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Viator: tour e attività

Viator: tour e attività

Viator, una società Tripadvisor, è il maggior fornitore globale di migliaia di fantastici tour, attività, biglietti saltafila ed esperienze di viaggio in tutto il mondo. Cerca e prenota cose da fare indimenticabili, quando e dove vuoi.

Vuoi scoprire l'arte della preparazione della pasta in Italia? Oppure preferisci un tour del Grand Canyon a bordo di un elicottero privato? Qualunque sia l'avventura che cerchi, la troverai su Viator.

Pianificare la tua prossima avventura, grande o piccola, è semplice con la nostra app centralizzata, dove troverai ispirazione per le vacanze, recensioni dei viaggiatori, prenotazione rapida e biglietti per le attrazioni nelle vicinanze in quantità. Che si tratti di una visita turistica o di una gita di un giorno presso un'attrazione del posto, ti basterà lasciare spazio all'immaginazione e partire.

Con l'aiuto della nostra attiva community di viaggiatori puoi prenotare le vacanze in tutta tranquillità, grazie a milioni di recensioni affidabili di oltre 350.000 esperienze prenotabili.

Funzionalità dell'app Viator

Prenota e gestisci il tuo viaggio mentre sei in giro:
• Accesso ai nostri fantastici tour e attività prima e durante il viaggio
• Facile accesso ai biglietti offline
• Possibilità di modificare o cancellare le prenotazioni ovunque ti trovi
• Notifiche sulle attività il giorno stesso, con indicazioni sui punti di partenza e sui luoghi per il prelievo
• Cancellazione gratuita fino a 24 ore prima

Pianificazione del viaggio semplificata:
• Milioni di recensioni delle community di viaggiatori di Tripadvisor e Viator
• Contatto diretto con le guide turistiche per una facile comunicazione
• Lista dei desideri dei tour e delle attività che vuoi prenotare

Opzioni di pagamento flessibili:
• Prenota ora, paga dopo
• Pagamento a rate con Klarna
• Prenotazione con carta di credito, PayPal, Apple Pay o Google Pay

Promozioni esclusive solo per l'app:
• Approfitta dei messaggi nell'app per le promozioni e le offerte speciali più recenti

Qualunque sia il tuo stile di viaggio, scopri la magia con Viator.

Non ascoltare solo noi. Ecco cosa dice la nostra community di viaggiatori sull'app Viator:

"È davvero intuitiva ed efficiente, anche per i meno giovani come me! Riesco a utilizzare l'app Viator in tutta facilità. È fantastico!"

"Ottima app facile da esplorare, con tante opzioni e informazioni utili"

Con una valutazione di 4,3 punti su 5 su Trustpilot e oltre 57.000 recensioni verificate

P.S. Problemi tecnici con l'app? Invia un'email all'indirizzo [email protected]



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  • Tutte le versioni:4.7 out of 5 stars (4,7 / 5)4.7

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Recensioni della gente

Impressione e revisione delle persone in iPhone App [Viator: tour e attività]!

  • Tickets not right in the app
    by MommaSuperstar on 26 Giugno 2022 at 18:27

    In the app, it says ‘click here’ for your tickets… but what is presented there were not always the real deal (your tickets), beware… this could cost you (like it did us). The app needs work to eliminate that button if real tickets for a purchased excursion are not available through the app. Furthermore, customer service is not willing to work with you if you have issues related to this… They are heavily in their vendor’s favor in transactions and will pawn off any customer service issues that need escalation to a team you’re not allowed to speak to via phone… instead they’ll ‘email you back shortly’, and then tell you ‘sorry we can’t do anything for you’ and ‘we won’t look into this matter or consider your issue any further’, even if they acknowledge that there was an issue caused by the vendor’s negligence. I actually had Viator customer service tell me that I should’ve done a better job of discovering the vendors error ahead of time, which I then could’ve reached out to the vendor to get fixed before I arrived in another country to enjoy the excursion I bought! So basically, their tactic was to put the issue on me for not catching and correcting their vendor’s error… sooner. 👀 Avoid this app.

  • Don’t Trust Viator with Your Bookings
    by Trevor El Dragón on 21 Giugno 2022 at 14:25

    I booked a catamaran tour on Viator and was excited to go. Sadly, the third-party tour operator, Amigo Tours did not contact me until they day before the tour, after the cancellation window was closed. Based on the information provided in the operator's message, I realized this tour would not be suitable, and I tried to cancel through Viator. The Viator representative informed me that she had canceled the tour, but that because refund window had passed, I would need to request a special refund from Amigo Tours. Not only did Amigo Tours not refund any part of my payment, the driver showed up at my hotel the next morning and woke me up. Either the Viator representative lied and did not cancel my tour or Amigo Tours has serious logistical problems. Stay far away from Amigo Tours and don't trust Viator with your bookings. Find someone else. You may regret it otherwise.

