Splid – Dividi le spese

Splid – Dividi le spese Finanza

Splid – Dividi le spese

Splid – Dividi le spese

Perfetto per dividere le spese in vacanza, fra coinquilini o con il tuo partner. Splid aiuta a gestire le spese comuni e regolare i conti in un modo facile e rilassato.

Non perdete tempo con scontrini persi o discussioni riguardo a come saldare i conti. Inserite semplicemente tutte le vostre spese e Splid vi mostrerà quanto ognuno deve all’altro.

E la cosa migliore è che Splid funziona on e offline. Crea un gruppo offline e controlla il saldo delle spese in pochi secondi. Oppure attiva il sync per inserire le spese insieme. È semplice e non c’è bisogno di registrarsi.

Anche le spese più complicate possono essere gestite facilmente e velocemente con Splid:

– Emma ha pagato il supermercato ma Andrea ha contribuito con €10? Nessun problema.
– Le tue spese sono in dollari ma volete regolarvi in euro? Detto fatto.
– Anna aveva due drink in più rispetto agli altri? Facilissimo.

Una prima panoramica delle caratteristiche:

(+) Interfaccia pulita, facilissima da usare.
(+) Condividi gruppi online (nessun bisogno di registrazione).
(+) Funziona perfettamente anche offline.
(+) Scarica riepiloghi chiari ed esaustivi in formato PDF o Excel.*
(+) Scegli fra più di 150 valute e lascia che Splid converta automaticamente l’importo.
(+) Gestisci anche le transazioni più complicate (ad esempio dividere le spese non equamente o aggiungere beneficiari multipli per ogni spesa).
(+) Gestirai il minor numero di pagamenti possibili perché Splid trova sempre il modo più semplice di saldare i conti.
(+) Scopri quanto il tuo gruppo ha speso in totale.

*Esportare in Excel disponibile come acquisto in-app.



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  • Tutte le versioni:4.8 out of 5 stars (4,8 / 5)4.8

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Recensioni della gente

Impressione e revisione delle persone in iPhone App [Splid – Dividi le spese]!

  • Great App for girls trip!
    by Brunner8 on 22 Giugno 2022 at 0:00

    Made splitting expenses between 10 of us so easy. Wish I would have thought of this 😁!

  • Traveling with Companions
    by izziegold on 18 Giugno 2022 at 12:03

    This app was a miracle for us traveling through Europe for three weeks with 4 people. It made the wrangling of shared expenses extremely easy!

  • More versatile than I expected
    by theh2obaby on 15 Giugno 2022 at 17:27

    It took a bit of trial and error, also digging through menus, so I could have made better use of it earlier with a little more guidance. But now that I've found all the different ways to split expenses, I will definitely use Splid again. Being the one who always eats less and drinks no wine, it's great to be able to put in my specific expenses regardless of who's paying. Look for the options of division by fraction, percentage, or amount.

  • Extremely useful
    by Kaelef on 15 Giugno 2022 at 4:32

    Saves a ton of time when calculating multiple expenses during a vacation

  • great app, eases settlements
    by nicname 4040 on 11 Giugno 2022 at 11:33


  • Great app
    by Merle111 on 10 Giugno 2022 at 15:30

    I used this app to track expenses across our group on a vacation and loved its ease of use, particularly that I could enter expenses for multiple people without having them all sign up and contribute. The summary and settle up features are great. My only suggestion is that you should add a summary of total payout in addition to total spend for each person. Thx for a great app!

  • Ease of use
    by tcarino04 on 4 Giugno 2022 at 13:43

    Splid has helped our trip so much. It was so much easier to manage our expenses. We highly recommend this app!

  • Great for family trips
    by stasiav on 2 Giugno 2022 at 0:49

    We used this for a family trip and I’ll be buying the paid version to use it again. I haven’t found a better way to track expenses for a group.

  • Really useful!
    by iveryc on 1 Giugno 2022 at 22:20

    Great product, makes calculating bills much easier!

  • excelente
    by macajarem on 29 Maggio 2022 at 14:26

    muy buena app, de mucha ayuda, eficiente, práctica por sobre todas las cosas ya que es muy fácil utilizarla, y funciona a la perfección 👌🏽. la recomiendo a un 100%!

