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War Robots

War Robots

War Robots è un gioco in modalità multigiocatore pieno d'azione, con combattimenti a squadre 6 vs.6 in tempo reale! Entra nelle fila dei Guerrieri di metallo!

È ora di combattere, pilota! Sei pronto per gli attacchi a sorpresa, le complicatissime manovre tattiche e i tanti subdoli trucchetti che i tuoi rivali hanno in serbo per te? Distruggi i robot nemici, cattura tutti i raggi luminosi e potenzia le tue armi per aumentare la forza, la velocità e la resistenza dei tuoi robot da combattimento. Mettiti alla prova nelle diverse mappe e usa tutte le strategie e le tattiche a tua disposizione per uscire vincitore da questa guerra!

– 31 robot da combattimento di diverse forze;
– più di 30 tipi di armi, tra cui missili balistici, fucili a energia e al plasma. Cosa sceglierai?
– moltissime diverse combinazioni di robot e armi. Crea una macchina da guerra, perfetta per il tuo stile di gioco;
– crea il tuo clan e ottieni vittorie gloriose;
– partecipa a epiche battaglie PvP contro rivali di tutto il mondo
– completa incarichi militari per ottenere bonus e il titolo di Miglior pilota

Avanti, soldato! La vittoria è tua!

Vuoi parlare del gioco o trovare alleati? Allora visita la nostra pagina Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warrobots/ o seguici su Twitter: @WWR_by_Pixonic e su YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/WALKINGWARROBOTS

Importante: perché questa applicazione funzioni correttamente è necessario disporre di una connessione a Internet stabile. In caso di problemi, contattaci all'indirizzo wwr_support@pixonic.com e cercheremo di trovare una risposta alle tue domande il più velocemente possibile. Buon divertimento con il gioco!



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Impressione e revisione delle persone in iPhone App [War Robots]!

  • War Robots - Pixonic Games LTD
    by iTunes Store on 2018-08-17 at 10:58 AM

    War RobotsPixonic Games LTD Genre: Games Release Date: April 15, 2014 © © Pixonic LLC […]

  • wwr
    by Muscle madness on 2018-08-16 at 6:54 PM

    I love the game I’ve had he game for 5.5 years now and am lvl 20 it’s a joy to play and I have over 100 hours on the game is a great game definitely recommend. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ […]

  • Worst Matchmaking in history
    by Prices, bad. Gameplay,good on 2018-08-16 at 4:09 PM

    The matchmaking is horrible. I understand it groups the players by league, but they should make it so more skilled players play with/against more skilled players, even though they might be 3-4 leagues apart. I also think they should sort the players by weapons/gear. If one person has a (for example) a haichi vs a vityaz, golem, etc, it really isn’t fair for the enemy players. The game also has fairly high prices for certain things, such as a taran weapon for $60 is a little unreasonable. Otherwise, great game. […]

  • Great game! Just a little problem
    by Boopdeep on 2018-08-16 at 1:43 PM

    The games great, you can get money easily, but some robots are expensive, and some weapons can cost a lot of gold, which I don’t get much, although you can get gold easily too, and pieces are rather hard to get. I think this game would be better if you can make robots somehow a little bit easier to get! […]

  • Almost There
    by Elite death squad on 2018-08-16 at 1:16 PM

    I think u should have a robot that can "Role Out" this makes the robot super fast when going into a ball and rolling across the map to the beacons but when in RO mode it can't shoot people. Also I think there should be a shotgun arm canon that does 4,500 damage, and a double barrel and hat does 9,000 damage at close range only. Thx for reading this hope u add this! […]

  • Addicting
    by Big dog Mason on 2018-08-16 at 3:03 AM

    Having so much fun i’ve been playing this game every day three years. Takes quite a while to upgrade weapons without using cash but you can’t do it free if you want to work for it. […]