  • Locations and availability through app needs work
    by spaz-o-matik on 20 Giugno 2022 at 20:34

    Selected a specific city and it gave me that city and several nearby that were over an hour drive away. But I didn’t know that until after I booked to tour since I was new. App should show distance away from current or distance from city requested. Asking for availability and checking specific dates on the app doesn’t work. If those are entered as filter criteria, the results should populate with results that meet that criteria. What ends up happening is filters are selected and yours come back with dates that the tour “operates” but may not actually be available until you select your date. Ends up wasting a lot of time manually sorting through the results for what you asked for in the beginning of the search.

  • Worst Customer Service
    by Viator Not the One on 16 Giugno 2022 at 15:11

    Be careful with this company. They will NOT refund you if you book and cancel within the 24 hour window regardless of circumstances. All sales are final apparently. They have the worst customer service. I spoke to almost 12 different ppl who all waisted my time and played hot potatoe with my concerns. Good luck if you have an emergency or a flight change etc.

  • App is fine. Do not trust all the company.
    by CustomerCB on 10 Giugno 2022 at 19:57

    Always used Viator for booking tours. However, had a really bad experience - tour guide ran off and left my poor 70 year old aunt to climb what was about 3 flights of stairs to get to safety. Tried resolving with the company it was booked through locally and they denied the incident even happened. Went to my credit card and of course the tour company lied and said there were no problems. Yeah just a poor old lady who almost died and was left stranded. Sorry I didn’t video her near death experience. Viator does NOT have your back and will not stand by their guarantee. Never again.

  • Pretty cool app but…
    by Daily_User on 10 Giugno 2022 at 18:16

    It’s an amazing app to search for things to do and narrow it down to what you want. This app sells it for more than if you’re to look at the business place yourself. For example: I checked iFly and comparing to the prices here it was up about 10% more expensive here. Just keep that in mind. Some would pay that extra 10% for the convenience which is cool too.

  • Booking Rome
    by SimoOnTheGo on 8 Giugno 2022 at 23:09

    I am an inexperienced vacation traveler and Viator has taken the anxiety out of the process. I used aviator and it was a very simple way to schedule our outings. Great web app and easy to do and I don’t have to pay until we go. I am scheduling all of our excursions through Viator

  • Be careful!! Scam!!
    by Ibrahimoz on 7 Giugno 2022 at 17:19

    Helps businesses to steal money from people.

  • Unable to reset password
    by NUM NUM?! on 6 Giugno 2022 at 3:04

    This was far too difficult to try to reset a password. Ultimately, I was never able to.

  • Doesn’t show all the same info as Trip Advisor
    by bigflem55 on 4 Giugno 2022 at 21:48

    The details on both apps should be the same. However, Viator has less information about the tour operators compared to TA. Makes the Viator app sorta useless. Only used it because of the promo code

  • Viator is Excellent
    by PGXX4 on 31 Maggio 2022 at 7:48

    Never had an issue with Viator! Excellent services! The descriptions of the tours have always been what I experienced!

  • Overpriced
    by Lilizzzz on 30 Maggio 2022 at 9:19

    Will not be using Viator anymore. They are way too overpriced. I booked a cruise with them and i’m the actual website it was 70$ cheaper a person. Same with a city tour. What a waste of money.

  • Great travel organizer
    by bigstick18 on 28 Maggio 2022 at 15:58

    Viator is the best activity organizer I have used. Makes planning simple and convenient. No stress using or worrying about changes

  • Bad Guidance
    by Family&32z on 28 Maggio 2022 at 15:30

    We have been using Viator but our recent trip it had an activity that was 1 hrs away over a road that is has normal closures. Our second event was cancelled and was recommended to be replaced by one that was twice the cost. We called the Viator help line and they disconnected saying bad connection and left us to fend by self.

  • Avoid at all costs!
    by Adam188 on 25 Maggio 2022 at 16:24

    Viator works fine as long as everything with the tour company works, but it becomes an immensely frustrating experience as soon as anything goes wrong. I tried to cancel a tour after the tour company changed the date, and even though I was comfortably within the 24-hour cancellation window, Viator made it extraordinarily difficult to get my money back. I reached out to their support chat and didn’t hear back until the next morning, and each time I sent a new message, it took a while to get a response, each one of which seemed to be from a different person and inaccurately described the situation. The tour company itself ultimately decided to honor the cancellation policy, but Viator played no part in getting this result and basically left me to deal with it myself. By contrast, I used GetYourGuide last year and when I needed to cancel a tour for personal reasons, they responded immediately and offered to give a partial refund (even though it was completely my own fault that I was canceling). I see absolutely no reason to ever use Viator again.

