Pool Empire – ビリヤード Game


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Pool Empire – ビリヤード Game|とは?

Pool Empire - ビリヤード Game

【The most real-life billiard game】 
Wanna become a pool star player from scratch? Come and play 《ビリヤード帝国》 now! It’s a paradise for pool lovers, presenting the most real-life 2D ビリヤードgame with multiple gameplays. You can challenge world-class professional ビリヤードplayers there, and enjoy yourself becoming a star player step by step.

【Developer’s Note】
At first, we are reluctant to add any love elements into this stage. However, when we find that every Valentine's Day there are more people playing the game, we really want to do something for our dearest players. You know what I am talking about!

【Game Features】 
1. 1VS1 – Play with opponents from all around the world, enjoy yourselves waving victory flags
2.Road of Champion – Challenge world-class ビリヤードstar players, become a professional players from scratch
3.14-1 Mode – Practice ビリヤード skills, strengthen scoring ability
4.8-player Competition – Fight for the champion out of 8 players, contend for the greatest rewards
5.Bluetooth Mode – Kill time when you are bored, have fun when you are unconnected
6.Make Friends – Make friends with ビリヤードmasters, share your common interest
7.High Quality Graphics – Enhance the game experience, represent a life-like stage for you
8.Unique Physical Model – Capture the sense of what a real ball do in the real world
9.Snooker – Authentic snooker gameplay, fulfill your snooker dream!
What are you waiting for? Play now!

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  • アプリ名:Pool Empire – ビリヤード Game
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    Hangzhou Mention Network Technology Co., Ltd.
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  • バージョン:4.25
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Fixed the crash issue occurred when logging in.
Players who suffered this issue will receive 10000 coins and 100 gems as compensation.

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