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Tripsy è un'app per la pianificazione di viaggi che ti consente di condividere l'itinerario con familiari e amici, ricevere avvisi sui voli, chiviare documenti. Inoltre contiene suggerimenti di itinerari in alcune città di tutto il mondo.


“Per sfruttare al meglio il tempo della vacanza è necessario pianificare. Con Tripsy è facilissimo. Inserisci l'orario dei voli, gli hotel e i luoghi che desideri visitare, quindi condividi l'itinerario con i tuoi compagni di viaggio premendo un pulsante”.

Tripsy è un'app per la pianificazione dei viaggi che consente di:

– Organizzare tutte le informazioni sul viaggio (hotel, voli, treni, ristoranti, note, ecc.)
Ricevere aggiornamenti sui voli tramite notifiche push (cambio del gate, modifiche all'orario, ecc.)
– Condividere il viaggio con amici e parenti
– Scegliere tra gli itinerari di viaggio esclusivi realizzati da noi verso diverse città (Roma, Parigi, Vancouver, Rio de Janeiro, e molte altre)
– Archiviare immagini, note, video e altri file e condividerli con tutti gli ospiti
– Personalizzare il viaggio con immagini di sfondo

Aggiungi dettagli sul volo prenotazioni, mezzi di trasporto, luoghi di interesse, ristoranti, tour, escursioni, gite e altre informazioni.

Tripsy ti consente di condividere l'intero itinerario del viaggio con parenti ed amici, senza alcun limite. Tutti possono collaborare aggiungendo nuove attività e aggiornando quelle esistenti.

Ora puoi archiviare immagini, appunti, video e documenti e utilizzarli per creare un diario di viaggio, un ricordo da riguardare in futuro o qualsiasi cosa desideri. Puoi anche condividerli con gli ospiti.

Tripsy ti tiene aggiornato sui prossimi voli informandoti su: orari di partenza e arrivo, terminal, gate e ritiro bagagli. Inoltre, Tripsy può inviarti una notifica push per avvisarti di eventuali cambiamenti.

Puoi personalizzare l'itinerario del tuo viaggio scegliendo un'immagine o un colore per lo sfondo adatti a te e al tuo viaggio.

Se stai andando in zone con fusi orari diversi puoi configurare ciascuna attività in base al fuso orario desiderato. Questo renderà l'organizzazione del tuo viaggio più pratica.
Il tuo tempo è importante. Per questo motivo Tripsy ti fornisce anche suggerimenti su itinerari di viaggio esclusivi, con informazioni e consigli che ti aiuteranno a rendere il viaggio il più produttivo possibile.

Tripsy non vede l'ora di guardarti mentre viaggi, perciò, ogni volta che un nuovo viaggio verrà aggiunto, verrà avviato un conto alla rovescia, con la speranza che tutti i preparativi diventino un'esperienza piacevole.

Abbonamento Premium:
– Mensile
– Annuale

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Impressione e revisione delle persone in iPhone App [Tripsy]!

  • Wish I Could Share Easier
    by sweetjg83 on 18 Giugno 2022 at 19:50

    This is a good app with a great UI but as it’s iOS only, I can’t continue to use it as I can’t easily share trips with Android users. It’s just not functional for collaboration across different OS. Android users can’t see the notes added to individual itineraries. Also, it would be great if this app had a packing list feature. I’d like to set specific items that my family need to pack so everything is in one place, and also create my own packing list (that I could keep private).

  • So close to being a great app
    by ajrietveld on 27 Maggio 2022 at 18:49

    Really great for organizing trips. It’s great to be able to forward reservations and have things sucked in and parsed. But good luck trying to plan a road trip that spans multiple time zones. The default time zone should be based on the event that is being scheduled and not where the device is located or the time zone set when creating the trip. It’s as if they didn’t use the app at all to plan a road trip.

  • Love!
    by user763471883 on 25 Maggio 2022 at 5:13

    Was looking for a simple app to plan my itinerary for my trip to Europe. Although you have to enter things manually I didn’t mind and it didn’t take me very long. Everything is simple, organized, and aesthetically pleasing. Makes things much easier than a travel app or your notes app. Would recommend if you don’t want something super complex and just want a basic layout of your trip.