  • Splid Amongst Friends
    by MARIOK DR GROUP on 24 Maggio 2022 at 22:03

    We recently took a vacation to Key West with five couples. The app was so easy to use and kept things organized. We definitely will use it again!

  • Excelente aplicación
    by Caml1008 on 22 Maggio 2022 at 19:10

    Cuando viajas en grupo es excelente para tener control de los gastos. Nos fue muy útil.

  • Amazing app
    by Victoriusj44 on 18 Maggio 2022 at 12:51

    Best split app there is! Best tool on my vacation!

  • Perfect app for traveling
    by Rahul94132415 on 17 Maggio 2022 at 19:07

    Way better than splitwise since you don’t need 10 email addresses to make it work. Love it!

  • So easy!
    by honeyRC on 17 Maggio 2022 at 17:27

    I needed this app! Thanks so much

  • Great App for Travel
    by Anniesva on 17 Maggio 2022 at 15:45

    This app has been wonderful for our travel planning. The ability to change currency is great. Also, the flexibility in the reporting is wonderful. My detail oriented husband can see everything, but my “just tell me what I owe” friends can both easily see what they need. Wonderful tool!

  • awesome app!!
    by LibdaSue62 on 13 Maggio 2022 at 13:14

    tried using another app first and then found SPLID...this is so much less complicated!!!

  • Excellent
    by Amrita Pataskar on 12 Maggio 2022 at 22:29

    A great app which keeps friends honest with spending .

  • Great for trips with multiple currency
    by Marseille Goyo on 12 Maggio 2022 at 15:03

    Used this for three people where money was spent in multiple different currencies. Handled it with ease. I found no issue with the exchange rates listed.

  • Works great
    by Pick9 on 11 Maggio 2022 at 17:04

    Sort of confusing how to settle up at first. Would love to have an option to pay through this too

  • Genial para seguir gastos compartidos
    by Clara.RM. on 7 Maggio 2022 at 22:38

    Uso mucho esta aplicación cuando voy de viaje con amigas o cuando compras muchos regalos. Es fácil y muy cómoda. Por ponerle un pero, de manera gratuita solo puedes abrir un grupo, pero de algo tendrá que vivir el que la creó. Gracias

  • Simple and straightforward way to share expenses
    by Earth and Sun Consulting on 5 Maggio 2022 at 15:19

    I’ve used Splid to share expenses on several trips with friends, and everybody has found it easy to use. I wish you didn’t have to pay to upgrade in order to have more than one group active at a time, but it’s a small expense, and worthwhile.

  • So helpful
    by ThisIs2020 on 2 Maggio 2022 at 3:07

    I use Splid every time I travel with friends. It makes it SO EASY to track expenses across a group and settle up when all is said and done. It’s so helpful.

  • Splid App
    by galewis7 on 29 Aprile 2022 at 3:32

    Excellent app. Very easy to use.

  • Why can’t I link Venmo?
    by MdlnGoodnight on 26 Aprile 2022 at 20:20

    I used to be able to link my Venmo account to this but now it won’t let me (or anyone). That function made this app very seamless originally. Please fix that bug!!!

  • Fabulous!
    by beejoy on 24 Aprile 2022 at 0:31

    This app is just great for traveling with friends.

  • What a great tool!
    by BecomingBetterPeople on 22 Aprile 2022 at 21:57

    We love Splid as our head chime in Betty handy for an upcoming group trip. So awesome that it deals with foreign currencies too!

  • Linda0214
    by Lockerbie on 20 Aprile 2022 at 17:23

    Love this App

  • Best way to keep tab and split expenses
    by Kkj3 on 18 Aprile 2022 at 23:31

    Honestly, This is the best app ever. Makes group experiences, trips, receipts, and expenses easy to calculate and transparent.

  • So many uses for this Great app!
    by Simmeyy on 18 Aprile 2022 at 21:04

    Will be using for a long time!

  • Splid
    by nan$6 on 17 Aprile 2022 at 17:48

    Easy to use but would like to be able to print results

  • Splid
    by Archie Tressel on 9 Aprile 2022 at 0:14

    This a great app! We used it for a girls’ trip.