  • Upgrade
    by Shaq-jack on 2018-08-16 at 2:15 AM

    It’s a fun game and I have been playing it for a while but... I would like it if I can upgrade more than one weapon or mec […]

  • Loll
    by JAKAKAKSKSKKS on 2018-08-16 at 12:31 AM

    It was fun […]

  • Ugh
    by Shadow 021498 on 2018-08-15 at 11:38 PM

    It’s all team deathmatch and king of the hill alllllllll day. Pixonic wouldn’t load out beacon rush if it cured cancer. BEACON GAMES! […]

  • I can’t say
    by cutecatgamer on 2018-08-15 at 11:28 PM

    I cant say. It’s AMAZING!!! It’s easy, the controls are simple and it’s funnnnn. Whoever made this game is a good gamer. Love this gam […]

  • Long wait
    by Alec Patterson on 2018-08-15 at 11:28 PM

    It takes a long time to load to the hanger while just starting the game and also while in the gam […]

  • Another honest complaint
    by plasmaGOD77 on 2018-08-15 at 2:54 PM

    Oh yeah, the other problem with the game is that it uses about six in game currency systems, so saving up a particular currency from battles for premium bots and weapons is nearly impossible unless you break out the ol bank card. It is fun, but this game is rigged […]

  • Super expensive and frustrating game
    by Erdog05 on 2018-08-15 at 5:47 AM

    This game is becoming more and more about Pixonic trying to extract money out of players. The economy changes make the game unbearable for new equipment because the upgrade costs and time is way too high. Also I am definitely not finding it any easier to get silver or equipment like they promised. Pixonic is more in it for the money than to give us an enjoyable game. It took them several updates before they fixed bugs like the taran and redeemer bug so that means bug fix is not their priority unless there is some sort of exploit. I am really frustrated with them. […]

  • Customer service is worthless
    by BMR1974 on 2018-08-15 at 5:09 AM

    Great game but a lot of inconsistencies with the game and constant lagging times can get annoying. […]

  • Here’s the thing
    by #good game on 2018-08-15 at 3:36 AM

    The old version was very very bad, now I am happy because all these new weapons appeared and it makes a challenge. Now in every battle on my team I am almost every time up on the leaderboard. So I guess I’m a pro? Btw my name in the game is SEE YA !?!?? I don’t have an mk2 yet, but it is close to being finished. And no, I have not made a single purchase in the game, so how am I so good? The thing is skill. I have been playing this game for about 3 years or more. I have rage quitted at some times, but have always come back. I really want to purchase the wayland, but mom does not let me 🙁 summary: great! Keep adding gamemodes plzzz I want something other than just free for all. Update! I have got almost got what i wanted:180 000 royals tokens and next, can you post the wetland again? Plzzzzz? Just for a day, and ill be happy. […]

  • I like it but it ripped me off.
    by djfmjfjfe on 2018-08-15 at 1:32 AM

    This time I took off a star. I opened that really big chest, and I got 2000 weyland components. Plus, I also got ripped off when I realized that an Orkan was 1200 au. I thought I would get some hover or Lancelot. But no. […]

  • I love the laser weapons
    by thenonames on 2018-08-15 at 12:13 AM

    Please I won’t to test the laser weapons for a test for my robots […]

  • The story of a great game xD
    by Aung hla on 2018-08-15 at 12:02 AM

    A great game my cousin nan also said it’s a great game to😇😍😍😍😃😃 […]

  • How to cheat the pay to win
    by HKparents on 2018-08-14 at 11:17 PM

    So once I went to cambodia no wifi so I didn't play for a week then I got back home and I had wifi so when I logged in it gave me 2000 gold and I tried again and worked so I have cool stuff with out a single dollar dropped hope this helps […]

  • Hi gfjfgj fyreydkyfkugkyfyjtd fsfh
    by hhjjhhjjsjj on 2018-08-14 at 10:15 PM

    Dyfibhvifrhdterh syu […]