  • Not seemingly better than Trip It
    by Jenfry13 on 16 Maggio 2022 at 5:00

    I will be honest. I bought the pro and am disappointed so far. The amount of emails that they can't parse informaiton is becomign quite a bit. I travel too much so individiually adding the information is not an option. If you travel once in a while that migh tbe fine, but not when you have a ton of trips. It wasn't even able to parse information from a delta receipt. This last receipt which has hilton information can't be parsed. As a consistent traveler, the information going directly to the app vs typing it in is critical. Disappointed and wondering if I can get a refund.

  • So much potential!
    by nathanacn on 6 Maggio 2022 at 2:05

    I love the concept of having a digital planner that includes all the details of the trip. You’re able to add documents, edit the details of each event, import reservations, and everything you’d want! But the execution is terrible. The app has crashed on me a couple of times. Sometimes the keyboard will disappear in the middle of typing something out. The app gets slow and laggy at some points. And the import reservations feature doesn’t work more than half the time so I end up manually entering the details. Also, the user interface could be a lot more organized. I don’t like how I’m the itinerary, it only shows the start time of each event. I want to see a little more detail of each event when I click the itinerary. Love love the concept, the ability to add details, and the ability to personalize my itinerary - but the execution is poor!

  • Email forwarding simply doesn’t work…
    by schmogue on 5 Maggio 2022 at 14:32

    This is a deal breaker for me. Every email I’ve forwarded will not input, and I get the “unrecognized” error message. Without this functionality, the app is simply unusable for me.

  • I could not sync my account without pro
    by Reigngt09 on 24 Aprile 2022 at 12:43

    It should be a standard fearture for me to sync between devices. Other apps allow you to sync. There are other ways to sell the app but syncing should not be a pro feature. Also some activities do not appear in chronological order. I cant reorder activities because of this bug.

  • Needs work…
    by meleternal on 29 Marzo 2022 at 0:44

    Good setup, but not worth money to pay and input your trip. Would be better with photos and info for cost on trips. I tested to try and see if I could put another trip in and you only get one. I don’t waste time on apps that do this. Not wasting my money for a limited app.

  • This app is amazing
    by unique_nickname_unnecessary on 27 Marzo 2022 at 5:39

    Love it, fun to use , easy, super organized

  • The app fights you
    by Jotzzz on 15 Marzo 2022 at 19:16

    Read about this app on and thought I'd give it a try since I'm going on a trip soon. I installed it on my Mac's just lacking some details. When adding an activity like that has a time asscoated with it I can't enter exact times, like with flights or check-in/check-out times. I can only change it in 5 minute increments? And then when trying to add a time around the actual time I'm trying to wants to change the time on me like choosing day time even though I selected PM. And finding the correct timezone in the app is tough. I'm glad I only signed up for this app for one month because after just 20-30 minutes it's aggravating to me. Hopefully some of these are fixed soon as I'd like to have an app for all my travel needs since I go on several trips each year.

  • Love the idea
    by got2Travel on 10 Marzo 2022 at 3:37

    App definitely needs some work!

  • Fantastic
    by Bob1234( on 20 Febbraio 2022 at 22:54

    Absolutely incredible app, finally a good travel organizer that is versatile and just works Major props to the team

  • Great concept!
    by Psuran on 13 Gennaio 2022 at 23:05

    My wife and I were planning our anniversary trip to NYC and we were looking to cram as much sightseeing in 3 days as possible. I came across this app accidentally and the layout was easy to use and helped us tremendously in keeping track of our daily activities. You can view the entire trip or select specific categories (i.e. restaurant, lodging, bar and party) so you don’t can pull up exactly what you need to look at. You even have a map view that shows pins of everything listed. Overall very impressive concept!

  • Pay 40 buck for add/permission add flight & trip info use this app??
    by Gcnj973 on 7 Novembre 2021 at 1:21

    I'm don't like sound cheap ... but pay 40 buck to add my flight and location to use the app is joke Kayak or other don't charge

  • Not ready for a big trip
    by It's Wilder on 21 Ottobre 2021 at 22:19

    1) There is no magnifying glass in the map view, so with lots of locations in several countries, the default view is of the entire world. You have to manually hit the “ ” button every time, in every city, to see all the locations. 2) Once you enter a time in the schedule, there’s no way to delete that time and go back to a generic “Morning, Afternoon, or Night” setting, which is very frustrating. 3) There’s no way to see all unplanned activities together, other than the map view (see #1 above). Even then there’s no *list* view to review. Just locations on a map. 4) Some items on the Itinerary don’t display in order. I’ve got a hotel check out for 10am listed AFTER my train leaves at 1pm. 5) The help form on the website is a generic form with a tiny box for details. There is no email support listed on the website for a more detailed description. 6) There is no way to know which activities you’ve already done and which ones the family might want to visit (i.e. some sort of list with check boxes of the places you’ve visited) 7) In the map view, everything says, “Location not found” even though I’ve entered every detail I compiled this list in 30mins testing the app. I’d love to use it because it looks gorgeous, but it’s missing so much functionality, I can’t.