  • more features, please!
    by enriquem13 on 5 Aprile 2022 at 15:28

    It would be nice if new/added expense categories showed up when a new group was is created, or maybe you should a lot more categories that cover a wider spectrum of expense types. Also, a notes section for each expense would be REALLY nice. Otherwise, pretty useful app…got us away from using paper for day-to-day shared expenses.

  • Congratulations
    by Brum42 on 23 Marzo 2022 at 15:36

    I had a friend recommend this app and it worked fabulously. We had three travelers and we gave zero thought and time regarding how to split cost fairly and we put our energy in enjoying our trip. I would highly recommend!!

  • Easy to use
    by DRVMBT on 9 Marzo 2022 at 14:51

    This app is so easy to use!

  • Great splidding app
    by FatherThyme on 8 Marzo 2022 at 15:34

    Really simple, intuitive interface

  • Great app!
    by KevHorns on 4 Marzo 2022 at 16:35

    Love it

  • This is wonderful app
    by sinhkng on 3 Marzo 2022 at 20:23

    This is amazing app to split expenses between friends. I would love to recommend my friends to use this app especially on travel. One suggestion though, allow to store the receipts. Overall thumb up!!!

  • Great app for friends.
    by macsugar on 28 Febbraio 2022 at 22:49

    We use this every trip we go on with friends. It makes it easier to cover tabs. Great job to the developers. No bugs.

  • love it
    by Albilla123 on 27 Febbraio 2022 at 18:36

    Incredibly helpful.

  • Splid made vacation with friends so easy!
    by Picklaurie on 26 Febbraio 2022 at 5:13

    Great App!

  • Perfect
    by Bridget12985 on 25 Febbraio 2022 at 15:52

    I love this app. As a person who is always traveling and always spotting my friends it helps immensely to keep track of everything, even with other currencies. The best!

  • Perfect!
    by Juder1 on 23 Febbraio 2022 at 20:10

    We recently went on a trip with friends and this app was invaluable. It was easy to log what each of us purchased and to figure out what we owed each other.

  • Not good for large groups
    by TealaAlvord on 23 Febbraio 2022 at 4:50

    It seems folks who split with one other person were fine, but we took a trip with 8 folks and there’s something bad in the programming. The expenses were all correct, but when settling up, it told folks they owed people they didn’t and then wrong amounts were added. We ended up just referring to the expenses sheet and manually adding up what folks owed. Super time consuming….. but hey, you get what you pay for…. : (

  • Perfect and easy
    by BarbieOnTheGo on 7 Febbraio 2022 at 18:16

    I traveled in Europe with my sisters for 2 1/2 weeks. We decided that I would pay for whatever, enter it into this app, and settle up at the end. So easy to use and the sisters could quickly see where the money was going. Just set it up again for another trip with just one sister. She’s new to international travel and bad at math so she’s grateful for the app, too.

  • Nice and easy
    by Smitty666 on 4 Febbraio 2022 at 20:27

    This is the first time I have used this app. Group of guys went out West to ski for a couple of days. This made it easy to keep track of who owed what for the trip.

  • Great app
    by marlon_g on 1 Febbraio 2022 at 4:55

    Always using on a trip with my friends

  • The app is great, but would be nice to be able to add recurrent expenses
    by Wendell Pereira on 28 Gennaio 2022 at 2:08

    Have been using the app for a long time and it is very user. I would like to be able to add recurrent expenses. My partner and I use it to split the home expenses. It would be great if I could add something like Spotify, or any signature service that is paid monthly, as a recurrent expenses instead of needing to remind myself to add it every month.

  • So easy!
    by Mkmaddox on 17 Gennaio 2022 at 3:08

    Thanks for making it so easy to split our girls weekend expenses! The app made it easy to enter in and divide up expenses at the end of the trip!

  • Splid is the best! Easy and smart!
    by NYCLAMS on 14 Gennaio 2022 at 22:43

    We downloaded the app and started using on our girls trip. Super easy to add expenses and who was responsible - making it easy to “settle up” in the end. Don’t worry with receipts or paper or your notes app. Let Splid do it for you! Highly recommend.

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