  • Meh. Glitchy and costs a lot.
    by BowWowJob on 2018-08-14 at 6:49 PM

    Cost too much to win. […]

  • Good
    by Maxlifex on 2018-08-14 at 6:43 PM

    But change LEO back you messed up big on that and make all guns Au ag and the other money used to buy the magnum but I have 10000000 ag and no use for it […]

  • Problems and...stuff
    by A I D A N... on 2018-08-14 at 6:24 PM

    Fist of all why COMPLETELY change the theme/music and the schzute is still gone (is that permanent)and to many changes/updates I used to play this game allllllll the time and it was my favorite game on my phone but now it’s changed a lot (in good ways and in bad ways)I didn’t even have enough storage for one of the updates I wasn’t able to play War Robots for like half a month so… so basically the main thing is to number one add back the schzute and Number two add the original theme song back I still think it’s an awesome game if you could possibly add those two things back I’m sure a lot of other people would appreciate it I hope this was helpful👍 […]

  • niiiiiiiiiiiice again
    by LonglivetheConstitution on 2018-08-14 at 6:18 PM

    I really like the arbalest probably you can put it in skirmish please??? […]

  • Good game with some problems
    by TheGP10 on 2018-08-14 at 4:58 PM

    Problem number 1: It’s completely pay to win... the only reason this haven’t made me quit is because every popular mobile game is pay to win these days, and games like Clash Royale are way more pay to win and these games have become eSports, My second problem and the main for me is that it’s way to hard to get in guilds... I’ve been trying for two weeks when I’m at 1400 trophies and still won’t get accepted I even try to join ones that have like 10 members and I still get declined. […]

  • Amazing game!
    by XX POKERKING XX on 2018-08-14 at 4:51 PM

    This would be a 4 1/2 if possible I really enjoy the game and have been playing for a while With the new workshop 2.0 coming out, I’m really excited! The reason there is a half star is because of the current game. I don’t like how it’s really hard to get new boys and weapons, with all the component collecting. I have an ok hangar and I don’t have much of the component bots. I don’t have a lot of component weapons too. In other ways, everything else is pretty balanced. I have two requests. Could you make some new bots who cost gold or silver? I have a lot of silver and I’m hoping I could use it. My last request is to add an offline game mode, to destroy AI robots. Set with certain difficulties by players, they can have fun, without internet. […]

  • A great game, with minor problems.
    by moon-cat531 on 2018-08-14 at 1:56 PM

    This is a great and fun game and requires strategy. I could go a lot more in-depth but,lots of other reviews for war robots should solve that. The game could use a better “dice roll” and money management. But still great game and would recommend👍. […]

  • Gold miner
    by the manpug on 2018-08-14 at 12:26 PM

    It did not give me my gold when it was supposed to […]

  • Updated review
    by Arielicandy on 2018-08-14 at 11:52 AM

    Warning: Do not spend money on this game! This game has one mayor flaw and it's called low priority queue which is some kind of penalty done to players that don't abide by the company's rules of fair play. Ordinarily the 3 reasons you are put here are the following: 1. Leaving battles. 2. Staying idle at battles 3. The game crashing a lot or you having too much lag. The problem with this is that you will be put here without warning and you'll have to make amends by playing "fair" the number of battles you've supposedly threw away (this right here I suspect is a lie from the company as you can be in this penalty league for weeks at a time) Sound sketchy yet? Now there a reports of people being put there without doing any of the infractions above, such is my case. And this company's support team will not help you or investigate your situation or give you a straight answer whatsoever. Now as a paying customer I would expect something be done about the situation but still I haven't had none. I've tried different ways to contact some other customer support and so far nothing. Do not get too attached to this game and if you do play it do not spend money on it because of the aforementioned problem. […]

  • Awesome
    by colbey22 on 2018-08-14 at 11:49 AM

    I think you should be able to trade with friends ds like with the robots or weapons […]