  • Almost Perfect!!!
    by bigmeg33 on 24 Settembre 2021 at 15:16

    I am a huge planner, and I love being organized. Trips he allows you to not only plan out your travel, but keep all of your information in one place. The only thing needed to make this five stars for me is the addition of an option to add receipts and photo albums. I would love to be able to use this as a travel journal along with a travel planner and go back and look at my trips after I’ve taken them. I feel like it would be pretty easy to add that in as another option.

  • Helpful
    by Naughty-pAnda on 7 Settembre 2021 at 15:25

    Easy to use and helps stay organized

  • Beautiful and useful travel planner!
    by rachelinq on 27 Agosto 2021 at 23:41

    I was looking for a travel planner and found this beautiful app! It is much more user-friendly than tripit in my opinion. But I really hope everyone could create a free account to sync his trips across devices, which is the feature for premium users only now. Syncing is important for new users and currently looks like we have to pay at first.

  • Almost Ready
    by Ocean595 on 15 Agosto 2021 at 20:17

    This is a very good travel App on the verge of being great. It is close to being as good a tripit. The app tends to be a little buggy. We take a lot of cruises wihich I would love to recommend this app for but I just can't at this time. Also when manually inputting future flight or hotel information the app changes the times for some reason so I have to add it twice. If they fix these two issues it will give it 5 stars.

  • So Frustrating!!
    by tbdal1 on 15 Agosto 2021 at 4:07

    I have been using Tripsy Pro paid subscription for over a year now. I love that all my information can be stored in one place. But getting it there us another story. The app simply doesn’t work properly. When entering data the app hangs up constantly. Upon finally getting all the info in for an entry and clicking “save”, it can take up to 4 minutes for it to save. Most entries take me on average of 10 minutes per entry to get it into the app. When I try to scroll through the entries it looks up and won’t move through the entries. When I tap the itinerary box or a entry box or even the gray “x” box in the top right corner, the app just sits there and doesn’t move for a while. It takes me 4 or 5 times as long to get the entry in as it does for me to do the typing. I have contacted Rafael many times about these issues but nothing gets better. Matter of fact, I have been pitting in a new trip the last couple of days and the app is WORSE than it has been in the past year. In 2 days I have spent close to 10 hours putting in data and have only gotten 10 days worth entered. I have on average about 5-6 entries per trip day. This is VERY annoying and frustrating to have to spend this much time just because the app won’t move through the process. I continue to use Tripsy because I have so much time invested, close to 200 hours over the past year. If you use this app, be prepared for frustration and ling hours.

  • Difficulty to use
    by Suntanpug on 30 Luglio 2021 at 5:00

    Difficutl to change information -Not user friendly

  • Troublesome 1 star to 3
    by --** on 14 Luglio 2021 at 6:20

    Doesn’t even find a major well-known resort when I add manually. Not worth the fight They reached out and and offered help, that was nice. The tip may work, it’s a workaround. Just know that if you never want to leave the app and do all of your itinerary within the app more than likely you’ll have to pay. I just want to use it for 1 trip, it probably is very good if you travel all the time? I travel about 1/year and was hoping this would be better than me printing stuff out and making notes in iOS…

  • Best trip organizing app!
    by qjonny74 on 8 Luglio 2021 at 7:41

    One of the best apps to keep your trip organized all in one place. UI is beautiful and works flawlessly. One suggestion: ability to customize categories would be great!

  • Needs some updates...
    by Jo Tolson on 24 Giugno 2021 at 13:40

    I love that you can add photos and documents, but it would be extra helpful I saw a way to delete them when events are changed. Also, please allow more precise time entry. I have several trains that depart or arrive at times like 12:28, but the app only allows me to choose times in five minute increments. Addtionally, the time zone should change automatically when you enter a location.

