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The New York Times
"L'interfaccia intelligente e incredibilmente semplice esperienza utente fornita da Weddar, insieme con l'utilità della sua garanzia set di funzionalità vedremo assorbimento espandere costantemente in tutto il mondo come più persone a scoprire questo gioiello App Store"

"Weddar Relazione: iPhone App è Twitter per Weather"; "Pensa di Weddar, che lancia oggi, come qualcosa di simile a Foursquare o Instagram, solo per il tempo"; "Un semplice, facile interfaccia".

"Più grande qualità di Weddar è che è iper-locale"; "… La natura crowdsourcing e mobile dell'app potrebbe dare un vantaggio se l'idea decolla con un numero sufficiente di utenti iPhone";

Gizmodo (App of the Day)
"L'app è ben progettato e l'interfaccia utente per la segnalazione il tempo è semplice e attractive.So questo è un bene!"

C NET Asia
"Se trovate le previsioni del tempo con le loro letture di temperatura e umidità di confusione, si potrebbe preferire Weddar."

Trend Hunter
"Mi informazioni meteo crowdsourcing da un libero app-iscriversi."

Weddar è il primo servizio meteorologico alimentato da persone.

In Weddar ci sono persone reali che riportano come il tempo si sente, non le macchine, portando un tocco personale agli agenti atmosferici servizi.

Invece del solito e generico "di New York, 93º F, 73% di umidità, NE vento leggero.", Riferisce, in Weddar, qualcuno, da qualche parte nel Central Park vi dirà che il tempo "Feels perfetto", mentre un altro vicino al fiume vi dirà che "Feels Good ma ventosa", perché le condizioni climatiche sono davvero diversi all'interno della stessa città.

Se avete un iPhone, iPod Touch o un iPad, è ora possibile contribuire meteo basate sulla posizione da dove ti trovi.

È anche possibile fare "Richieste Weddar" per luoghi specifici ovunque vuoi andare o al momento di pianificare le vostre vacanze in qualsiasi parte del mondo. A "Reporter Weddar" risponderà esso.

Con quasi 1.000.000 rapporti in più di 13.500 posizioni di 147 paesi in tutto il mondo, la comunità Weddar sta crescendo più forte ogni giorno.

Con il nuovo aggiornamento, Weddar è ora disponibile in arabo, cinese semplificato, russo, tailandese, malese, inglese, portoghese (Portogallo e Brasile), giapponese, francese, spagnolo, coreano, italiano, tedesco e ungherese.

Quindi … Come ci si sente? 🙂



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Recensioni della gente

Impressione e revisione delle persone in iPhone App [Weddar – Social Weather]!

  • Welcome back Weddar!!!
    by arborola on 17 Giugno 2015 at 12:49

    My favorite weather app is back!! I'm so glad I checked out of the blue to see that the app has just been updated after a crazy-long hiatus. So happy to have Weddar back in my life. Just add support for iPhone 6/6+ display size and it's perfect!

  • You now have some privacy
    by aaron5950 on 23 Luglio 2013 at 14:20

    You can log in with email rather than Facebook or Twitter. You can also enable anonymous reporting. But connectivity has problems. Always has problems "connecting to the interwebz". Maybe they'd have more success if they tried to connect to the Internet. Some of the jokes are funny, until the app stops working right. Also, the reporting system could be improved. I think the levels for wind, rain, etc. are effective. But the differences between "ok", "good" and "great" are too subjective and could mean anything. My "ok" could be the same as someone else's "hell", so even if I look at the reports around my destination, they are actually not helpful at all because I have no idea how I should interpret the feelings of strangers. Basically, the system itself renders the app useless.

  • Excellent
    by mik3155 on 19 Marzo 2013 at 14:43

    I use this app very often. It's simple and surprisingly fun to use. I only wish more people used it!

  • 🙁
    by 10manij on 4 Novembre 2012 at 2:42

    No one in my town uses this...

  • 2012 April Update Crashes
    by agomes666 on 20 Aprile 2012 at 23:57

    I am using this last six months with no issue. But since I update it this April it starts but crashes before the login screen.

  • Check it out ...
    by Snazzy ✌ on 11 Aprile 2012 at 11:08

    I would give this 5 stars if more people would use this...would be more fun! If your a weather freak like me, it's fun to update your weather in your town and see what it's like everywhere else...we just need more people using it 😊

  • Very well done!
    by Goodapp13 on 29 Dicembre 2011 at 10:41

    Great app for the weather lover. Very interesting and interactive. Great idea and great design. A must Have in my book! Great job weddar!

  • Stupid, horrible, bad name
    by Weatherfullyhappy on 24 Dicembre 2011 at 3:55

    It doesn't work! And it's not well run! I like weathermob better! You get to say how you feel about the weather, not how the weather feels physically! Hate it. Do not. I repeat, do not get this app!!!

  • Doesn't work...
    by Kjacrap on 6 Dicembre 2011 at 1:46

    I'm in Texas but the program keeps telling me I'm in Spain. Goofy.

