps updating it and actually cares that it keeps working. There is a common virus that will keep you from imputing Google into the search engine in order to stop you from researching the virus. With this tool, I made a custom keypad that I can easily enter 1 of several urls into any typable field. This solved a big problem for me. Plus, it can be used to pull up a favorite really fast. That’s probably outside of the idea but that’s gage latitude this tool offers.

  • A med student
    by Sugarwookie on 6 Aprile 2019 at 23:50

    I spend the majority of my time now doing flashcards with Anki/ I was looking for something I could setup some commands for flash card mode so I can stare at my laptop a little farther away for long periods of time. Eye strain and all that. Other apps couldn’t get all the commands I wanted in or were awkward to use. This is exactly what I was looking for! Works great! I do get a lot of weird looks in the library when I do this because I keep my phone down and it looks like I’m controlling it with my mind so thanks for making it look like I have superpowers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Thanks
    by Samsjamz on 4 Aprile 2019 at 20:14

    A simple program that works great again thank you

  • Excellent App and Developer Support
    by RER85 on 27 Febbraio 2019 at 17:37

    I downloaded this app to assist with shortcuts in Blender 3D. The method for creating shortcuts is intuitive and simple. For programs with multiple hotkey shortcuts this app is a huge timesaver. After noticing an anomaly with the keyboard drivers in Blender I reached out to Evgeny for assistance. He updated the app, in under a week, with a modifier option that solved the issue! You can’t ask for much more from a developer. Thanks again!

  • Unusable
    by Allusionalife on 18 Febbraio 2019 at 14:40

    It worked when I first downloaded it, and that was the only time. Subsequent reinstalls have yielded nothing.

  • YAAAASSSS!!!! A Teacher’s BFF
    by Palauanmay on 10 Dicembre 2018 at 12:38

    It’s so easy to use this to input grades using a laptop. I like the key pad better than the row of numbers on a laptop keyboard. Thank you for this app! 🙌🏽

  • Nice new icon!
    by jthiltgen on 10 Settembre 2018 at 19:49

    I dig the new icon. Nice design.

  • Just what I needed
    by wow no nickname on 13 Luglio 2018 at 4:47

    Works well. Thanks!

  • Pay the man already
    by matthew.harmeston on 1 Luglio 2018 at 13:42

    I bought this app so I could hook my MacBook up to the big screen in my living room and control quizlet from the couch which is only scratching the surface of its tools. After using it I would have paid more for this and his choice to earn a little money is deserved. Constantly updated, lots of features, and user friendly.

  • Works well, but disgruntled by pricing practice
    by Blah^5 on 22 Maggio 2018 at 18:49

    I’ve been pleased with how this app works with Sibelius. But I paid a few bucks just 3 months ago to get a nice featured app without ads. Then a recent update to the app introduced ads unless I now pony over more money to the developer in a subscription. It was hidden in a “release note” that the pricing model switched from paid to “freemium”, but it’s not really freemium when I already paid for the app and now need to buy a subscription just to remove ads.

  • Crap
    by Holtly on 21 Maggio 2018 at 17:06

    Difficult to connect. Constantly misses strokes and not all functions on pad work. I want my $2.99 back

  • Was a great product, until...
    by PiecemealMusic on 8 Maggio 2018 at 2:44

    Originally, this app solved the problem of not having a 10-key pad on my laptop. While it still fulfills this function, it does so with an intrusive advertisement. I wouldn’t care had I not actually PAID for this app before this change was made. I kind of got swindled there.

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