  • Outstanding!
    by BananaRules101 on 2018-08-14 at 4:43 AM

    By far one of the best games out there. Good job Pixonic! The graphics are smexy too! […]

  • Game can hack your IPad
    by Thankyou46987 on 2018-08-14 at 2:19 AM

    This a a Russian hack, beware. […]

  • Was fun.
    by R88T on 2018-08-14 at 2:18 AM

    This was a fun game before all the updates and new battle styles. It was simple and intense classic style mech combat. Now it lags and is unplayable unless you pay to win. […]

  • You love being arbitrary
    by Camilo Calvo on 2018-08-14 at 2:13 AM

    Arbitrary amounts of money and time for their players. Your economy’s policies are getting sicker and sicker […]

  • I love this game
    by Ninjapro_5 on 2018-08-13 at 8:32 PM

    I play this game more than fortnite witch is saying something […]

  • Amazing game
    by RushFamily on 2018-08-13 at 7:04 PM

    Thanks for this game is very fun and will there is lots of carnage I love the game because it’s amazing and fun thank you […]

  • Very good except for a few things
    by MEGASKILLSDRIVER on 2018-08-13 at 4:45 PM

    I like this game very much. The robots are cool. The weapons are pretty powerful. The weapons are also kind of a problem though. When I go on to the tab to buy weapons, I only see 4 or 3 that I can buy with my money and then the rest are for those puzzle pieces which is pretty annoying. So try to put in more weapons that I can buy with my own money. The Punisher, Punisher T, Molot, and Molot T are not really that powerful. So maybe turn up the heat a little bit? And also for some of the weapons they really take a bit too long to reload. I’m in the middle of a situation on the battlefield and it takes like 30 or 16 seconds to reload. Then I explode cause my weapon didn’t reload quick enough. Other then those things, this is a great game. […]

  • To hard to get gold
    by dislike age requiement on 2018-08-13 at 2:30 PM

    I wish that gold was way easier to get. Also I wish the crates gave you better things than just silver and tokens most of the time. But the game is still great, I just want it to be easier. […]

  • 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
    by bro-AP on 2018-08-13 at 12:32 PM

    AWW MAN!!!! I love this game I got it about a week ago and one thing I want to think you for is not having to pay 2 dollars for “NO ADDS”. But there are a few adds and I do not have A problem with it. I like it because is fun and you cannot chat which makes it a whole lot better because there’s no rude people on the game I just like the game because it is fun and simple thank you for your time and I really recommend this game to anyone peace out ✌🏻 […]

  • Super fun game,,,but doesn’t work all the time
    by customer1 on 2018-08-13 at 8:21 AM

    Really fun game but it lags sometimes […]

  • Slow loading
    by Charles Choong on 2018-08-13 at 6:40 AM

    Stop making it 2 minutes. Or 3 minutes stop ,asking it slow loading pls […]

    by octodood on 2018-08-13 at 4:53 AM

    I LOVE the game but, today my silver earnings have gone down.I used to get a lot when I win, but today I only got 1820 silver. Also, I got no EXP AND HONOR POINTS.PLZ FIX THAT ISSUE /GLITCH. THANKS!!!^_^ […]

  • Jjjdbdnxjbnfkjv
    by hebdjic on 2018-08-13 at 4:28 AM

    It’s a easy to learn how to play the game and it’s a fun game hdndbdnsndndbdjfnfnfndnsjdjxjcjfjdjjdbdhdjdjdjdjxihrbrisgfirvdigeigejdiuebdigrjfigfnfigrbdigrbdigbsobvt […]

  • Whales and Lag
    by Dyss on 2018-08-13 at 2:59 AM

    Way too much lag and way too many whales. Oh well, another bites the dust […]

  • Great game in all but some issues need to be addressed 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    by Terrarian 2000 on 2018-08-13 at 1:55 AM