  • Freezes up on fb login 😒
    by oreokid on 17 Novembre 2011 at 16:19

    After uninstalling and reinstalling app, it continually freezes up every time I try to connect to my fb acct. Looks like a cool app, would love to share the 'weddar' with my fb friends...please fix

  • Read this review
    by SanityNotIncluded on 11 Ottobre 2011 at 13:34

    Good app, just needs a larger user base. If you're thinking about getting this don't let the other reviews drive you away, they're outdated, about previous versions

  • Just needs more people
    by classicpop on 16 Agosto 2011 at 16:12

    Really great idea that I recommend to all people using iPhones. But they never seem to stick with it. It'd be nice to have a reminder that could be set up within the app. Or a location aware alert once iOS 5 comes out (if that's possible).

    by WkingMom4 on 26 Luglio 2011 at 15:26

    Like the idea but it needs an email login:(

  • Nice concept
    by fervc on 16 Luglio 2011 at 15:06

    As a weather junkie I love the concept of this app. Unfortunately, I don't use FB or Twitter. Also, an iPad app would better for me. Hopefully, the creators are working on these things and we'll see some upgrades soon.

  • Loving it.
    by Technogeek75 on 30 Giugno 2011 at 16:04

    I use it everyday. I like the idea to share how you feel about the weather and share with the Facebook and Twitter friends. Hey I can see that Weddar really works hard. They accomplished to fix sicial network sharing. They add privacy to anonymous which can be found in the setting. If you follow Weddar on Twitter and their blog, you will see how hard they work to make it work for everyone. They will push to 1.2 soon to allow you to sign up using ur email address, for those who doesn't have Facebook or Twitter account. Bear with them. They are doing the best they can. 🙂

  • Useless
    by Muéro on 29 Giugno 2011 at 3:01

    This app is not usable without giving them access to your Facebook or Twitter account. No thanks.

  • Seemed promising...
    by Gorrila Fingers on 28 Giugno 2011 at 15:09

    But I can't use it because it only lets Facebook or Twitter users use the app.

  • No regular login
    by MacFanBoy2 on 28 Giugno 2011 at 5:47

    Maybe good app but I don't use Facebook or Twitter required to login because those web toys are not for me (I'm not american, I have a brain, I can think).

  • More users needed
    by meghan0511 on 22 Giugno 2011 at 3:08

    I agree with some other folks here that what this app needs most is a larger user base. It really is a fun concept, but when I'm the only person in the entire state of Texas using it at any given time... Well, you get where I'm going with this.

  • Map view and easier viewing of large areas needed needed
    by dhamel on 20 Maggio 2011 at 11:47

    I very much like the idea of the app, but like others would like to see more reporting options and the ability to add brief comments. Also, I'd prefer to see Google maps view rather than satellite. And I'd like the opening screen to show a much larger area: I already know what the weather's like in my neighborhood. I'd prefer a quick view of the weather in the whole country. Panning out to see the country/world, too, takes too much work. This should be made easier.

  • I want to believe
    by Geminijono on 13 Maggio 2011 at 19:10

    I absolutely love the concept and design of Weddar. I like saying how the weather is, as opposed to being told. However it is frustrating when I do want to check the weather and there are only four or five reporters in MANHATTAN online in a given day. Some more advertising of the app needs to be done to actually provide the service this app is supposed to be doing, because if no one is saying how they feel, the app is not useful when I want a report. Building a huge following is the most important thing this app needs to improve on, because all the groundwork is laid. The app is beautiful and fun, so it should only be matter of time.

  • It has a nice setup
    by suzieq2299 on 8 Maggio 2011 at 3:08

    The app for me would be great if only the location would change. I currently am around the New York area and it tells me I'm in Lisbon not matter where I am. Other than that, great app.

  • Social Interaction
    by StevenTung on 5 Maggio 2011 at 23:36

    One key feature that's missing is the ability to interact with other people using Weddar. There's no way you can contact them or even give them a thumbs up or whatever. Feels like how a bunch of lonely people goto Starbucks so they can ignore each other in a group.

  • Does what it says.
    by mzrdisi on 1 Maggio 2011 at 21:47

    Nice to have a crowd sourced weather app. Has big potential. Especially the Midwest who is obsessed with weather.

  • needs some work
    by FlyBoy01 on 29 Aprile 2011 at 6:00

    good idea. agree with others about having to use FB to log in. I going to wait till it improves.

  • Awesome and probably getting awesomer.
    by kphildub on 28 Aprile 2011 at 23:22

    Great/fun app! Really good design on the icons. And the idea behind it all is brilliant. Could benefit from a few things: + More weather options (thunder, hail, etc.) + Emphasize the need to tap the weather icons FIRST then tap how it's feeling. Too many times have I just hit the cloud and it posted when I wanted to include wind, rain, and cloud observations. It's easy to change the report, but the extra step is something which could be avoided by a GUI change. + Time stamped reports (reported X hrs ago). The fading of the icon is a good indicator but it's hard to judge how much transparency corresponds to time passed.

  • Good start
    by dros6 on 28 Aprile 2011 at 18:14

    For those complaining about FB/Twitter, you can easily turn off posting in the settings of the app. For improvements: should change the happy look of icon to reflect the weather (stormy, hot, cold, etc) that way you don't have to click the icon to check the conditions. I would also like the rain/cloud/wind/snow extras to be included in the twitter report.