  • Viator is trustworthy, credible and reliable!!
    by G&E Adventurers on 25 Maggio 2022 at 14:42

    Viator is trustworthy, credible and reliable. I booked 4 different excursions with them and all of them went perfectly and smoothly….and actually….happened. Yay!!! I did need to cancel one of the events because of personal reason and the cancellation process was easy and quick! VIATOR ROCKS!! I will use them on ALL my world travel!

  • NYC in 1 Day
    by 808Marie57 on 24 Maggio 2022 at 0:58

    First time booking with Viator. Used the app and was really easy to use. Planning on my next tour.

  • Disappointing for sure
    by jrnbecky on 22 Maggio 2022 at 20:35

    Where to begin? First of all we booked and our tours where canceled without notice. Then what we originally ordered was no longer available. Rebooked. Pickup location was wrong had to walk 15 minutes to the right location. Almost don’t make it. Then our swamp tour sent us to another location. We where 5 minutes from the location the guide called was very rude said I can’t wait hung up on me. When I was told pick up time was between 3:00 and 3:30 it was 3:10 when he called. Told the lady that called to give me a refund she said she was unable to because we booked through this app. So a waste of $208 for nothing. Will NEVER book here again. Worst first experience ever.

  • 10% off promo didn’t work
    by BrownMom4 on 21 Maggio 2022 at 20:32

    Pretty mo didn’t work

  • Oscar must be released from his job
    by leonardpookey on 20 Maggio 2022 at 21:30

    Oscar now slandered me when I complained about his unethical behavior I see reviews about him for the first time today. Rude aggressive lies. Steals time from carriage rentals often. I am not the type of person to complain but was violated ripped off by this man who is turning the story around and trying to unsuccessfully victimize me. If this carriage company keeps him employed the trouble will continue. I’m not a nut job destined to be institutionalized. We are professional business owners who treat people well. This Oscar was a terror. I am insisting on a refund asap

  • Easy Bookings
    by Bjgejm on 20 Maggio 2022 at 13:26

    Nice selection of tours & options.

  • .
    by queennla on 17 Maggio 2022 at 1:46

    Only giving it a 3 because I accidentally cancel a booking and it was impossible to fix the situation according to the advisor …

  • Can’t even log in!
    by Kacerdias on 16 Maggio 2022 at 3:07

    Tried on both Android and iOS versions of the app. It fails to allow login via either platform. Using a full browser on a desktop OS like MacOS works fine. As is, the app isn’t usable.

  • Viator makes it easy
    by ColrsdoCoach03 on 14 Maggio 2022 at 7:44

    Viator makes visiting a city or country very easy with traveler tested tours.

  • Lord of affordable options!!
    by Uneke08 on 13 Maggio 2022 at 23:57

    Give the money to the locals, not the cruise lines!

  • Good app but you cannot see details of trip booked
    by MilSh21 on 12 Maggio 2022 at 20:21

    Good app but after booking if you pull up your tour, you cannot see what the details are - what to expect!

  • Don’t waste ur time
    by Phindi01 on 10 Maggio 2022 at 22:40

    This app does the job but the prices are more expensive than the vendors when I got to my destination. There was no clear communication between vendor and app customer service. Lost my money because important information about an excursion was not listed on the app. Guess depending on how much u pay they might list important travel information. I was told I can’t get my money because they Viator failed to send this information. Just not worth the stress of getting ur money back. Get it elsewhere!

  • Reservation to Cinque Terre
    by mkdurga on 10 Maggio 2022 at 20:33

    Made a last minute reservation for a day trip to Cinque Terre. The online reservation and confirmation made it a pleasant experience. Thank you Viator

  • App and applicable discounts
    by TravelingBanditos on 10 Maggio 2022 at 16:23

    Twice now (10% and 20%) - discounts are stated as available…with taking the appropriate steps. However, after exhausting several attempts, and adhering to the stated stipulations, discounts either not available, code states invalid, or app does not work correctly. Very frustrating for user-friendly people whom know how to correctly operate devices. Services booked…because we want to partake in the experiences…however, if I had a choice - I would use a different service provider.