  • One place for everything
    by wabbajackson on 17 Giugno 2021 at 18:05

    It's handy having one place to track everything for a trip. The map view is nice for planning, too. Better than using a spreadsheeet for trip planning.

  • Window Size
    by gsapienza on 17 Giugno 2021 at 2:03

    Mac App does not remember it's window size when re-launching the app.

  • Okay, but now what?
    by wendolynaragon on 22 Maggio 2021 at 14:37

    This app has a beautiful interface and importing your lodging and flights are easy with the premium account. But having to add your entire itinerary manually is an absolute deal breaker for me. Other itinerary apps like Sygic Travel and Wanderlog use interactive map interfaces that allow you to click on a location and add it to your itinerary with ease. And with other itinerary apps you get important information on restaurants, museums, markets, etc. such as business hours, a description blurb, how long people usually spend there. They also give you optimized routes and travel times. I signed up for the premium special of $2.99/month for the first three months, just to try it out. But if this app doesn’t change to be more traveler friendly, I’m likely going to cancel before the price jumps to the regular $4.99.

  • Good idea but some issues
    by lamBSake on 24 Aprile 2021 at 19:20

    It’s a good app to plan a trip and itinerary with someone else however there are a lot of searches that don’t show up so you can’t add as a location. Not sure if that’s just searches in Japan but found it frustrating that locations didn’t show up when searching for them, even common places. Would be nice to have pins that you could drop wherever you want to and add a note

  • Finally
    by 1717!3$:!388:&/ on 10 Marzo 2021 at 3:56

    The email forwarding works as well as an other trip app. Where it shines is the UI. The home tab is elephant and intuitive. Manuals adding an itinerary is easy and is importing pictures of confirmation or QR code’s. Plus all the map and guide elements if you need those. It’s the best so far and I e used them all, over a lot of miles. Safe travels

  • Impressed
    by nope272628272 on 24 Dicembre 2020 at 16:29

    Making last minute travel plan I really easy. No dumb pop up ads or purchases. Enjoying this app!! Thank you

  • Looked Promising but..
    by Annoyed 92 on 15 Novembre 2020 at 22:09

    Looked like a great app. I personally hate subscriptions. There’s no way I can justify 40 a year or a one time purchase for $150 for what seems to be features that other apps include for free and for stuff that is just a matter of convenience. The real problem no one is addressing is Apple taking 30%. If Apple dropped that to 10-15%. Developers wouldn’t charge as much and I might actually subscribe to some of these apps. Maybe one day

  • Free*
    by billjohn on 4 Giugno 2020 at 21:46

    Free app, basic level is fine but most services that make this application even remotely useful are behind a monthly paywall. Not really worth it.

  • Beautiful App
    by contain.yourself on 17 Aprile 2020 at 16:05

    It has everything you could possibly need to organize a trip. I have been using it to plan my trip to Montana and it’s WONDERFUL. It looks like an app that Apple built itself. No complaints.

  • Basic Feature is “Premium”
    by T.Khan. on 22 Marzo 2020 at 3:57

    Don’t waste your time downloading. Just to be able to share your trip you have to pay $35 or the monthly $5. Even Tripit allows you to share and collaborate a trip for free but to have to PAY for this feature is ridiculous. If you’re going with friends or family only one person can view the trip on their phone or add to it??? Come on guys. Be better. That’s just low. Sad thing is that I actually liked the app... :/

  • Difficult introduction with no help
    by Buck Snortt on 14 Marzo 2020 at 23:23

    I can’t figure out how to erase stuff. I really can’t get it to work

  • First Class Citizen
    by ChrisSDreiling on 7 Marzo 2020 at 12:45

    This app is so beautifully designed, it looks like Apple could have made it! It’s a delight to use and all the features are clever and well implemented. My only regret is that I don’t travel often enough to use it regularly!

  • Great planner for trips
    by ericap_8 on 20 Febbraio 2020 at 3:11

    I love the app and the options that has on it. I use this app for my field trips with my students, unfortunately some of them are android users so I have to switch to a different app. I wish you guys can expand your market so that this wouldn’t be a problem. Thanks!

  • Looking forward..
    by Monie f babe on 13 Febbraio 2020 at 15:34

    Trying to find an alternative to Travefy. This app seems promising! Only negative so far is there’s no web client interface that i saw—I like being able to plan my trip on my computer first. Updated review to come soon.