    I know pixonic will probably never read this but if the slight chance comes true that pixonic reads this, I have a few suggestions and comments. But first, I fell in love with the game years and years ago. It is amazing how much pixonic have improved this game. It is absolutely incredible. But... like almost all games, it has some issues to be addressed. First, the giant banner that comes across the screen with a butch voice that says "kill" is really distracting and creates a blind spot for a few moments. I have been distracted and killed numerous times by this. Another thing is that the league pairing in matches is all weird, bugged, and unfair. I have been put in much higher and lower leagues than the one that I am in. This is incredibly annoying and frustrating. Third is that silver and up is completely swamped by maxed out and op players compared to the people who do not pay money, unlike them. The ranking should be decided on a combination of damage and kill tracking in battles as well and robot number, lever, weapons, and weapon level not just trophies so that gameplay is as even and fair as possible. But besides these three small things, congratulations pixonic on creating such a fresh and greatly enjoyable game! Thanks!!!😎😎😎 […]

  • This is soooooo good
    by Stds9ftw on 2018-08-12 at 11:55 PM

    When you start to play this game you are going to get addicted. The graphics are amazing. […]

  • Downhill racing to the crash
    by irish0710 on 2018-08-12 at 10:52 PM

    LAG in gameplay is atrocious. It’s amazing how quickly this team stopped even attempting to care. […]

  • Love it but can you add this
    by game lover39484958 on 2018-08-12 at 10:30 PM

    Can you add some mechs with arms so they look like robots and make the game first person it would look epic just a idea but hope you add it […]

  • Awsome game
    by NIGHTCORE DEMON on 2018-08-12 at 7:16 PM

    I like the game but i hate players who spawn kill other players in their spawn i want something to prevent spawn killing like make the enemy players instantly die if they camp in spawn and maybe give players invincibility for like 10 seconds so they can have a chance to play the match without dying within like three to five seconds cause its not giving players including me much time to react or even leave the spawn area players should not be bullying players in spawn and let them spawn and move cause i been in like 20 matches and i spawn in the normal spawn point after i get destroyed by an enemy and than not within like one second in of spawning i got spawn killed and i had like 0.5 seconds to react until i got killed and i was so mad i was like “wtf!?” So pixonic please make players spawn a kill zone and don’t make it big where a beacon is nearby that idm its the spawn zone to be a killzone for the enemy players so they can learn not to spawn kill so it can save players from their frustration and anger and possibility not leave the game cause i am sure some players leave cause of that not trying to be rude but i want to be able to spawn and be able to move without being spawn killed […]

  • Terrible game
    by tiredofstupidappswasteotime on 2018-08-12 at 5:27 PM

    Worst game ever. Just say you want the money up front instead of wasting my time! Deleting from my devices!!!! Terrible game if you are not a premium member. […]

  • Listen to meeeeeee
    by {ĆŚ}-Čöñš-Rough on 2018-08-12 at 4:58 PM

    You should be able to decline the boosters in the marketing and the prices for the mender should go down. We’re not going to spend ten dollars for anything. The tokens need to be more when you get the chest ands you shouldn’t go down in when you do so many battles. And the upgrade times should go down. And more upgrade damage for the taran. […]

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Modifiche al bilanciamento:
Shocktrain: numero di cariche 5->7, danno per carica ridotto lievemente. La carica piena infligge lo stesso danno di prima.
Scourge: danno inflitto al bersaglio a 400m (100%) non modificato. Danno massimo (più vicino di 400m) 170%->250%, danno minimo (più lontano di 400m) 50%->25%
Redeemer: cadenza di fuoco aumentata, danno ridotto lievemente, numero di colpi 10->12
Molot, Gust, Storm: danno +10%
Nuove armi: Ion, Thermite
Nuovi robot: Pursuer, Mercury, Hellburner
(c)Pixonic Games LTD


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  • Data di rilascio:2014-04-15
  • Versione:3.7.1
  • Prezzo:Gratis


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