  • Glitchy app, doesn’t work
    by Star030710 on 10 Maggio 2022 at 1:35

    App won’t even let me log in. I created an account, repeatedly says ‘can’t log in, try again later’. I even reset my password twice even though I knew I was using the correct password to begin with. Again, won’t let me log in with the same useless error code phrase. Waste of my time.

  • So easy and exciting
    by The Point Salon on 9 Maggio 2022 at 12:36

    I loved how simple the site & app are to navigate, and the pictures with reviews are an added bonus!! Can’t wait to experience more trip fun through Viator!!

  • Arches national park
    by peggyQ52 on 7 Maggio 2022 at 15:09

    Viator never disappoints!!!! Our tour with Mark was great! He kept conversation going and knew lots about the park. Interesting ride over the rocks and sand!

  • Lots of fun options
    by whatever 70 on 4 Maggio 2022 at 23:42

    This app is helping me plan a first time solo trip to the west coast. The only problem is deciding which tours to take!! 😱😉

  • Most tours are overpriced
    by lancey42 on 1 Maggio 2022 at 12:34

    Target audience seems to be mostly American and British, therefore more tailored towards these tourists. Tours are also very overpriced.

  • Great help w Esperanza!
    by Fr Denis Wilde, OSA on 30 Aprile 2022 at 19:46

    Esperanza did a great job - very kind and patient w my questions and solutions!!

  • Excellent/money saver
    by Iqbal-NYC on 27 Aprile 2022 at 5:26

    Easy to use. Save time and money

  • Discounts
    by Thomas Ankner on 26 Aprile 2022 at 16:32

    They should consider having a veteran discount

  • my first time
    by mayicoky on 25 Aprile 2022 at 16:22

    It is easy to use, there are some activities that you can pay for in parts, others you reserve and pay for in a few days, anyway, how is it my first time using this app, I would like to maintain the same positive opinion after my trip.

  • Doesn’t have Full Details
    by travel34gal on 24 Aprile 2022 at 4:11

    The app doesn’t show the full details about the experience (such as location) until after booking. Then after booking it wasn’t easy to find either. I found the Viator website was much better to use and has full details on the experience before booking.

  • Viator Makes Planning So Easy!
    by Alison1964 on 22 Aprile 2022 at 14:49

    I have used Viator in Hawaii, South Carolina, and Virginia so far. It is so easy to find things to do and book them! And the prices are the same or better as finding them in the location so you can plan ahead safely and comfortable. I really like it!!

  • Booking not easy
    by ijaih on 14 Aprile 2022 at 16:47

    It took me 30 minutes.

  • Liars
    by swrigs9 on 13 Aprile 2022 at 20:11

    They said that if you download the app and book a trip to give you 10% off in the code was invalid. Deleting immediately

  • Easy to Book
    by joan s1 on 12 Aprile 2022 at 2:32

    The options are many and so easy to book in a variety of cities!

  • Coupon & email
    by ofc you wont post on 7 Aprile 2022 at 2:44

    I went to use the first time coupon 10% promo code and it wouldn’t let me. I also tried to change the email from work to personal and it would not allow me to change it.

  • Customer Service
    by First Time Apple Product User on 3 Aprile 2022 at 21:33

    When I needed to change a reservation to a different date which was already fully booked the customer rep went way above what I would consider the normal call duty to help me clean up my mess. It was the best customer service I have ever gotten in my life & I am 80. Helped me get the Viator app & 10 % discount for nearly identical excursion on date I needed. Stayed on phone with me every step of the long complicated process. The app is also very user friendly.

  • Make search bar more prominent
    by irritatedinmassachusetts on 2 Aprile 2022 at 1:35

    I could not find the search bar and had to scroll through 100 experiences before I found the one I was looking for.

  • Offered discount code however link to enter offer code on checkout does not work
    by Bhmal on 30 Marzo 2022 at 20:09

    App will not allow you to enter in offered discount code at check out. Went to book tour and was offer 10% offer code when I opened the app then on checkout the link to enter in offer code does not work. It seems like it is designed to get you to end of checkout and not accept offer code.

  • Trust this app.
    by Brulu15 on 30 Marzo 2022 at 9:34

    I love this app! I’ve booked many things and have had a good experience from the reviews. I have canceled trips and always got a refund.

  • Easy to use app
    by last trt on 28 Marzo 2022 at 19:04

    Excellent travel tour app- easy to navigate, easy to book and or cancel/ reschedule reservations… Excellent tour company!

  • Horrible App and Cistomer Service
    by Natae K. on 24 Marzo 2022 at 21:57

    The app doubled booked every activity/tour. And customer service will not acknowledge first time user App Code. A waste of time booking with this company!

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