  • Good UI, but misses on core function
    by E b e b on 28 Ottobre 2019 at 4:50

    The UI is nice and easy to use. However while trying to use the app extensively for a Japan trip, it really is poor at understanding time zones. The only way to correct is to set specific times for each and every item I saved. Huge pain. And with time zones incorrect, my whole trip plan isn’t of much use. The app should know that if I enter a hotel stay in Japan, the timer zone should be Japan.

  • Great app, great support
    by ruebixcube on 12 Ottobre 2019 at 15:29

    The app does exactly what it says it does with a very thoughtfully designed UX. Great for planning a trip with a friend or SO or for collecting recommendations from friends and family. Highly recommend!

  • Unusable flights
    by hannibal87 on 11 Ottobre 2019 at 23:07

    On launch they didn’t support multi-leg flights (?!?!?!?!), and now that that’s fixed, it’s showing horribly wrong leg options. Not even close. Triple checked, two other apps have no issues. The constant flight issues show this app is not thought out or tested, and if a trip app can’t get flights right, it’s worthless.

  • Subscription model is awful
    by Chase Van Horn on 10 Ottobre 2019 at 22:54

    Why not do a one time purchase for premium?

  • Nice looking, but...
    by Kermetajb on 3 Ottobre 2019 at 15:50

    Directions don’t work (it literally just shows you a picture of a map instead of starting turn by turn directions). You can’t use google maps for directions. You can’t get notifications for different items on your agenda. Images for itinerary wallpaper take ages to load. It just doesn’t fit my needs. Seems like more attention was paid to interface design than robust functionality. When you’re traveling in a big city what do you want out of a travel app? I for one don’t want to be opening the app every hour. It would be nice if the app notified me about upcoming itinerary items and just surfaced them on my lock screen at a set time, or when I was near the location.

  • Flight Info Wrong
    by nivkidk on 1 Ottobre 2019 at 16:16

    Some of the flights will fly multiple times in a day, it may go from NYC to Boston, and go back to NYC, and go back to Boston in one day. But when I entered the flight number, it only let me choose the first flight. This is very annoying

  • Nice App
    by V.Zheng on 29 Settembre 2019 at 20:56

    Love the interface. Very easy to use and intuitive. Love to see a few enhancements: - Show all my destinations in a single trip on Apple Maps, something TripIt does - Automatically captured photos of a destination user enter - Export to pdf and share with friends. Not all the people has the app and are willing to subscribe in the first place

  • Really Basic
    by Sumocomputers2 on 20 Settembre 2019 at 3:14

    So much manual work, and sometimes flight search won’t add the flight to the itinerary. This app is basic compared to even TripIt basic (free). And $4.99 a month for syncing? I’ll look again in another year.

  • Manual Addition Ruins Experience
    by 2001kraft on 8 Giugno 2019 at 23:35

    The developers created an excellent UI. It looks great and is fairly intuitive. However, the manual activity addition system is quite labor-intensive even for short trips. I was planning my business trip to Sunnyvale, and to enter just a few items took a really long time. This app features no auto-complete for anything, so all names and addresses must be entered by hand. As such, it’s really no better than just compiling Google Maps links in a Google Doc.

  • Needs improvement
    by OregonRider on 10 Febbraio 2019 at 22:02

    First off, as others said, it requires all manual input. There is no way to connect it to your email and have it look for trip info, nor can you email reservations to a tripsy address and have it auto populate. Even if there was just a web interface that you could type into that would be better. If an activity is multi-day, like a hotel stay, the dates list only shows the start date. Subsequent days appear not to have no hotel stays. Wish I’d paid more attention before I plunked down $$.

  • It’s okay
    by T.J.E.S on 9 Febbraio 2019 at 21:58

    Nice idea, though there is a lot of manual entry. I’ve got a trip coming up to AZ with my wife. Wish I could share this trip and collaborate with her. That functionality would be useful.

  • Idea great but not easy to use
    by val 321 on 22 Gennaio 2019 at 23:53

    I love the idea of this. After downloading I went to enter a trip. It would not let me enter time of flight and kept going back to the time it was currently even though the date was correct for the flight. It also didn’t make things easy to enter a connecting flight. I didn’t go any further in the app.

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