  • BAD way to start...
    by AgilisOne on 27 Aprile 2011 at 18:55

    such an awesome idea. Requiring an account that links this to an existing social network is #1 reason this app may fail. Using social networks is 1 thing, it's another to require that use. Remove that requirement and perhaps others & myself will try it.

  • Not bad
    by Wrelax on 27 Aprile 2011 at 17:19

    The app is not bad. There should be a way to see how long ago a report was made and I don't need to see the full name of the reporter. If you have to sign in with your social media your name should be limited to first name only. And you should be able to post a comment like muggy.

  • No anonymous login
    by brian5258 on 27 Aprile 2011 at 13:22

    I hate when apps post stupid crap on fb/twitter. Add the ability to not link to social media and people will actually use this app.

  • Great idea BUT...
    by j.chimmy on 27 Aprile 2011 at 12:09

    Good idea for a weather app but like everyone else I refuse to login with my Twitter or FB account. Update with a change to the login and I'll try it.

  • Ok
    by Jhonny6666 on 27 Aprile 2011 at 6:29

    Nice designed app it just needs to let you use a nickname...

  • Great
    by BlancOwl on 27 Aprile 2011 at 5:26

    Very good app !

  • I refuse to link to FB
    by iphone4+itouch4 on 27 Aprile 2011 at 5:10

    This sounds like a great idea for an app, and I'd love to use it and am happy to contribute by reporting. But I refuse to link to my FB account (if I don't tell FB where I am, why would I tell an app linked to FB, reporting my location with my full name?) and while I don't use twitter, the same would be true. That rules out reporting, and since you can't even use the app without logging in through one of those services, I've deleted it.

  • Social media bleh
    by Mrjoey35 on 27 Aprile 2011 at 4:49

    Zero chance I log in using FB or twitter. Downloaded and immediately deleted once I saw the log in requirements. 1 star for an unusable app.

  • This makes no sense
    by AddisonStamper on 27 Aprile 2011 at 2:04

    I will never use this service period because it forces you to log in with facebook or twitter.

  • Why does it display your full name?
    by zra1 on 26 Aprile 2011 at 23:04

    I don't mind reporting, but let me use an alias or a nickname or something, also there is no contact info for 96HP on either site. Obviously they want to remain anonymous, so why not let us? Also how about including the time the report was made and the temperature?

  • No
    by 20233333333333 on 26 Aprile 2011 at 22:51

    Will not log in with my social media info. No way.

  • Requires login with twitter/facebook
    by Bob from SF on 26 Aprile 2011 at 16:13

    No thanks.

  • Limited login
    by Handsome Face McSmarty Pants on 26 Aprile 2011 at 4:23

    Not everyone has a stupid Facebook or twitter. It would be nice to use the app but I don't use social sites. I'll stick to the weather channel app.

  • Subpar app
    by Daniel au on 26 Aprile 2011 at 3:24

    Should include times people updated / reported the weather. Also maybe include an actual temperature... Just my suggestions though.

  • Love it
    by instantcake on 26 Aprile 2011 at 2:27

    The more users the better it will get

  • Neat, but a little too public
    by MaybeThisNicknameIsntTaken on 25 Aprile 2011 at 23:16

    This is a great little app, but it would be nice if it had an option to either have your posts be anonymous, or at least to obscure your name. Otherwise who will post the weather by their house?

  • Awesome!
    by Mazur72 on 25 Aprile 2011 at 22:30

    Really cool. Will be great once more people grab it!

  • Nice app!
    by TimMB on 25 Aprile 2011 at 20:01

    Try it out.

  • Very nice app!
    by Cbsiskin on 25 Aprile 2011 at 13:42

    Great app! I like being able to see others' opinions about the current weather and not just a number.

    by ScottySauce on 25 Aprile 2011 at 4:28

    users of this app can quickly report on what the weather is like at their location. A total of nine options are available to choose from, ranging from “Hell” to “Freezing.” Users can also set levels for “Cloudy,” “Rainy,” “Windy,” and “Snowy” via a tab bar, at the bottom of the Report screen. Once you’ve reported on the weather in your area, your report will appear on a map in the Check screen. Other reports will presumably appear here, too. Furthermore, users can check other locations (and make requests for weather reports for other locations), along with viewing statistics and searching for reports. A profile screen outlines everything about you: The reports you’ve made, locations you’ve tagged, points you’ve earned (via making reports), requests you’ve made, and more, can be viewed on this screen. A leaderboard shows off the service’s top contributors, and settings can also be toggled within the app. All in all, Weddar looks like a great app – and something iOS fans will undoubtedly enjoy.

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– Fix for a new “?” location bug
– Adapted map height for new iPhone XS/ XS Max

There might be a chance that you won’t be able to share to twitter.
If that’s your case:
#1- logout,
#2 – login,
#3 – switch Twitter share
#4 – if you happen to see an unexpected “progress” icon, close/open the app
#5 -Fingers crossed. That will probably work. 😉

Have fun.
(c)96 Til Infinity, Unipessoal Lda


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